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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Coming out of your shell in a diffident manner


2018 seems to be a year which bears some good news which propitiate you following a three-year-long period which was not really careless. Chiron will leave your sign for the first time, even if it is only a trial period between May-September 2018, and will allow the representatives of the third decanate to stop coping with trauma and wounds, and instead try to experience beautiful moments. Furthermore, Saturn has left Sagittarius so you are not going through bullying by authority figures anymore. You feel you can take initiative without being watched, or you can take distance from people and environments which have a protective but also stifling role in your life. Finally, Jupiter in Scorpio indicates that you have the opportunity to broaden your horizon, travel and interact with people who introduce new elements to your life, or to find time to cultivate the meaning you have been looking for in your life.

As first, you must take care of your health because the last three years have left wounds and scars on your body and heart. As a result, you are called upon to love yourself time and again. Perhaps you change nutrition and you love your heart more. This external as well as internal preparation aims at leading you to the end of 2018 when you have to break free in your personal life and discover reasons to be happy again.



Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8 signals that 2018 can give you big amounts of knowledge and realisation of facts related to your capabilities which you have forgotten to take into consideration lately. You should not let the opportunity to finish your studies and to implement what you have learnt so far go unnoticed. You lay foundations for your next professional steps or to leave an environment which is in a state of advanced rottenness. Following a long period of trials in every field of your interpersonal relations, it is the highest time you broadened your horizon with the wish to meet people and exchange information which you think you cannot communicate to your existing environment. If there is unfinished business about finding solutions in certain relationships, even if you have to go to court, make sure you do not leave anything unsettled even if this means that you do not claim as much as you could earn.  

On the professional level, it is very important that you approach people with power and status who are aware of the changes in society and the direction in which things move because you can make huge progress. Perhaps this indicates that you let others be leaders and you observe hierarchy as it should be with universal wisdom without seeking to disturb the balance. If everything mentioned above is a kind of education for you, dare go back to school so as to gain knowledge which will be extremely useful for the next step of your career.

On the personal level, your contact with new people might be difficult because it seems that you do not speak the same language. The question is to discover people with whom you share the same feelings and can communicate without explaining things which are a given to you.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2018 is good news for you because it will help you put goals and dreams in order, shape your social framework, and screen out friends. You will get in touch with older or more experienced people and this will help you stand on your own feet following a long period when you had to cut the painter with people you thought would stay in your life for long. You were tested on the professional level and perhaps there is a new role for you now. Perhaps you become the leader in your effort to lay foundations for an idea you represent and wish to have an impetus on a larger audience. On the other side, your new role will alienate acquaintances and friends you were used to having around you which means that some goodbyes might be painful. You will understand, though, later on that they are necessary so as to shape a much more stable framework.

On the personal level, it is probably time you asked yourself whether you walk without a compass which means that you do not decide in which direction to go but you are led by the nose. If this is the way you wish to relate, stop whining and compromise with the idea that you can neither plan nor trace the route. Otherwise dare live alone for a while and wonder what your role is when you are not accompanied by somebody else. Seek a new identity in a social network which is friendly to grown-ups and sometimes hostile to innocent childish souls.



The first eclipse of 2018 is the Lunar one at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 which seems to disturb professional issues which could have an influence on your health. Your contact with an authority figure and his/her dynamic perhaps makes you feel uncomfortable because you will have to obey situations which you cannot control. Perhaps you are under pressure, you feel you harm your health, and you prevent your real self from being expressed and coming to the surface. This could have an impact on your image. On the professional level, a period of intense action behind the scenes begins when you must prove you have the endurance to bear hits below the belt, or you can stay far from a professional environment without having financial losses. The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15 seems to upset you and force you to admit you are not in control of situations. If this means you obey to others’ orders, make sure you are useful in the group and avoid intense personal outbursts. If you feel it is time you made a personal effort to create the environment you dream of, start working in silence and have faith in time. Remember that time changes people which means that your physical and psychological endurance is not what it used to be several years ago.

The second set of eclipses begins on July 13 with the Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer which seems to give you the opportunity to find reasons for which it is worth dreaming that there are people who create ideal relationships. A new acquaintance could be godsend, could unlock your heart, and perhaps you start being optimistic again that you can feel many beautiful feelings without fearing whether you can express them or not. Your existing relationship perhaps develops by having a child which brings a new meaning to your life and helps you give and take love. On the professional level, you are called upon to try and have faith in yourself and your talents, and to escape a reality which closes in upon you and makes you prove that you can function under conditions others set.

The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 is perhaps a serious indication you have no clarity in face of provocative situations. You must be surrounded by people who can see the truth and speak to you about your health; who can warn you about professional moves which take place behind the scenes and can harm you, and for traps which your mind sets and as a result, you cannot see reality clearly. Take care of yourself and look for answers about a medical diagnosis which troubles you. However, do not move convulsively for the time being. The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11 puts an end to the cycle of eclipses and offers you help to resolve daily routine issues. Be honest at work but not just yet because you must first plan what to say and promise. Be brave about issues related to your health and do not shut your eyes in view of the truth. Set some clear goals about changing your nutrition and the way you perceive things so as to improve your physical and psychological health.


North Node

The North Node will be in Leo (and the South Node will be in Aquarius respectively) until November 6. It is an indication that you realise some things which you must explain based on your heart’s desires and not necessarily according to fate. On the professional level, many things will change because you will be in environments which are not what you thought they were. This saddens you mainly in spring and summer. In this case, you need not give up. Instead, you must insist on shaping your personality in a way which leaves space for new facts. Only then will you allow yourself to be tried in view of difficulties and will you be trained by people with an intense personality. You have the opportunity to return to an older daily routine but this should not be your way out from difficult reality. It should rather be a pause which will help you realise that you are ready to step up in your career.

Your health is also influenced and you must not play with it. Your endurance will change and your heart sends signals. As a result, you must shape a new living system which takes into consideration your physical and emotional endurance. The loss of people from your surroundings is yet another sign that lifecycle is a fact even if you think that you can control it. The power of somebody to deal with illness is a very personal case and you cannot be in control. You will perhaps realise your own needs and endurance through your contact with pets. They teach you that life does not obey to people’s rules and that every living creature should abide by the universal law on the beginning and ending of each and every situation. 


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