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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Learning to lose, but ultimately be the winner

2017 is probably a weird year, which seems to be intensely interconnected with the meaning of electroshock or disillusion. On the one hand, you will have to deal with the opposition of Jupiter to Uranus in the axis of Libra/Aries, mainly if you were born on the third decanate of your sign, since you might experience big and rapid changes in your life. You are absolutely in love now and you are about to go official with your relationship, but you disappear then. You get your dream job now, but the company shuts down then. You become a parent now, but you must handle with your parents’ health problems then. One way or another, you learn that life is ephemeral and you must experience every moment exactly as it is offered to you today without any big plans for the future.

On the other hand, Saturn in Sagittarius might tear down ideologies and convictions, might make you retire into yourself when your social circle widens, or might add more working hours when you want to escape from familiar life patterns and environments. Something in you tells you that you cannot control people around you unless you manage to define yourself, unless you are reintroduced to yourself. It might be surprising since you stand before somebody you were not used to see.

2017 is a continuation of 2016, which led you to a new way of thinking. However, you must now also experience the changes in your pocket, your heart and your whole life. It might be scarier than what took place in 2016 but at the same time, it makes you deconstruct what you already knew so as to shape the new stage on which you will be the protagonist in the coming three years.



Jupiter in Libra, your Solar zenith, until October, 10 seems to bring important developments to your life. Jupiter in Libra might open wide pathways in your career and bring you closer to succeeding in your target, which is to prove to third parties that you can handle everything calmly and absolutely successfully. You can be at the helm of professional efforts having in you the makings of a leader, who knows when to bring balance in a team thanks to the right management of his/her staff. You may come closer to that side of your personality, thanks to which the public accepts you and which helps you become that somebody who harmonises situations thanks to their inner calmness. Everything mentioned before might take place with turmoil and tension, because the opposition of Jupiter to Uranus in Aries (January-March, September-October) indicates that in order to find your feet, you must first feel the vibrations. If you were born on the third decanate of your sign, following a period of two years when you broke down parts of your life, you can now make choices that take you away from a life pattern which some people were used to see you maintain. Balance between professional and personal life is not easy to achieve, unless you confess things and you dare bring to surface pieces of your inner world. Your professional progress might alienate the ideal amorous relationship and as a result, you might choose to slow down. You might even refuse powerful positions so as to support your relationship and family, or spend more time to find your ideal partner.

Pluto is in your sign at the same time and in combination with Jupiter/Uranus indicates that you stand before bold moves which change your public status (marriage or break up, professional promotion or setting up of your own job). At the same time, your role in your relationship with your parents probably changes. A change might take place and it is like the torch that is passed to you, which reminds you of a karmic obligation to assume responsibilities and obligations. Life goes on and leaves behind elements that faded and died. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 and opens a period when you become reconciled with your new self since you must start a dialogue with your inner world. You learn to express yourself without hesitation, you get used to the idea that you can share and trust, and you accept gifts without guilts and remorses. Otherwise, the idea of leaving the path of your personal development is very close.



Your ruler Saturn will be in Sagittarius, your 12th Solar house, almost throughout 2017, and it will enter your sign on December, 20 for about three years. Saturn in Sagittarius might be a difficult juncture, because you must realise that you are not in full control of situations. Some people decide to highlight that you do not have the full dynamic to achieve what you promise. Some others fight you psychologically at work under threat of bringing to the fore your mistakes and omissions, which will result into losing the public image you have been working on. It is also possible that you cannot find the work you look for, you come across obstacles and walls, you do not fit in the job you are now, or you realise it is the end of a cycle without being able though to turn this thought into action. With Saturn in Sagittarius you have the opportunity to dig deep inside you and to do some soul-searching with the purpose of changing your philosophy and entering a new era without any weights of the past and of old sins. You might discover traumas from periods you cannot even recall, from behaviours that stigmatised you, or from years when you did not manage to go on the trip you wanted or to take the studies you dreamed of. You might start discovering a deeper wisdom you have about things and you might want to change your career. This might seem easy and simple during the first nine months of the year but later on, it will become more demanding. You will have to prove you are on the right path and not on an easy road that you chose in order to avoid pitfalls.

At amorous level, you are called upon to deal with the loss of a relationship or the loss of power over it. You must prove that you can be fair, real and honest, and that you do not hide your feelings for fear that you become vulnerable. You might revoke pictures from older relationships with the purpose of finding answers regarding your actual love life. It is also likely that you want to retire into yourself for some time, because too much crowd is even more confusing. Saturn in Sagittarius helps you deconstruct and uproot people, situations and feelings that have no place in your life anymore. At the same time, you also express some years-long thoughts and views that you thought should not be questioned. Yes, it is hard to realise that somebody else might be right, but it is also relieving. Only then do you understand that there are people, who can be considered as your mentors so as to look for them.        



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 leading. This eclipse might help you understand some things related to your relationship which affect the way you see your better half, and you share time, love and money with people in your life. At financial level, you might try to improve some things at home, which is directly linked to your pocket since stressful expenses come up. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 is friendlier to you and might help you go on a trip that you need so as to find your balance. You will hold a discussion with relatives, which might be the reason to realise something you cannot think of rationally. You might have to feel what others say so as to understand it. You might be about to sit exams and you might have to study hard so you had better try to focus, because it is not an easy thing to do at the current juncture. If a new love comes to your life, it seems that you are not really grounded and people around you can see a different image from what they are used to.

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius, your 2nd Solar house, on August, 7 leading. The current juncture might be harsh and intense due to the big conflict with or high demands of the better half or a partner. You must handle it carefully, because things might be said or done that put a definite end to situations. However, it is necessary to clarify things so as to be able to move on and prove you can finish cycles. The Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 might help you for the next step, bring you one step closer to amorous happiness, or give you the opportunity for a new acquaintance that obviously makes you feel differently. At professional level, the atmosphere is clear and you must either trust the other side and keep on seconding your common effort or leave in order to create your own environment of action and creative expression.  


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It is a good opportunity to enrich your way of thinking and to add new elements of perception to your philosophy. This might be true for work-related issues and points raised among your colleagues and partners that will help you discover your new role. You have the opportunity to enrich your resumé time and again thanks to studies and diplomas, distinctions in the field of foreign languages or congresses that could be the starting point for a new job position. At the same time, you might have to travel somewhere far or with the company of people, who help you travel mentally and discover new reasons to be optimistic about your life.

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and is a good opportunity to learn to trust, to share and to be a winner through relationships and partnerships. Due to the intense sexual and amorous attraction towards somebody, you might lose your mind, you might think you do not count on yourself, or you might start believing you cannot control your dispositions. If you are in a relationship, a pregnancy might come up that will change your mindset and will hugely change the facts and your priorities. Finally, at financial level, do not be scared to start something new leaving behind money that others owe you. You must believe in your worth and you must not count on a past you must delete. You start creating something new in your life. It is only natural that you feel angry about people who are indebted to you, who did not behave the way you expected, or who made you feel much less worthy than what you really deserve.  

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