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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

I, that stranger


2018 is a very interesting year because it comes after 2017 which laid the foundations for your transition to a new role which you are called upon or choose to second. Jupiter in Scorpio and the North Node in Leo almost throughout the year indicate that you experience crucial moments in your personal or professional life. You are called upon to dare listen to your heart and soul, and not continue functioning through a safe cerebral habit. It is time you listened to the other side, you took on roles of cooperation and equal relationship, and you left a situation which has grown old and seems to decompose.

At the same time, Mars in your sign for a long period of time (more or less between May and November with a retrograde cycle between June 26 and August 27) signals a period of personal expression through challenges and invitations in relationships and partnerships. You will have to make the first step for a new beginning but you will also wait for the other side’s response or support when you question your power. You will go after the dream even though you will pay a price for it; this should not endanger an important relationship which you have not yet defined but you get to understand through this trial. In a few words, 2018 may set your life in motion shall you dare speak with the new "we" and not the selfish "I". The question though is how easy it is for you to remove old clothes and be naked on stage without fearing the exposure before the public.



Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 8 and seems to prompt you to make the next professional step through certain challenges. Perhaps you take on a new role which bears responsibilities and obligations but at the same time, remunerates better. If thanks to this role you join teams with authority figures, you had better beware of the company you get into and avoid laying your cards on the table right from the beginning. There are probably people who have learnt to fight to go higher. If you think you have reached the peak of your career, you will start soul-searching so as to find your next professional stage; it does not necessarily mean you look for another job. Perhaps you think it is time you made a change in your life and you dealt with a subject which conveys your expression without informing people around you about it. You will deal with issues which also bear your personal experiences and you think it is high time they came to the surface.

On the professional level, there will be changes in the structure of your life because perhaps you take on a new role in the family and you bring to the fore your dynamic which was hidden very well in the last years. The loss of people will probably concern you on the paranormal level. You are forced to understand that life works in cycles and it is time you sought new spaces to move in and express yourself. You have the air of a leader so remember that others will declare war on what you express and decide to go after. There is no other way shall you see that you stand before big challenges of which you must take advantage. Mainly when Mars is in your sign (May 16-November 15; in retrograde cycle between June 26-August 27), you are called upon to deal with dynamic challenges you will implement with discretion because perhaps you are taken away from structures you have built or you come up against obstacles you are called upon to overcome. This does not necessarily mean you must break them down. 



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2018 is an opportunity to put your professional issues in order so as to get rid of concerns you have shouldered but are not yours. Perhaps you are in a professional environment where authority and power games take place behind the scenes, and you may wonder whether you would like to participate or simply observe the developments. You probably begin to deal with a subject which not too many people know and which might be a big challenge for you. You will be called upon to bring to the surface sides of your personality which are hidden with the purpose of changing your career in a couple of years. Perhaps you are in a period of your life when you completely disdain your career and you just keep on working on something which pays the bills. However, you know that if you continue doing so, you will age before your time.

Saturn in Capricorn also bears another significance which is related to the world of your instincts and the search for answers which rational process will not give. You will ask yourself whether you can rely on your intuition and whether you can establish your life on random events or the lack of programme and planning. It is not a philosophical question. It is also linked to the fact that when people build up their life very rationally, there comes a time when they break it down or they confront dead-ends. This is the moment when they seem to abide by higher universal laws which they cannot control. Body and mind control are therefore two elements which will concern you always in relation to whether this can block the unforced emotional expression of yourself.



The first eclipse of the year takes place at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 and is a Lunar one which mostly affects representatives who were born at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second decanate. If the amorous field of your life changes, it is likely that you must seriously take into consideration the other side and try to understand the reason why there is somebody before you who has set themselves to talk to you about things you insist on ignoring. Perhaps you recognise their disposition for conflicts and a battle between two people who have no differences whatsoever. Quite the contrary, you seek ways to bridge the gap between yourselves. Perhaps you have the opportunity for this bridge at the Solar eclipse in your sign at 27 degrees on February 15. It seems to be the detonation of your declarations. You must act fast and with confidence so as to conquer your goal or implement a surprising plan which seems to be the best answer to complaints of the other side who seems to have worn you out. The truth is that you will be torn between taking initiative which changes facts and compromising with a certain situation; you cannot clarify the situation immediately though. This eclipse will be of your concern for the next six months so be ready for an endurance race and not necessarily an impressive sprint.

The next Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 will shed light to sick situations, relationships and people who deal with concerns about health and balance highlighting the need to really screen out your life. The definite end of a situation signals the perception of burial which consists of the notions of sadness and pain, rage and anger, but in the end salvation and decisiveness to start from scratch since you deeply realise the sense of lifecycle. Do not hurt the other side and do not believe that you are hurt for no reason. Do not avoid your contact with your emotions which you so much fear. Consider it as a two-month-long period which changes your life. The Lunar eclipse in your sign at 4 degrees on July 27 has an influence mostly on representatives of the first decanate and seems to be the moment when you realise that you go through a shocking process which will either kill you or bring you back to life. Do not limit yourself to your own perspective. Make sure you realise that you experience a more general situation of ending around you so think that you have the opportunity to be one of the people who will give shape to new beginnings. Dare prove you have the courage and endurance for a new start because this will bring along people who are willing to follow you to the next scene of your life. The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 has an effect mostly on representatives born at the end of the second decanate. The other side might give you a helping hand and be the reason for you to see the creative side of life time and again. If you must bridge a situation, leave your ego by the wayside and try to build this bridge with very strong materials because you know it can be vulnerable in time and abandonment. Your heart will reveal much regarding the decision you are called upon to take so do not limit yourself to horse sense. Your blood must boil in this occasion so as to move forward.


North Node

The axis of the Moon’s Nodes will be in the axis of your sign (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in your sign) until November 6. It proves that 2018 has got a karmic touch on your life mainly if you were born on the first half of your sign. With the North Node opposite, you are called upon to learn how to relate, to dare connect with somebody who is generous and bright, but also quite selfish and with an intense personality. Such an acquaintance would bring to the surface your wild instincts but it could also awaken your eroticism. As a result, you feel it is not easy to fully control this relationship. On the professional level, you will have to cooperate with and trust people who have the temperament of a leader, even if this scares you because it might be threatening to your disposition for personal freedom.

Mars will be in conjunction with the South Node in your sign (May 16-beginning of October with a small break between August 13 and September 11 when it is in Capricorn) and it will be an exceptionally determinative period in your life. You will make some new beginnings which consist of intelligence and exercises of patience and endurance. People or situations that invite you to return to an old lifestyle will be involved later on; you cannot easily ignore them. You will go through doubts and dilemmas, you will feel like losing your mind, and you will try to close your eyes and ears in view of the challenges. The purpose is to be able to second your new lifestyle by the end of the course.


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