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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

The final exams of your personal disposition for progress and development

It seems that 2017 is the final straight in a race, which started mid-2015, with the ultimate purpose of leading you to the finish line that changes your life. Saturn in Sagittarius for the last year has an effect mostly on the representatives born on the third decanate of the sign. It takes you to the final exams as to whether you can transform your studies and knowledge, your ideas and views, and your dreams and plans into something with structure, foundations and essence; something that can survive during the year. Your professional friction with an authority and power figure might force you to compromise with a resignation or to learn a life lesson with a view to becoming a mentor-leader, who can bear the weight of responsibilities and obligations. You might step up in the hierarchy only if you learn to combine inspiration with the material and real dimension of life.

At amorous level, you stand before important decisions regarding your relationship so you had better avoid momentary impulses; they prevent you from experiencing a relationship to the very end that teaches you and the other side so much. If you think though that you are deprived of your feelings or that you are not equally rewarded, or if you think that your relationship cannot take another step forward, you had better close the door behind you and flee somewhere far. Happiness is somewhere around you. Sometimes, you just refuse to meet it, because you insist on looking through your very special glasses. If you keep on doing this though, it is the highest time you compromised with the idea that there is no ideal partner. There is an ideal relationship, which is the creation of two partners with wounds that never heal, but are the canvas on which you will paint a relationship of inter-support and mutual understanding. 



Jupiter in Libra until October, 10 might bring a beautiful birth to your life so long as you are prepared to share dreams, goals and essence with somebody, who might not be that similar to you. If you are in a long-term relationship, you might have a child which means that the facts in your life change with regards to your finances and time. If you meet somebody new, your sexual chemistry is probably tense and as a result, the relationship moves very fast and it seems that there is time not to think of, but only experience the next steps. At professional level, a partnership seems to be the ideal choice at the current juncture so long as you know how to accept the other side’s presence and at the same time, maintain your personality without the intention of dissolving yourself into the other person’s character. This partnership might secure you, but do not forget that you are capable of seconding your own thoughts and decisions. Finally, Jupiter in Libra is a good back-up so as to settle inheritance and tax issues, to be the winner in claims of your concern, or to be rewarded for your work and labour on something that did not pay off as much as you expected last year. If you think you are consumed without any benefit, get a peaceful divorce. You need not be chained to the past when you try something new as from October.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 which is a much more favourable position for you. It helps you express yourself emotionally, bring to surface sides of yourself that were hidden, or to discover people with whom you speak the same language. You might have to travel for business or you might even consider moving somewhere far so as to work in a field that fulfils you. You might also move with your better half in a much better place so as to lay foundations for your relationship. If there is unfinished judiciary business, look for solutions that might not be absolutely worth it. What matters is to settle older scores and move on.



Saturn is in Sagittarius for yet another year, almost throughout 2017. It will enter Capricorn on December, 20 and it is a tough trial mainly if you were born on the third decanate of the sign. Saturn at the highest point in your chart might be the judge of your efforts, or the lesson you must take so as to find your feet. You might fail professionally, because you are not patient and disciplined enough to obey rules that you think limit your personal freedom. You might be under pressure to bear a boss, who teaches you to turn your plans into actions. It is an excellent trial though so as to test your abilities and boundaries, and to see whether you can be a leader and not just a symbol or example for others. You might deal with your parents’ or partner’s health issues. Some people near you grow older and your role before them changes. In such a case, you are likely about to finish a cycle with a specific role for you and you must start new chapters in your life leaving behind safe environments and moving to new territories (either to a new home or to a new family environment).

The difficult aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius with Chiron in your sign might bring to surface health issues, mainly through wounds and traumas that you carry inside and you have not dealt with until today. This means that if you keep on living and ignoring these facts, it is very easy to be under bigger pressure to deal with the wound since it is already painful. On the other side, you become a kind of mentor with regards to the meaning of pain and you might finish a training in therapy (in the wider sense of this term) with the purpose of entering a new phase in your career. Your transformation into the new personality model you show off is the result of labour as well as realisations that redeem you deep inside.   



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 leading. You probably realise that you are called upon to deal with issues, which have an impact on your health. You might have to take medication that will reinforce your endurance and your self-confidence. You might have to carry out essential discussions at professional level with the purpose of improving your position in it and ultimately, making new coalitions and partnerships; they will help you leave behind a work pattern that does not suit you anymore so as to build what you have in mind. The Solar eclipse in your sign on February, 26 (it affects mostly the representatives born in the end of the first and in the beginning of the second decanate) seems to bring a development at personal or professional level, which opens new roads. You will have to balance feeling with logic, and make sure you are not highly affected by your intuition. You must allow somebody else to enrich your ideas with reasonable views. You probably realise it is pointless to try and maintain alive something that does not give you any pleasure. However, you must have examined the other side’s viewpoint, because you have probably not revealed everything in a relationship that still takes baby-steps. At professional level, if you found the partner that would be the voice of reason for your ideas, then you should start getting ready for a professional transition. 

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 leading. Keep on monitoring your health, support close-to-you people that might go through transformational experiences of sentimental or psychological touch, and try to survive in professional turmoil. Your discussions with colleagues and partners might be somehow wild or you might have to awaken people around you in a way which sounds more aggressive than usual. At amorous level, some things must be told so that some corrections take place as to how you grade priorities. Otherwise, unreasonable misunderstandings will not seize to exist. The Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 is the last of the 2017 eclipses. It gives you the opportunity to take care of your health and feel better. You might be operated or treated with the purpose of improving your daily life. Alternatively, you might have to accept a fact so as to stop trying to escape from a truth related to your physical and psychological endurance. There may be financial developments with the purpose of clearing your mind from doubts and blurry facts, which have turned your decisions into quicksand.


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of your sign until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It affects mostly the representatives born on the first decanate of your sign. You stand before karmic amorous or professional challenges, and you try to clarify the role of some people, who come or are already in your life. You will need to break free from chains that shape your life, but before you do so, examine whether there is space for personal freedom. With Saturn in Sagittarius at the same time, it seems that you are in need of rules and boundaries that are not the reason though, to feel like suffocating. You must put your life in order in any case, because you have the opportunity to channel your ample feelings towards relationships and partnerships that give your life a meaning

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and your interest moves to your daily routine with the purpose of improving the conditions. You can understand the malfunction of situations due to psychosomatic reasons. Hence, you will realise that something is wrong when your health is affected. You will have to deal with your health and examine whether you express your emotions without obstacles. Your amorous life must walk hand in hand with your work routine. If you are in a relationship which obstructs the flow of your work, it will be a brake for your further professional progress. If you changed your career and you were involved in therapy, service and care of others, you would have the opportunity to cooperate with people, who can broaden your action field. You must be ready though, to confront people who can be your bosses since they offer you necessary knowledge and lessons. Finally, you had better keep in mind that you might be confronted with health issues of your parents or older people in your life, which indicates the end of life cycles. In such a case, you need not feel like if somebody pulled the rug from under your feet. You must prove you can assume new roles and raise to the occasion. 2017 can be an extraordinary year to unfold your new life as it started shaping up during the second semester of 2015. You must be able though, to escape from a perception pattern, which dictates that commitment is always harmful and that personal freedom is the flag that should not go down, at least temporarily, with the purpose of correcting the height on which it can wave unhindered.   

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