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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Rooting out everything which does not touch your heart


2018 is the year that will give the merit of what you acquired in the past years a trial. It will examine whether you have compromised with facts or you would dare get rid of stowaways who travel at your expense. You need to be among people with whom there is eroticism between yourselves so perhaps you get to remove some obstacles. There is a demand though that you lay foundations for the edifice of your life and perhaps you must compromise because you are stressed at the mere thought of removing foundations for which you struggled.

The period between March and April is perhaps an important juncture when you are called upon to break down some thoughts, uproot hopes but also dare speak about dreams which you never implemented. At that juncture, you had better remember where you come from and keep beside you people who bring you down to earth otherwise it is very easy for you to turn around and not even understand it.



Jupiter in Scorpio, your 2nd Solar house, until November 8 is a good indication for your finances mainly regarding investments and savings for more difficult times. It is more likely that your remuneration is higher this year so long as you can sell your job more dearly than others expected. You must aim at being able to stand pressure and being effective in your efforts shall you wish to convince others about your abilities and earn more. It is also likely that you seek and get a new job only if you are ready to make your talent in finding solutions known when others see only obstacles and deadlocks.

Jupiter in Scorpio will also help you discover new talents; some sides of your personality which you have not used until today and which could be useful tools in your journey. Deal with others’ finances, make sure you give advice to people who look for a new income, and prove you can act as a catalyst in the mood swings of people around you. Only then will you gain more self-confidence and will you sell your services dearly.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8 and a more open and extrovert period begins in your life during which you will be interested in journeys and expansion of your knowledge. Make sure you open up your mind and you broaden your horizon, you are near people who speak another language, and you invest in knowledge so that you feel you open a new window to the future.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2018 has an influence mostly on representatives who were born on the first decanate through slow but important developments on the family or professional level. Saturn at the lowest point of your chart, your 4th Solar house, takes action so as to shed light to fruitless areas of your life, dig deep to bring to the surface what you avoid touching upon, and bring you in touch with people of the same blood but in distance between yourselves. You will be concerned about a maternal or paternal figure because you will have to confront her/him. There needs not be a winner and a loser. You must simply reintroduce yourselves to one another. The death of a parent, which is an event that has taken place or is a likelihood at some point, is something which might change your perspective on things. Perhaps you go back to live with your parents or you decide it is time you spread your wings and had your own space far from the family house. In both cases, the driving force behind choosing either direction is your own battle with your power to stand on your feet. Your decision must be based on faith in yourself so as to lay foundations for your personal life and not find the easy solution to be supported by others who possibly have the power and endurance to stand by you.

On the professional level, you will fight against authority figures and you will be disturbed by the fact that they decide to set the rules. You had better deal with this prospect thinking that it is linked to your conflict with a parent in the past. It is related to the image you have about people who can set rules and orders in your life. It is not necessarily bad to be trained by experienced and skilful professionals so long as you understand what the role of these people is in your career. If you are ready to leave your stamp, there is no point in trying to go up against authority figures. You will only realise that you do not fit this environment. The creation of your new identity is not an easy process though so make sure you have tested your inner sources of energy because you will need them so as to build the new edifice of your life.

Saturn in Capricorn will break down existing structures in your life and will make you feel like losing parts of your history. At the same time, there is room for births which were hindered due to lack of oxygen which people, memories, situations and objects used to inhale. They were dead but they were part of your life with the assistance of breathing machines.  



The first eclipse of the year is the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 which seems to challenge your mood to explore new paths in your life. If you stay in a specific environment (relationship, work and circle of friends), you will feel like being imprisoned, thus seek the way out. One solution would be to look for new people and activities but remember that you actually look for a way to change your personal identity and that you explore the path through which you could rediscover your creativity. On the personal level, there is a flirt which does not evolve as you would like, or you are not able to have a family. This will challenge your disposition but you should find the reasons inside you and not necessarily on the other person.

The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15 is perhaps a guide to the optimism you ask for. Upset your life and dare speak openly about what you think and desire even if this could disturb existing balance. In addition, you had better dare make the change you were planning and start something which pleases you or seems like a choice which will alter the stage of your life.

The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 seems to activate tense changes which take place in the axis of your private/public life. You will be challenged and you must overcome any difficulties first internally and then externally in the form of obstacles. You cannot avoid the absolute closure of a situation and you must understand that you come out of your comfort zone so as to make the next steps in your life. Moments are tense and difficult so the Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 will introduce you to people who can support your thoughts and decisions. Perhaps you are called upon to jump into the void but at the current juncture, the void is the safest living space because every stable ground shakes due to earthquakes. Something new begins in your life but it is still vague unless you are ready to leave behind stories which you wrote over the last years. You should take your final decision following the Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11. You seek somebody who will hold your hand and lead you to the exit of the deadlock. The question though is not to find somebody but to have shaped your new environment, because only then will you discover people who will hug you. Something new begins. Dare ask what you deserve because you cannot stand compromising more.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius respectively until November 6. It is an indication that you have the opportunity to find an illuminated path time and again at a period when you struggle to get rid of ghosts from the past. You seek new activities which inspire you and bring to the surface your creative talents. This will take place thanks to artistic events, or participation in group efforts which speak straight to the heart of a society which looks for its pace. Love may breathe new life in you even if this means that you set stable but solidified (or maybe frozen?) situations on fire; they stop being reasons to your heart’s obvious shyness. On the other hand, perhaps you choose to test the endurance of an existing situation in face of its future and prospects to give birth to something new; you must start with a huge shock though. 

The lesson of the axis of the Moon’s Nodes in Leo/Aquarius is to manage to have personal needs, express your creative quests, and to be passionate without waiting for the other side to take the first step. If you dare, you will be with somebody after summer 2018 who has come to walk with you towards the future; either amorous one or professional one. 


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