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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Learning to trust your heart


2018 seems to be a calmer year in comparison to what you experienced over the last three years. Saturn leaves Sagittarius at the end of 2017 and enters Capricorn. It means that your interpersonal relationships have come out of a period of upheaval and pressure, and it is now time you evaluated what is still in your life. Perhaps you realise that the circle of people you can trust is not big anymore so it is a good opportunity to create more stable relationships in your life with people who will have an important position in it. Perhaps you find out that you cannot rely on others for your professional image; as a result, you get to start a new educational and training cycle so as to reinforce yourself in view of professional challenges. Perhaps you decide to escape an environment which you got used to lately and you enter a new environment where you must get to know people from scratch even if you must speak a different language.

It seems that 2018 tries your endurance in face of the unknown and a beginning from scratch. It will lead you to the last two months of the year during which you will have the opportunity to make some very interesting amorous or professional acquaintances. You must train your brain, body and heart before though so as to bear new excitement. Thus avoid pretending to be an innocent child. Instead be an innocent adult who has got experience which does not close the door to opportunities and new life experiences.



Jupiter in Scorpio, your 6th Solar house, until November 8 when it enters Sagittarius seems to have an influence mostly on your daily routine since you are called upon to change your lifestyle. At work, perhaps the way you influence others changes and you might take a leading role in comparison to the one you held in the past but this does not mean that you must show off. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your career and you must be professionally transformed and change not only working space but also position. In any case, you must remember that you have the opportunity to work in a sector through which you just earn your livelihood, or you can dare make a shift in your life and stop working for a while until you find your role time and again.

Your health is another area of your life which is influenced by Jupiter in Scorpio. It is mostly related to balance between body and soul. You had better search deep inside to find reasons why you cannot enjoy life and as a result, this is visible in your image and body. If you are at a crucial point in your life, you are called upon to review some daily habits or make sure you add new activities to find some balance. Remember that in such an effort you may get in touch with your hidden feelings which you suppress and thus fill your body with useless toxins.

Everything mentioned above may take place in the last two months of 2018 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius and might bring you acquaintances, opportunities for new partnerships, and a new mirror before you so as to add the last strokes on the new image which takes shape and you are ready to present to your environment.



Saturn leaves Sagittarius in the last days of 2017 and enters Capricorn. These are good news for you because you get rid of weights you had shouldered lately. Perhaps you can crystallise the role of people with whom you maintain direct interpersonal relations and the balance in your relationship changes since trust between yourselves is established or completely shaken. Perhaps you break up from a relationship which was tested and you see your new self as somebody who wants to discover new things in their relationships and leave behind old behaviours and action patterns. It is probably not a simple action because the other side most likely makes claims not only on the materialistic level but also on a more sensitive area, that is, the children.

On the professional level, it is time you realised that, following big tests, you can now have faith in yourself to assume a new position. If you wish to shoulder all the weights, you will soon understand that you have no time left to yourself and that you get to be in charge of everything when you are called upon to delegate. The truth is that you seek somebody to trust for quite some time now and you might have found candidates. However, they had better also realise that you are not the one to be in charge of everything.

Saturn in Capricorn will make you see the true side of life according to which unless you can share, trust and have a soul connection, the end is before the gates. If you do not want to lose some people from your life, take the decision to share roles and gifts. Only then will you understand how well you can feel; when something new is born on new grounds which seemed fruitless and dry.



The first set of eclipses begins on January 31 with the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo which has an influence mostly on matters related to relatives or transportations. Perhaps you see that relatives and siblings are tired, or you cannot reach an understanding with them, or you cannot follow their aspirations and decisions anymore. You will also have to take drastic decisions at work by even fighting with somebody who did not expect such behaviour from your side. It is time though you rebelled. The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15 is friendlier to your sign because it will open up new avenues for you on the personal or professional level. A job proposition abroad perhaps changes facts in your life and maybe you are ready to make this step even though you are not fully satisfied with your remuneration. Perhaps you hesitate because you take distance from people close to you but the opportunity for personal action is more interesting than your stagnant daily routine. If legal affairs come to the fore with this eclipse, beware of the battle you will be called upon to participate in because it is very likely that you confront people who will use any possible means to beat you in a conflict which is not as innocent as it looked like.

The second set of eclipses begins on July 13 with the Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer. It seems that your emotional world is highlighted and you get into the procedure of counting what you have; not only material-wise but also feelings-wise. Perhaps you feel the need to get back in touch with people you lost contact with or spend more time with relatives. Perhaps you wish to spend some time in a house you have left but you feel it calls you back. This does not mean you decide to move out but you reevaluate your choices regarding housing and property so as to compare your personal freedom with sharing of a house. The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 is perhaps about removing your heart from a show which does not suit you because it is not synchronised with your pulse and heartbeat. Perhaps you return to a place which you consider your residence which means that you can leave behind places, memories and people. At the Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11, you seem to express your decisions, you speak openly about your choices, and you go on your dreamy holidays without any chains around your ankles which others made you wear. You probably reach your final decisions but you need not announce them because you will be able to do so in full confidence in a few days after this period.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius until November 6. This event signals important changes related to the way you perceive reality. You are decisive to be better in what you do so maybe you get back to school to study a subject you have left in the darkness over the last years. You need to rediscover roots in your life so you might visit places where relatives live and get in touch with people with whom you share ties of blood. Perhaps you need to hear certain ideas from somebody else too before you are convinced. During summertime in particular, your heart and mind might be in conflict because you might not be ready to take decisions based only on one or another. You will try to hover between childish innocence and maturity. You will hardly manage it without losing some people from your environment as well as sides of your childish innocence. You will move often during this period and you will probably meet people who can push you in a direction in which you never thought you would be successful during so highly difficult and demanding times.

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