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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Digging in search of feelings


It seems that 2018 is a calmer year in comparison to the last three years because you will digest what happened and lay foundations for next years. First of all, you will be called upon to deal with some losses with the purpose of accepting lifecycle and learn to get rid of whatever acts as a brake on your life. You will have to deal with your health in a way which proves that you understand you grow up physically as well as emotionally; thus you must change habits and perceptions. Furthermore, you will start studying something new so as to change professional environment or to be in harmony with new facts in your personal life.

In 2018, you will also observe people around you since you have the opportunity to see people who help your life develop; you will be taught necessary lessons and you will evaluate situations which you are called upon to examine from another perspective. Do not fear to turn for help to people with experience and knowledge in psychology because it seems you seek answers which are hidden deep inside and you cannot discover without the help of experts.



Jupiter in Scorpio, your 3rd Solar house, until November 8 when it enters Sagittarius is a good opportunity to try to broaden your social circle, to travel and to finish studies you have started or plan. Following a year when there were many professional or personal changes, it is time you practiced the new language you speak or you came out of your shell and try to see beyond your range of vision. In addition, you will have the opportunity to travel to places where you will meet people who can change the way you perceive family or career. You are called upon to relax after a period of stress and anguish, to try and live without necessarily planning every single step on the way, and to make sure you understand the new facts of your times.

On the other side, perhaps you observe changes in the life of close-to-you people, such as your siblings, and as a result, you must give advice and lessons, or see their actions and be the one to learn some lessons. Perhaps you must take distance from relatives and your neighbourhood so you decide to move out.

In any case, Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8 and seems to activate the final act of moving out, or graduation, or reintroduction to the new people who surround you. This is when you are fully confident to step on new grounds.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2018 is good news for you because you have the opportunity to lay foundations on the amorous or professional level. You want to find something stable in your life which might indicate that eroticism is gone and that you do not grow enthusiastic with new acquaintances; you probably try to avoid such elements in your life. Thus you are in search of somebody with whom you can communicate and share your thoughts about the pattern of amorous relationships, on whom you can rely and who can rely on you respectively. Perhaps you choose people who are older than you which is an indication that you look for a relationship which teaches you and does not start with intense passion and enthusiasm. On the other side, if you are in a relationship, perhaps you decide to have a child; you filter this action through your mind of course first. You will not have a child unless you have properly weighed and estimated the consequences in your life. You want to prove that your existing relationship can last in time and lead to the birth of new things. If you have children, you will spend much time with them because their needs change and you must stand by them; not only to answer their questions but also to learn from them.

On the professional level, you will have the prospect of building something with your own stamp on it. This means that you take distance from partnerships and group activities. Perhaps you acknowledge that it is time you expressed your inclinations and skills even if you have to be in a working environment which completely crushes your enthusiasm. If you do not have a stable job, it is maybe time you dug inside you to discover the reasons why you think you can leave your stamp. This means that you reject a lifestyle, which resembled that of a child in the body of an adult, in some time from today.



The first eclipse of the year is the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 which brings to the fore behind-the-scenes professional matters or reminds you that you must focus on your health. On the professional level, try not to be carried away with the words and promises of people who are persuasive due to their naturalness and play-acting; these are probably people who will only look after themselves. If you prepare a change, make sure you do not announce it and you avoid speaking with people who can reveal your secret. Regarding your health, find a new lifestyle so as to improve your image and your body otherwise you may endanger yourself for no real reason. At the Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15, you must bear the other side’s influence on you. It might be sexual or amorous or even financial because this person might shock you with their decisions. Perhaps you must carry on according to their rhythm or you will lose the opportunity to participate in a show which you are not certain whether it suits you from the beginning. If a relationship does not evolve satisfactorily, a sudden end might be the best opportunity to test your endurance in a situation which bogs you down and is in need of artificial respiration.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 which brings developments in the field of your creativity. Perhaps you must take a step forward regarding your participation in a group professional effort which means that you must add in your feeling of security in this environment apart from your remuneration. Perhaps there are developments in your personal life and you have a child. This changes all facts and makes you see things from another perspective. The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 may change facts at work. You must be careful not to be carried away with hasty moves which might consist of a proposition to flee. Developments in your daily routine might have an influence on your disposition and as a result perhaps you endanger your health for no reason. The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 will remind you that there will always be people beside you who can define your decisions and who can be at the helm even when you think you can be in control of situations. At this eclipse, you had better put yourself on the back burner shall you wish to stay in a changing environment where you feel nice. Otherwise exit door is right there and is probably already open.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius respectively until November 6. It indicates that in 2018 you essentially screen out people and objects which limit your living space. Perhaps you decide to remain in a working environment because you need the money and as a result you start seeking the field which represents your inclinations and talents so as to make the transition in a couple of months. There is no point in staying in a prison-like relationship so you must be alone to find out what kind of relationship you are after and stop going from one relationship to another without listening to your heart. Finally, it is likely that you approach people with common roots so as to discover parts of your DNA which are important for the shaping of your personality. Your contact with self-made people will answer your tendency to be involved in relationships and jobs in which you are not at the helm. You look for the reason why you fit nowhere lately. Perhaps this takes place if you participate in movements or groups where you render your services. You must make sure though that your role is obvious, distinctive and is not lost in a bigger group which suppresses individual initiative.

The North Node will enter Cancer and the South Node Capricorn on November 6. It is a better position for you because you will manage to come out of your shell and finish inner search. You will deal with other matters which are connected with social participation and creative effort. Until then, you are called upon to dig deep inside and answer questions which you refuse to bring to the surface for others to also hear.


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