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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

On the way to amorous fulfilment

2017 is a transitional year and might be roughly split into two periods. The first period lasts until May when you spend more time noticing what goes on around you so as to adjust to new facts. You might be allergic to the changes taking place at work, or they might be an opportunity to prove that you can bear weights that others cannot even think of. Furthermore, you had better let your partner be at the helm during the first four months of the year or seek answers regarding your amorous loneliness even if you have to ask for psychological support.

After May, you must understand that the playing cards are shuffled anew and you have the main role in the game. You should know the rules though by now, you should be strong enough to be at the helm, and to be ready to turn professional plans into action. At amorous level, you are called upon to feed a new acquaintance with passion or be active enough so as to help your marriage be resurrected.

Finally, during the last three months of the year with Jupiter in your sign, you experience mood swings. Doors open before you, but you are called upon to close those that do not lead to choices bearing landmark-signatures of some time ago. Take care of your relationship, broaden your circle of influence at professional level and be optimistic about the future. Do not exaggerate though, because your greed might make you put on weight or add amorous choices to your life which confuse you with regards to your initial goal towards emotional fulfilment.



Jupiter is in Libra, your 12th Solar house, until October, 10 and makes you monitor your life. You will have to focus on a job through which you offer to the world and you serve a higher aim. You are called upon to be clear-headed regarding changes that take place without being able to avert them or lead them to your preferable direction. You might take up studies as an answer to the economic poverty and crisis. You might spend your time in an educational programme, which could be a precious gem in your collection, that will open up new doors for your career. At amorous level, you had better take it easy with regards to a relationship which becomes part of your daily routine and avoid emotional elations and conflicts. With Jupiter in Libra, you must try to find your balance in a wider social circle, which seethes and seeks exit doors. You are somebody who always struggles to control their environment and then make the necessary moves. You are called upon to act accordingly and avoid hasty and dangerous moves. Even if you do not manage to do so and you challenge somebody to fight with you, luck is on your side so long as you know why you fight. Finally, take care of your psychological balance even if you must see a mental health counsellor. You must speak and release parts of yourself that are too heavy or because you feel things you cannot channel towards somebody from your close environment.

Jupiter enters your sign on October, 10 and inaugurates a new period in your life. From now on, you are on stage and not a spectator anymore, and you seek to be the protagonist. If you rehearsed your words enough, if you cleared the landscape you aim at, and if you discovered reasons to make your life more beautiful, then the stage would be yours. You will directly go after the person that complements you leaving behind past relationships and challenges you cannot easily forget. You will claim a better role in the professional arena even if you see that people around you are not willing to give it to you. In such a case, you can insist and show off what they will miss once you leave, or you can heroically leave and set up your own business, which is directly linked to the environment you were in up until yesterday. With Jupiter in your sign, it really matters that you fully express yourself so as to go after amorous as well as professional happiness without compromising with sides of your life staying unsatisfied.



Saturn is in Sagittarius, your 2nd Solar house, almost throughout 2017 (it will enter Capricorn on December, 20 and it will stay for almost three years) and indicates that you are confronted with financial difficulties. You are called upon to live with less money, even in poverty. This might be somehow exaggerative, because in reality, Saturn teaches you how to highlight the sides of yourself which are or can be worthy, and let go of pieces which consume more than they offer. At professional level, you will learn that you might give more than you get, because others reap the profits of your labour during the first nine months of the year. Is it possible though that you gain knowledge and experience, or that you meet people who can help you in the direct future? Can you maybe discover profits that are not visible in your wallet or at a first glance? In addition, you learn to give away things and belongings you do not use to people in need, and you get in touch with the meaning of loss at a moment when something stops being beneficial for your life. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you learn to invest in time, to seek long-term profit, to promote your mind and knowledge much better, or to go on trips that open new pathways for your career.

You are also concerned about your personal life of course, because with Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra, you learn to give your better half space, time, air and priority so as to develop his/her own perspective, perception, personality and character. You are called upon to trust others to lead your relationships, and to leave the helm to more experienced people or to people, who must gain experience. You must ask for emotional food since you need it without being afraid of dependencies and exposure. At the same time, you pass the last three-four years of your personal life in review. You learn that you must give personal freedom to people, and that trust is something you earn and not continuously look for it through new relationships. You learn that you need a partner to support you and not only make you have a good time. Saturn in Sagittarius teaches you to appreciate others and things which make sense being part of your life. It also teaches you to appreciate yourself and receive the respective reward, which is not always material or sexual.                



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 asking you whether you are satisfied with your career and its turn. You have the opportunity to seriously talk with your bosses and colleagues so as to express your own perspective towards things, and to express your satisfaction or any complaints you wish to have answered. You have the opportunity to make an essential step in your career so long as you maintain a low profile in your relationships with your colleagues proving that you will get what you deserve. At amorous level, you realise that roles within a relationship or flirt are not equal, so you are called upon to deal with this horrifying feeling. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 will help you solve misunderstandings and tensions, release feelings that you missed, and have the opportunity to clarify things magically. Both sides are called upon to let go of your egos and focus on what keeps you together and not apart. Only then will you feel intimately in an environment that needs not be obscure. 

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 and sends you some signals for changes at home or at work. Your patience or the other person’s patience is not limitless. As a result, something shocking in existing structures must take place. Beware of conflicts and arguments, because they might be tense and dynamic and might lead to extremely harsh words or even violence. If you are ready though to reach the limits, then the Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 makes you take decisions which might highlight your selfish perceptions and dispositions, but are also karmically charged. You will make sure a professional effort that is stuck kicks off, but only if you are given the helm in the most absolute way. You will leave a job with the purpose of creating something of your own that will not be questioned by others around you. Finally, you will scream that you look for and you build the ideal relationship without compromises since you can have everything and it is the highest time you found it. Everything mentioned above means that you are willing to reach extreme decisions even if you take distance from environments in which you thought you would stay forever. 


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It might be a pleasant juncture to clear the work environment. You will have to deal with tasks that are related to third parties, and you will have to separate the moment when you help from the moment when you serve. You will likely have a new role in a professional team effort and you might have to be the voice of reason in a crowd that does not know how to implement their plans. At personal level, make sure you discuss about your doubts in your relationship, because it might be destructive holding your thoughts in your head. You make up scenarios that are not related to reality. If you are single or you feel lonely in your relationship, love might knock on your door with a karmic but probably forbidden acquaintance from your professional circle. You must however, evaluate it very seriously after April.

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and will introduce you to a very intense second semester. You stand before karmic choices linked to your professional affairs and you can keep on serving or being the co-driver. You want to shine and if you found the way to build your professional profile, the moment when you would create your own professional project would be very close by now. If you were consistent at your work over the last one year, then you would likely assume a more central role you cannot deny. On the other side, your parents’ health or your family might be shaken up, and you might realise you take distance from them. You want to play in your own story and it is natural that you alienate people, who used to be near you up until today. You understand that happiness hides in places where you decided to travel.  

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