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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Your passionate heartbeat


You have big expectations in 2018 so long as you are ready to break down your image and show your heart which you have been scared to bring to the surface all this time. Jupiter in Scorpio and the North Node in your sign, at least until November 2018, signals a period which will go to bed with death and will wake up with rebirth. You are called upon to leave environments and situations which have led you to a repetitive routine and flow, to a safe but vain lifestyle, to a pattern you have learnt well but starts resembling stagnant waters. At the same time, some will try to pull your attention to opportunities which are linked to the past and offer you an easy way-out. They also want to test your ability to forget and look only to the future.

In February and May, you turn perhaps your eyes to the next step of your life. You bravely make new beginnings and claim what you think you deserve. In fact, if you take your summer break to review your tactics and become a spectator, a new period of happiness opens up before you after August so long as you can listen to your heart and nothing more.



Jupiter in Scorpio, your 4th Solar house, until November 8 seems to raise your inner tension and present big changes which start from your personal life. Your need to broaden your circle of influence is perhaps an indication that you seek to escape your family home to find yourself someplace where you discover reasons to be optimistic about the future time and again. You wish to emotionally share what you keep inside so you will approach somebody with whom you seem to be ready to share situations which could fill in the void. Perhaps you live together, or you get married, or new members come to your family. This proves that you perceive your personal development only in relation to your union with somebody who understands and appreciates your emotional world.

On the professional level, you are in agitation because you feel the need to spread your wings but you are not ready to do so yet. This means that you cannot stand the weight you shouldered in the past so you had better start getting rid of unnecessary things and feel freer to fly high. At the same time, perhaps you pass over your career in review and you realise that you walk paths on which you had no taste to be in the first place; thus you have lost the vision of the image you had about yourself. In such a case, make sure you work behind the scenes for the biggest part of 2018 and get prepared for a show which could resemble that of your own life. You must feel that you become a child again in face of challenges which remind you of a break from a tiring life towards the end of 2018. Jupiter enters Sagittarius at the end of the year and promises many presents only if you managed to express your true self until then.



Saturn in Capricorn, your 6th Solar house, perhaps brings difficulties to the professional area of your life mainly due to obligations you will be shouldered and with which you are called upon to deal both as a driver and co-driver of the same vehicle. Your relationship with people from work might go through a rough patch, and you might have to fight with or leave an environment which is too suffocating for you to bear. Perhaps you must take on new roles at work but this has an effect on the way your daily routine flows and on your physical and psychological health. If so, you had better think of your nutrition and physical exercise because these elements seem to get a new dimension in your life and you must integrate them in accordance to the new facts.

On the other side, if your professional transformation takes place, make sure you do not say too much because you need not pull in people who would like to benefit from your work. Continue writing your new story gradually and steadily even if this means that you must work longer hours and be more tired than you imagined.

The important side of Saturn in Capricorn is related to your effectiveness in view of actions and not words. You learn to have faith in you and build your life edifice trusting some people who, you know, will not betray you and acknowledging the leadership of people of whom you should not get rid. Being modest before people who have achieved a great deal in their life is an important secret to shape the right coalitions which are free from jealousy and bitterness; you might however feel this way sometimes. At the same time, you will find out that there are people near you who are so generous that they ask nothing from you. They only want you to support your common effort in which you need not be at the helm. There should be cooperation and understanding between partners who can do miracles.



The first set of eclipses begins on January 31 with the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo which has an influence mostly on representatives born at the beginning of the second decanate. You struggle lately to develop your personal life and at the current juncture perhaps it resembles the clash of two worlds and two people who have learnt to function in relationships differently. On the one side, there is one person who would do anything for this relationship but on the other side, there is this other person who functions rationally and reasonably. On the one side, there is one person who let time flow without stress and worries but on the other side, there is this other person who lives in the moment, who is passionate about today and who is almost indifferent about tomorrow. The clash between these two worlds perhaps results in breaks up which will be obvious during the Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15. This point in time indicates shocks and an upheaval which seems to split these two worlds into two opposite camps. The question is not to escalate the war or confront constant and explosive conflicts; the point is to avoid unnecessary actions. If you take a better look at what is opposite you, you will be able to realise whether it is necessary to waste energy on something which wears you out instead of somebody or an opportunity or an environment that helps you be reborn. 

The second set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 which points out the dead-end as well as the escape from it. You must find the courage to oppose your needs for life and creation against the compromise and surrender of a relationship or partnership. Perhaps you meet people who wear you out, situations which close in upon you, activities which exhaust you, or habits which make you sick. You must speak about everything mentioned above with people who claim that you do not suit their plans and as a result, you feel wronged since you leave an environment in which you have not truly expressed yourself. If so, at the Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27, you are called upon to get rid of elements of yourself which made you sick and tired and aged you, and try to find out new reasons to be optimistic. You will recall your past when you had experienced something similar so perhaps you must withdraw into yourself, and cope with your obsessions. At the Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11, you must come out with power and self-confidence, and speak of your decisions. There is not enough space for too many people in your path so make sure you choose the right fellow-travelers because there are people around you who make you depart from your goal. It is impossible to be fully accepted by everybody so make sure you look this somebody you are interested in straight in the eye and ignore others’ glances which, under other circumstances, could be a barometer for your choice.


North Node

The North Node will be in your sign (thus the South Node will be in Aquarius) until November 6. It seems that the representatives born on the first half of the sign confront karmic missions in their life. Your need to create and express yourself, to feel unique and show off, and to give and take love will be a huge mission in your life; perhaps you start relationships and partnerships which will bring to the surface deep feelings. The demand of others that you are the leader will intrigue you and excite you. However, you are also called upon to think whether you do something which others want or you do what you want and people you love stand by you. Mainly during the period between mid-May and beginning of November with Mars in Aquarius, you will feel like being in an extremely demanding mission which consists of enthusiasm and disappointment, optimism and deadlocks, love and indifference, warmth and distance. Perhaps you launch a lot of things during this period but you will then understand that you do not have the company you wish for. As a result, you will be forced to step back before you start running. At the same time, you will stand before a new door but you are not certain whether it leads you somewhere. It is almost impossible though to avoid opening it.

What matters is that you understand you have the opportunity to play between enthusiasm and disappointment, death and rebirth so as to broaden the range of your action and learn to express your deep feelings even better. Furthermore, you have the chance to find your better half which means that you must dive into feelings of helplessness and insecurity before you commit to a relationship which seems to introduce you to the next step of your life.


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