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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Under how much pressure can you be?

2017 is yet another intensely transitional year for your life. Saturn is still in your sign, at least until December, 20 when it enters Capricorn, and has an effect mostly on the representatives of the third decanate, who will screen out their personal as well as professional environment. Jupiter in Libra until October, 10 might soften this battle, replace every person that leaves with a new acquaintance, or make you take up new activities every time you lose your courage and you think there is no hope for the future. In addition, a real birth might take place in your relationship; a child might be born that can make you change your views on relationships and family.

However, you look for something different in life, because you seek to clarify situations that are bogged down. You had better though, be careful about which issues you absolutely close and throw away from your life. Not all new acquaintances are interesting and amorous. You might just simply turn them into something like this, because you need a relationship. Not all jobs are substantial and help you find your feet. They might just be occasional and disorient you from your goal, which is to lay strong foundations in your life.

In 2017, you might move out or be transferred somewhere far, or you might be forced to admit that you lost and it is the highest time you started all over. This does not necessarily mean that you are defeated. You might just mislead people around you into making them think that you were knocked-out so that they leave you alone to define your life as you wish and not as laws and rules you never accepted do.



Your ruler Jupiter will be in Libra, your 11th Solar house, until October, 10. It gives you the opportunity to broaden your social circle, to make acquaintances, to spend time with beloved people or to make plans with your better half. You are at the juncture when you make plans for your personal life, which means that you might examine the possibility of having a child or that you unexpectedly have a child. You should beware of this last possibility during the first three months of the year as well as a little bit after summertime, because it can really upset your life out of the blue. If you are single, amorous challenges have no end and you probably change sexual partners without necessarily knowing what it is you want. The opposition of Jupiter to Uranus indicates a sudden realisation through ephemeral relationships. As a result, you ask for more and more in every relationship you try. Stagnation and commitment seem to scare you during this period. This might translate into having a bigger family by having children and changing your role in your relationship. At professional level, invest in new knowledge and in your work within a team, because you might be taught many things about your own role.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 and will stay for almost twelve months. It signals the beginning of a period when you get in touch with your soul. Following a period of extroversion and optimism, you might be faced with amorous challenges since you must bring to the fore what you miss and you cannot find. You will need the help of your better half or of somebody who can support you psychologically and guide you. You might want to retire into yourself, which is scary for you, so make sure you are surrounded by people who can help you open a window to the future and find light inside the darkness. At professional level, if you assume a more responsible position, remember that authority people monitor you, while they try to find mistakes and omissions so as to criticise you. If a professional cycle comes to an end, it is the highest time you started building a career, which touches upon your talents, and you avoided choosing a new job which is more or less like your current one.



Saturn is in your sign for yet another year until December, 20 when it finally enters Capricorn. It is one more year of trial in face of the responsibilities you assume so as to change your life. If you were born on the third decanate of your sign, you will feel the weight on your shoulders. It seems that you build a new world in which you will live in the coming years. It feels like you are told to stop dreaming and living carefree; like if you are targeted so as to stop living for today and you are deprived of the joy of life. The truth is that Saturn can be repressive and terrifying. It can be the rule you cannot avoid and it might operate like the pathway towards the court that will judge you for your mistakes and omissions. On the other side, it is fair and does not hold a grudge and oppressions since it is in favour of clear solutions and words. Saturn may bring a promotion at work that is like the present you were waiting for as a reward for your hard labour, and not just a birthday present. It might also get you fired if you were inefficient and inadequate in face of the situations and demands of your role. It might also help you be the voice of reason in a relationship, which is about to be official, or it might force you to wake up in an empty house one morning. Saturn is also responsible for something else, which might be the worst you can hear: it makes you realise that you grow in terms of age, physical appearance and spirit, and that you assume responsibilities respective to your age. This last sentence might stress you and scare you, but do not take it as a threat. Saturn will highlight new opportunities to enjoy life, so you need not be chained to memories and situations that were once fun. Saturn teaches you that time not only does not turn back but it is also too short to think that you can do everything during one lifetime.               



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 leading. This juncture might be a good reason to surprise your better half and to make a present that will pleasantly upset your life. It is also likely that new facts come up with regards to a professional trip. There might be a delay or a postponement so as to be able to complete the mission you are in charge of. In general, you are before an opportunity to improve your life and your relationships even if this means that some things, which are a reflection of what happened in 2016, must be said. You must be careful with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26. It might be the reason for a superficial calmness in your life when this is not the point. If you stay in a situation which secures the lack of turmoil, it does not mean that all problems are solved. To start piling up lies that will cover your denial to reveal the truth is also a very risky move.  

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 leading. A journey could be the reason for verbal confrontations or setbacks that could change your mood. Furthermore, some harsh words could be reason to tell the truth in a painful way, mainly if it is about relatives, at the current juncture. You had better avoid subjective views and theories, and be surrounded by friends so as to hear some viewpoints that soften your own thoughts. The Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 helps you find your pathway, and pushes you to accept a professional offer that can transfer you somewhere far. You might also be promoted at your current job, which means that you will assume new interesting roles. At amorous level, leave the past behind and go on the trip you have been offered. Interesting acquaintances might take place or the right atmosphere might bridge the gap in your relationship.  


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It is a rather difficult aspect for you, mainly if you were born on the first decanate of your sign, because it pushes you to reach decisions based on dangerous dilemmas. The demand to focus on your family or your work is not an easy task to accomplish, because there is no clear line between these two situations. You might see a brilliant field of development shall you focus on the professional area of your life. At the same time you recognise there are problems at home since there are no clear solutions and decisions. You might decide to be more sentimental in your relationship and as a result, you are prone to get rid of some obligations you have assumed at professional level and be considered untrustworthy. It is hard to find balance since, because of Saturn on your shoulders, you tend to make a bigger deal than it really is.   

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9. It is a pleasant and exceptional juncture to broaden your horizons and expand your action. Some trips might help you have a change of scenery. As a result, you also change your perspective about pestering problems. Some professional offers might make you see that you need not try too hard to achieve something for yourself in the wrong professional space, because you can open new horizons much more easily. You might also meet somebody from far away, who will make you believe that there are magical presents; they come at the moment when things came to a head despite your endless efforts to find a solution. If you believe in yourself and the way you make things work, prove it during the second semester of 2017.   

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