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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

The happiness of sharing your heart


2018 seems to be an extremely provocative year for you. Following several years when you broke off certain situations, you wandered with the purpose of discovering something new around you, and you dared criticise yourself, it is time you welcomed happiness to your life so long as you can share it.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and the North Node is in Leo until the beginning of November. They seem to wink at you to live together, to engage, to have a family, or to set up your own working environment. Counterweight to everything mentioned before is the presence of a boss above your head. It is somebody whom you have chosen to be part of your life even if they pressurise you, or your super-ego which refuses to commit and admit that it is time you changed course.

The beginning of 2018 is beautiful or at least generous. It goes on in a way which will confuse you or test you in face of bold decisions. It ends with an opportunity to be someplace where you lay the foundations for your safe shelter. Try to follow the order of these actions, otherwise perhaps you get lost in a labyrinth with no exit signs.



Jupiter is in Scorpio, your 7th Solar house, until November 8. It seems that it cultivates a highly fruitful ground for your personal life since it will give you the opportunity for relationships with a solid basis. On the professional level, you have the chance to make new partnerships and coalitions with people who could secure big profits only if you are ready to be tested with a sprint between May and November. On the other side, mainly between June and August, you may realise you have expanded too much and you will want to pull your socks up due to physical and mental fatigue. You had better beware of the promises you might want to give during this period because it will be hard to realise them following summertime.

On the amorous level, Jupiter in Scorpio promises acquaintances with a highly tense amorous touch and chemistry which can go far. If you allow yourself to be expressed emotionally, if you open your heart, and if you admit personal weaknesses and needs, perhaps you meet somebody who will introduce an unforgettable relationship. You should know though that any attempt to leave an existing relationship or an upcoming acquaintance will not be easy. In summer, you will realise that you are in a situation of which you cannot be in complete control. Jupiter in Scorpio aims at teaching you the power of love and passion so unless you are ready for such a show, leave the stage as soon as possible.



Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout 2018 which is a favourable timing for studies, publications and writing. You have the opportunity to be recognised for your work so long as you are willing to work hard and fight with your endurance and power. You need to broaden your circle of influence which means that you may assume new roles and responsibilities. You may have to lay the foundations for essential knowledge on a subject which, after some years, would be the main field of professional occupation. At this effort, of course, perhaps you feel you take distance from relatives and knowns because you think you need to associate with strangers. Perhaps you even need to move far away which causes some tendencies for insecurity and internal search regarding your foundations to support your dreams.

On the personal level, if you must break up in 2018, be careful of any legal moves because the sanctions might be harsh and you might get involved in long-lasting claims. If you believe in divine retribution, you had better arm yourself with patience and strength because a two-year-long period of vindication begins. The main lesson of Saturn in Capricorn is to have faith in yourself; you will not gain it easily and fast.



The first set of eclipses takes place on January 31 with the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo which has an influence mostly on representatives born at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second decanate regarding issues related to the axis of home/career. You will get in touch with your past so as to reach a decision because you must compare your present to the respective images you have from your parents or professional situations in which somebody was ready to take on their responsibilities. If you must leave an environment which completed its cycle, it should not be an act of cowardice and defence. It should be a conscious decision for a new beginning someplace where you have a second lifetime opportunity.

The Solar eclipse on February 15 has an effect mostly on representatives born at the end of the third decanate. It seems to be a catalyst in a series of events which aim at leading you towards your new Promised Land at the end of next summer. You must remember that your environment will always react and that you cannot avoid a kind of stigma regarding the decisions you make. What matters is to feel good about yourself. Perhaps, with this eclipse, you understand that except for yourself, you are also interested in somebody else. This means that your decisions are not based only on yourself; you also take the other side’s opinion into account.

The second set of eclipses begins on July 13 with the Solar eclipse in Cancer. It seems that it gives a first feeling for the end of certain matters related to studies or transportations. Endurance is required in these last meters. Perhaps you think you have tried too hard to be within the frame of rules so you might rail at some people who want to be even more authoritative than they have been over the last year. You must also beware of the health of people near you because you might notice that some people have grown older and there is no going back.

The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 is perhaps a kind of sudden death of a situation which you know cannot exist anymore. However you are probably not ready to take such decisions. If you feel strong, have faith in yourself and be the one to disturb the balance. You want to escape from an environment which is sick and has ceased to respect your personality.

The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 influences mostly the representatives born at the end of the second decanate. You must prove you are fully self-confident and that others can rely on you. Your decisiveness to set up a stage which suits you is an act of deep faith in your intentions and a conscious effort to change the image of a situation which has not taken the direction you would like. In any case, head-on collision might be the only way-out and an opportunity to build your life exactly where you want it to be.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius until November 6. It signals big challenges for the balance between private and personal life mainly because you try to develop both areas of your life even though it is not always possible. The North Node in Leo, your 4th Solar house, will make you wonder about your roots. You will go back to times when you had to ask the support and help of people with big influence on your life, and you will observe how that happened. You will take distance from somebody or from an environment in which you move with this person. It might be an action which you have explained and justified in your head but there are still some elements which make your heart beat.

At the second half of 2018, mainly in the period between June and October, it seems that you fight with yourself regarding a move you would like to make but the safety you feel in the existing environment prevents you. The conflict seems to be more and more interesting, because it will be at least unthinkable to stay in a specific professional or domestic environment during summertime when Mars is retrograde mostly in Aquarius and for a while in Capricorn. Do not be in a hurry to make moves which prove you seek to replace the existing situation with a similar one. The lesson you are called upon to take is related to your ability to end situations not when they pressurise you but when they stop thrilling your heart.  


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