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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

A battle with your heartbeat


It seems that 2018 is a year which tests your ability to believe in your creative talents, your ability to love wholeheartedly, and your intelligence in view of the end of cycles and the beginning of new situations in your life. Jupiter is in Scorpio and the North Node is in Leo until November. You will feel much, you will be under pressure to stay in existing situations, and you will have the opportunity to find happiness in sides of your life which ask for a strong soul and heart. If you keep on hiding behind others’ stories, or rules of rotten systems and invisible relationships, you will realise that the king is naked towards the end of the year. If you have faith in life cycle though, you can reinvent yourself through a show which will start taking shape towards the end of 2018 with the use of long-lasting materials; provided that you dare tell your truth even if everybody familiar around you insists that it is a lie.



Jupiter will be in Scorpio, your 8th Solar house, until November 8 when it enters the friendly-to-you sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter in Scorpio will try to magnify your need to be emotionally and essentially involved in a relationship, and to have faith in partnerships which seem to breathe new life in you. At the same time your interest in paranormal matters might grow bigger.

On the amorous level, the simultaneous presence of Jupiter in Scorpio and the axis of the Moon’s Nodes in the axis of Leo/Aquarius seems to fire passion or make existing relationships more fruitful by having a child and through your contact with the feeling of  birth. If you are single, a new acquaintance perhaps bears the elements of a flirtation or sexual passion but you cannot find both elements in the same person. In February and in the period between end of June and beginning of November, you had better try to clarify some misunderstandings which grow bigger. What matters is that you are in touch with your feelings and real needs, and you escape from traps of people who have come to kill time.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius at the beginning of November and will help you find new meaning in your life. You will leave relationships and partnerships which tried your endurance as far as attachment is concerned which means that you might decide to leave such groups and continue having a flutter according to your own personal choices.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2018 has an influence mostly on Aries sign/ascendant born on the first decanate because it will add pressure to professional or domestic matters. An era of coming of age in view of responsibilities opens up and is a hard lesson to learn. You are under pressure to maintain your public image or to move within a specific framework and rules; these are two elements which are not convenient for you. If you stay in a working environment where your boss imposes some things on you, it means that your personality is tested. If you seek to put your stamp on it, you confront somebody who teaches you, in a harsh way sometimes, how to have your own way with your ideas and views proving that you make all necessary steps so as to prepare for the bigger picture and reach the top of the mountain. If you cannot take on such a responsibility, if you do not care whether you will be the leader who completes an effort, there will be moments when you feel that you cannot stand anymore the responsibilities you have shouldered or that you lose yourself in an ambitious environment which transcends you.

In March and April, it seems that you are tested before the big challenge but you cannot count on help by third parties or on cheating. In July and August, perhaps you feel you run out of endurance and you seek a way to relax, or you regret for the choices you made in spring which seemed like the ideal solution to your problems at the time. Try to clear up the landscape in October. You can know more about your endurance and you will have realised whether you are in a situation which leads to the birth of new elements or simply drives you closer and closer to stagnation and lower self-esteem.



The first set of eclipses takes place early in 2018, namely on January 31 with a Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo, your 5th Solar house. You have probably been in touch with the depth of your amorous life for some days and now you make comparisons with the past. You think of present difficulties due to a choice you have made, which is not what you imagined it would be, or due to a relationship which has evolved in a way far from the times of flirt and enthusiasm. The question is whether your thought is similar to that of your partner. In addition, stop living in a parallel story otherwise a third person may easily invade your life. If you have a family, perhaps you must focus on your child because he/she might need your guidance about something. In such a case, you will have the opportunity to give advice and knowledge which seem like the end of the yarn to some people during the Solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15. Coming back to you, you have the opportunity to meet people, start a new activity, participate in a group effort which helps you escape from an amorous dead-end which has pestered you. This set of eclipses could help you see reality from a distance which you did not have before so as to take some breaths that you so much need.

The next set of eclipses begins on July 13 and the first one is the Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer which turns your interest in the axis of home/career. Balance in this area of your life is not an easy task because you will have to get close to family members who perhaps need you; as a result, you must reduce the time you spend for your social life. The view of a parent may help you discover a new perspective regarding relationship and partnership matters because it will give you wisdom to prepare your answer. If you go back to your roots, remember that you are not defeated. You simply try to strengthen yourself in an environment which consists of memories and warmth with the purpose of being energised in view of the decisions you are called upon to reach in the coming period. The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 is perhaps the beginning of the end. Perhaps you decide to finally shut a door even if this means that you flee a whole life. You will come into conflict with the views and ideas of knowns and friends but it will be a rather useful process because it helps you listen to your own truth even more and have faith in your decisions; only if you speak the language of both mind and heart. There are sirens around you who try to persuade you to go in the easy and easy-to-digest direction so you must struggle with your consciousness. The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 perhaps brings to the fore somebody who seems to want to hold your hand so as to walk together the course before you. If so, you must trust and reduce your ego because personal decisiveness is not necessary at the current juncture; you rather need understanding between partners.


North Node

The axis of the Moon’s Nodes will be in the axis of Leo/Aquarius until November 6 (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius). It will then move to the axis of Cancer (the North Node)/Capricorn (the South Node) and will have more influence on your sign.

Until the beginning of November though, you have the opportunity to find reasons to be in love and feel passionate about life; occasions to see life more optimistically and creatively without feeling that you simply belong to a social environment. Your amorous life will be in the limelight which means that a new acquaintance (mainly between January-March) might have future so long as you get over a summer which might shuffle the cards time and again. If you are in a relationship, it is likely that you have a child. This will disturb the current balance during summertime. On the professional level, you will want or try to create something of your own but you will understand that you need support. Thus do not fight any adversities alone. Choose carefully the people who will stand by you.

Following November, a period of big deep changes begin. Many facts of your life are disturbed so that you change role and life course in the coming two years. This story will start running as from 2019 so stay focused on your mission to create something which bears the imprint of your heart for the time being.


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