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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Escaping towards your new life

It seems that 2017 is a very important year for you, because Jupiter is in your sign until October, 10. It gives you opportunities to add new elements to your life mainly if you were born on the second or third decanate. Jupiter in your sign, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will bring structural changes to your life with the purpose of properly clearing it so as to maintain whomever or whatever can lead you to paths of absolute happiness. Your personal life is in turmoil and you realise it mainly during the first three months of the year. You are prepared for the next step in your relationship or for the exit door and your relief. At professional level, keep on getting ready to bear the weights you will take over and the responsibilities you are called upon to handle so as to speed up the change of your public image.

Following a period of contemplation and waiting (mainly in March), you have the opportunity to make choices according to your heart’s desires as from April onwards so long as you have trained sides of yourself that you cannot easily accept and handle. In summer, you might get married and have a child, or you might fall in love and even move to another country. You might also take a diploma you struggled to or you might implement everything you learnt in a new working field in which you want to leave your personal stamp.

There will also be moments when your endurance and faith in the future, as well as family members and relatives abandon you. These are the moments when Pluto screens out your home and work environment, and when you must leave a house you were used to live in or change your role in the family. It is the highest time you were at the helm replacing somebody else. These are moments when you think you must look to the future and to the direction towards which a new pathway of creative expression and happiness opens up. You close some life cycles so as to open new avenues for action.



Jupiter is in your sign until October, 10 indicating that there are many choices in 2017 and that you can define your life from another perspective. Uranus in Aries is in opposition to Jupiter during the first three months of the year and will upset your life, mainly if you were born on the first days of the third decanate. It seems that something new is born or developed in your life. The point is to add enthusiasm and creativity to your life, to feel that your emotional needs are met, and that you found a person or a mission that opens up new paths. This might also indicate that your current life (in terms of your relationship or work) evolves and you might be at a point when you realise that something does not move. Hence, it is the highest time you cut the umbilical cord or the Gordian knot. You had better take drastic decisions and solutions after May when you are more certain about the other person’s personality as well as your own desires and dispositions. In summer, there might be elements in your life which translate into your new life. You now know what is worth maintaining in it, what it is you want to give birth to so as to complement you, and what you must leave behind or bury so as to make space for new beginnings. If marriage and family are some of these elements, then spread your wings and dare something like this leaving behind unfortunate choices of the past and the security of the family you were raised into, because it is a prison for your dreams now.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 and inaugurates a period of almost twelve months during which you will have the opportunity to capitalise the initiatives of the past period. At professional level, it is maybe the highest time you earned more money, you claimed and earned money you deserve or a new partnership, that started some time ago, was better established. Furthermore, your ego is bigger, because you believe you deserve much more than you thought you did up until some time ago. You find your feet and you want relationships and partnerships that will last and will not break up due to doubt or inability to meet their promises. Remember that, due to your passion, you might be confronted with people who are not used to see that side of yourself, which might be negative for relationships that are based on diplomacy.


Saturn is in Sagittarius until December, 20 when it enters Capricorn. It is a good opportunity to deal with your studies with the purpose of laying the foundations for your career. You might be under pressure if you are a University student or you might consider that your studies are a continuation of what your father does or used to do, and therefore be angry. You might be confronted with a kind of succession in something that does not necessarily suit you. On the other side, it seems like a relay race in which you must participate so as to run the last meters of this peculiar race. On the other side, you might feel alone with regards to your identification with siblings and close relatives, or you might consider there is distance between you and your relatives’ quality as well as attitude. Hence, you might start thinking about the role you have come to play.

At personal level, your communication with your better half might be difficult, because you are called upon to take important decisions in a life that cannot keep going as usual and in a changing life pattern that you must crystallise. Some difficult things will be said and will prove whether you are ready to move on or whether you are with somebody the distance with whom is big. Jupiter is in your sign at the same time and will help you broaden your social circle and meet new people, as well as approach the other side’s way of thinking.

In general, Saturn in Sagittarius is a support so as to be better understood by people around you and be heard in a doubtless and unshakeable way. The way you express yourself and you communicate might be harsher, or you might be more critical than usual. However, you try to be clear and set clear and fair limits. Justice is a big question for you throughout 2017, because you think that short reckonings will help you find your feet in your relationships too.     



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 leading. It is a moment when developments might take place in your relationship regarding its emotional side and your identification with your better half, or your admiration for somebody who could be part of your life. You might be surprised by somebody and as a result, you will be shaken and start thinking. You wonder whether it means something or it is a simple move with no deeper meaning. At professional level, try to smoothly join your new team and make sure you are that person who gives vision when there is none even if this is a reason for unfair comparisons and conflicts. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 is a ringing bell for your work routine and the possibility to be forced to do something so as to get rid of harmful people, activities and habits. You might be very optimistic about life, but this does not mean that things are exactly like this. Try to see the real image of people from work and avoid idealising some actions and efforts. Finally, you had better take care of your health and make sure there is balance between your physical and psychological situation. It is maybe the right moment to be on a diet and avoid any precarious medications.

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 upsetting your amorous life. A new person might shake existing relationships and bring to the fore complaints that might look bigger than what they really are. A birth might also take place that will change the status of your amorous life and will reintroduce you to the world. What really matters though, is for your life to be shaken, to feel that you are not in control of some situations and that you are not the only one in the spotlight; it is your relationship with somebody, who came to change your life, that is in the spotlight. The Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 might push you to be the member of a new team and be the reason to reboot your career. You need to be in touch with friends, you seek new acquaintances and it seems that you enter new paths that can shed light to your life. At amorous level, the person by your side must shine, which is something you do not negotiate any longer.  


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It might be exhausting for you, because you must make clear choices and screen out your life without adding useless elements to it. It seems difficult at first, because you are willing to take over others’ work, help people at work who need your support, or you are involved in daily issues that others cannot handle on your behalf. Furthermore, you might deal with health issues, which are not necessarily related to your mood swings but to the fact that you do not take care of your physical health. The best answer is to learn how to take care of yourself, to refuse to take over others’ burdens and to choose to focus on a work subject that must be perfected even through studies. Only then will it become the fruitful ground on which you will build your career.    

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and will make the atmosphere lighter and more beautiful. You will have the opportunity to add activities to your life that bring you in touch with people. You will make acquaintances but at the same time, you will broaden your friendly circle. Your amorous life will also be improved, and you might meet somebody, who will bring romance back to your life that you might have missed. If you are in a relationship, having a child is a reality and can change your attitude towards life in general. What you must remember though is that, through everything mentioned above, you need and have the opportunity to be more optimistic about life, and set goals which fill you with courage and boldness. Life can be beautiful even through simple activities or because you manage to coordinate the needs of your heart with your daily routine.    

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