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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Taking the first plunge


2018 is an important year for you because a three-year-long period of developments begins which will lead you to the new scenery of your life. Saturn in your sign has an influence mostly on the representatives born on the first decanate and indicates that it is time you passed over people and situations in review and invested only in those which suit your personal identity. You will have to work hard to prove your merit on the professional level but this does not scare you. At the same time, you will have to prove that you can cooperate which means that you are called upon to make your leading side known so as to be at the helm of the effort when you realise that some lead the vehicle towards the cliff.

You must dare speak of your emotional needs admitting that you are in love and passionate with somebody who might see you unmask yourself without fearing it. A relationship goes deeper and the mere idea scares you. In reality, it is what you wished for deep inside. If you are in a conventional relationship, it is high time you escaped from it even if that means that you give away parts of the time you spent before.

2018 leads you to new lands even if they seem unknown at the beginning of the year. Following the first two months of the year, you will understand that your cocoon does not fit you anymore. There is less oxygen but more noise, and you feel you cannot communicate. Get out of there, dare speak honestly regarding what you seek, and perhaps you find reasons to be optimistic about life time and again in summer.



Jupiter in Scorpio until November, 8 seems to give you the opportunity to refresh your social life even by participating in groups and teams which will try to change the facts of our times. Perhaps you are challenged to be the one who will establish a new organisation, and who will be at the helm of an effort to create new facts on the social and political level with the purpose of expressing thoughts, ideas and wishes of people who suffocate long time now. Perhaps you simply want to change your friendly circle and dare change the kind of people you seek for friends. As a result, you will start taking distance from familiar people of your life.

At the same time, you will begin to understand that your emotional depth has got a voice and shouts out loud. It wakes up and expresses some desires which do not necessarily suit the hard and absolute image you have since you feel ready to open your heart and soul. In this case, it is possible that you have a child. You will have to change your priorities and your public image in a way which transforms you inside out. If you are in a relationship which seems to be a dead-end, the end of it might be difficult and tantalising. In any case, you must leave because there is somebody who seems to be ready to fit your new emotional needs; they are awake and you cannot ignore their expression.

Jupiter in Sagittarius as from November 8 will signal a more introvert period for your life with the purpose of clarifying goals and plans which came to life some time ago. This procedure will not finish in 2018. It will be completed in 2019 which seems to be a milestone for your life. You will feel that you begin to live at last.



Saturn, your ruler in other words, will be in your sign throughout 2018. You should not be scared. You should rather be decisive so as to lay new foundations for a long life. Saturn will be at the first decanate of the sign which means that it affects those born in it. There are tests which resemble challenges for some but also difficult missions. You will feel the need to pass over the scenery of your life in review which means that you will take distance from people who were used to having you beside them. You need not necessarily come into conflict, you need not quarrel, but it is likely that you realise you have nothing more in common with these people; you move in different directions.

It is also likely that you lose people or objects that keep you in a safe, familiar situation. It is high time you stood on your own feet which means that you must open the door and leave familiar places. This approach is not painless of course because it is clear that one loss will make you plunge in a past which you would like to maintain in your life but it is not possible anymore. It is time though you released your inner dynamic. You must act as a catalyst for your personal development and offer you the opportunity to travel to new lands, meet new people and introduce your new status from the beginning. You need to write the story of your life and this is obvious. It means that if you remain in the glass box you inherited, you simply compromise with the idea of bogging down and rottenness, and you stop making dreams that may come true.



The first eclipse of the year is the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 which seems to target the heart of your relationship or partnership. You try to shape new balances in a situation which tries to find its way. The other side might leave and you might get hurt and feel wronged. At the same time though you are called upon to rationalise some things and see whether you lose somebody who added something to your life or simply spent some time with you. You must realise that you can stand on your feet, that you can plan your next steps relying on yourself and you need not be chained to the past. If, on the contrary, you realise the other person’s influence on your life, you are about to make something official. It has got all the prerequisites to last long years because you are with somebody who has come to suit your needs and abilities.

The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15 seems to have an influence on your finances because you must pass over the facts in review even through sudden disturbances. Unexpected news might upset you but at the same time, you will have time and space to seek new kinds of work and new ways to raise your remuneration. Perhaps you realise that you must invest your money in another field or you must have more faith in your personal merit and ask what you think is appropriate for you. On the personal level the other side might take distance but it does not necessarily mean the end of it; it is rather an opportunity to delimit your relationship.

The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 seems to yell that it is time you made the next step in your interpersonal relationships. The decisiveness of the other side to pull strings should not go unnoticed because you are called upon to come out of your shell and react. It is important that you have secured your personal safety and certainty but at the same time, you will have to dare do something which will help you keep in your life somebody, or a situation, or a prospect, that you cannot imagine losing. If the situation in crisis has come to an end, you can close this chapter and move on to a structural reinvention of yourself in July and in August so as to present your new identity.

The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 might scare you because it focuses on the new financial facts of your life. You are called upon to manage your income seriously and to admit that you must start living by setting new priorities; you rank them in a different way by now. However, if the other side surprises you, you need not panic. You must be prepared to stand on your feet and have faith in your merit. A new professional proposition at the current juncture takes you by surprise so you need not react immediately. At the last Solar eclipse of the year at 18 degrees Leo on August 11, you must have reached your decisions and you must make the next step. Your commitment to a relationship or partnership means that you remove the mask of ego. The end of an existing relationship or partnership means that you leave them without taking egos and bitterness with you. In July and August, you learn to deal with losses as if they were a natural development of life and not an earthquake which breaks down what you thought would be untouched forever. The word “forever” is hugely vague after all. You cannot define it a priori unless you understand that the end of one cycle leads to the beginning of another.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius respectively until November 6. It signals a period during which you will learn the balance between what belongs to you and what you share with others. You will be more able to stand on your feet and perhaps you have a lifestyle which is based on covering your personal needs without the involvement of others. It is likely that you want to set up your own business, work alone, or fight to raise your remuneration without dealing with that of others. At the same time, there will be people near you with whom you could have a conjoint relationship or partnership which will make you shine. You probably recognise it but you do not necessarily admit it. You dare share, you risk investing in such relations, you choose to be emotionally attached and to acknowledge the other side’s personality. Hence you have the opportunity to experience feelings which you most likely did not expect to have.

If you invest in all this, you will be ready to commit to situations which complete your personality towards the end of the year. The axis of the Moon’s Nodes enters Cancer/Capricorn on November 6 and a two-year-long period begins when you have the opportunity to find your ideal better half. The North Node in 2018 teaches you to dare connect and share without fearing the danger of financial or emotional exposure since you have a fund of wealth deep within. 


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