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Saturn in Capricorn 20/12/2017-17/12/2020
by signingstar

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20, 2017 and leaves it on March 22, 2020 when it enters Aquarius. Between March 22, 2020 and December 17, 2020 Saturn will be in Capricorn again before it finally enters Aquarius for the next three years.

The three-year-long period from 2017 until the end of 2020 is an intense one for the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) because, apart from Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto and Jupiter (December 2019-December 2020) will be in the same sign while the Moon’s Nodes will be in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn between November 6, 2018 and May 5, 2020. Solar and Lunar eclipses between 2018-2020 will also take place in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn.

Everything mentioned above are serious indications that we will stand before the end of an established lifecycle and the birth of a new reality because the meaning of authority, establishment, leadership and family will be transformed. The structure of big professional organisations will change, power will be transferred to new hands, and some will try to manipulate the rebellious intentions of the youth in view of people and established situations that only aim at maintaining power in their hands. The conflict between old and new will be implacable, and events of 2008 and 2009 will come to the fore time and again; this is when the course to change humanity started. In particular, during the eclipses of 2018-2020 (June-July, December-January), the force of change and tension will be huge, and certain cycles will come to an end although nobody thought they would some years ago.

However, new voices and minds, fresh ideas and philosophies will be born and will be the seed for the beginning of a new era for humanity. Balance between the tangible and intangible side of man will be disturbed with the purpose of making room for new values and structures on which relationships and partnerships will be based. The establishments of this three-year-long period should be based on the foundations of another era which was founded on man’s need for compassion following a period of wars. They will be enriched with social relief and distribution of wealth in a new way. After all, Uranus enters Taurus and this indicates that money will have a new identity. If somebody thinks that past structures will keep on governing, they live in a reality which will be shattered gradually and steadily until 2020. 


The influence of Saturn in Capricorn on each sign is the following:



Saturn in Capricorn, at the highest point of your chart, indicates two things: the first one is related to the final end of a life with a specific profession or/and a specific family framework. The truth is that you notice your parents growing older and their health status changes. Thus, you realise that balance changes. In addition, perhaps your relationship changes and you come into a new situation without absolute balance and equivalence; there is somebody who is the leader. On the professional level, it is time you were promoted shall this be possible because a rather important role has been granted to you. You must lead a team towards new paths. If you decide to quit the job you were used to, you seek not only a new post but also your new role in a social framework which changes from the basis. Perhaps it is time you revealed a talent which you once hid deep inside because only then will you manage to create your professional imprint that will be like nothing else you have done so far.

Remember that 2020 should not find you with new clothes, or a new house, or a new office. It should find you with a new identity which will give shape to the stage around you.



Saturn in Capricorn will be a good occasion to start being self-confident about your new life which perhaps you initiate far from your current environment. Perhaps you invest in a long educational programme and you decide to be far from home so as to prepare your new image which will be based on knowledge for which time and method are required. Perhaps you decide to settle old business through justice; it will be a process which will last quite long and does not seem to be very simple.

The bigger question with Saturn in Capricorn is to reestablish faith in yourself without blaming forces outside your sight for possible failure. Society is properly intensively transformed but this is not a reason to await for developments from third parties. Through this process, you will learn to better discover yourself, to trust your judgement and knowledge, to dare stand out and be a leader, and to cultivate more those elements of patience and concentration on the goal which can be the vehicle for your personal development. The three-year-long period until 2020 transforms you into somebody who can inspire others since they can change their life without clinging to failures and omissions.



Saturn in Capricorn seems to bring some deterministic ends in your life which force you to admit that there are some elements you cannot avoid. Perhaps you see people around you growing up and not being able to function in the way you were used to seeing them do; this makes you sad. Perhaps you realise that it is time you got rid of past hangover you have inherited and you do not wish to drag along like a dowry; it is rather a burden you wish to throw away. Your personal life will move into a new phase since you are called upon to discover new reasons to keep your relationship alive. You will either lay foundations so that it is stable for many years to come or you will let it break down and be lost as time flies by.

The main thing you are called upon to do though is to stop relying on the support of people who insist on being established in your life because you are in danger of falling in love with the murderers of your youthfulness. Do not fall into the trap of growing old even if this is what happens around you. What really matters is that you look ahead and not behind.



Saturn in Capricorn, the sign opposite you, will be a huge opportunity to lay foundations for the next fifteen years of your life. You will have to essentially clarify your interpersonal relationships since you are called upon to choose the people you wish to move on in your life with. If you are sick and tired of repetition, perhaps you decide to close some chapters and dare to escape somewhere far where you can start your life anew even if those chapters refer to family members. This means, of course, that you will bid beloved people farewell but only through this process is new life born for the future. If you found your match, it would perhaps be the relationship of a lifetime; the one that will result into having a family and not only sharing emotions.

It seems that you are a protagonist in this new three-year-long period since you are called upon to dare speak about the transition of society into its next phase. Family will be transformed and it is a pity not to be among people who will contribute to its new shape. Do not omit to use your conscious and unconscious wisdom about interpersonal relationships because only then will you win dead-end battles with relationships which lead to an impasse and cannot be saved. Make sure you come out of your shell and you express your feelings and not only your fears. Dare to be at the helm to seek and create those life conditions which not only did you dream of but you are also convinced you can experience.



Saturn in Capricorn signifies a new three-year-long period of changes on the professional level which aim at bringing your physical and psychological endurance in line, and helping you realise that you cannot flee time. There will be difficulties at work which are related to the difficulty to communicate with colleagues, to failures in responsibilities you are in charge of, and to the realisation that there are superiors whom you cannot leave by the wayside. It is also likely that you lose a job and you have to dig deep inside to discover those talents you refuse to bring to the surface. They must be cultivated but you are bored. It is time you broke free so as to promise you prepare your new professional step which is also in need of a new public professional identity.

Regarding your health, you had better take care of yourself and look after some physical issues which must improve your balance and contact with the Earth. Perhaps you must undergo operations or do sports which prove you listen to the demands of your body. Finally, you had better bear in mind that there are elderly around you who get sick or grow old. This means that lifecycle is evident and you cannot do something to reverse it.



Saturn in Capricorn, in the field of artistic expression, is a positive element for you regarding the next three years of your life. You have the opportunity to lay substantial foundations in your life, to create an amorous relationship which may lead to having a family, and to see the construction of your life growing bigger and healthier. You will recognise some signs of ageing on you and you will realise that time flies by. Hence you will wonder whether the meaning of life is to have a family and to give birth to and guide your children. On the other side, perhaps you think it is time you built your own professional edifice which you will see as your child and will bear your personal stamp.

What matters is that you understand that birth and creation, be it love or work, is not a self-existent action. It is a process with specific steps and procedures. It consists of self-confidence and acceptance of the personality of the other side. It will bring you in touch with perceptions, theories and actions of your parents. Something will be born through this process which will have your personal stamp on but you will also understand that your identity is not only a card you have in your pocket since you came of age. It is rather a process which evolves and changes as years fly by.



Saturn in Capricorn, at the lowest point of your chart, signifies a highly intensive three-year-long period during which you are called upon to screen out your life so as to maintain strong foundations following a period of at least ten years of big changes. First of all, it seems that the structure of family changes since the roles of some people will be replaced due to certain departures. It seems that old structures step aside so that new formations are born which means that old generation is “dismantled” in every possible way. A moving out, a break up, or a big professional change are some of the possibilities which you might experience during these three years.

The most important issue though is to resolve questions and guilts which you still carry along and are related to your childhood or the pattern according to which your ancestors used to live. You will have to explain some unconscious choices of the past, to be atoned for years during which you lived in a way which does not represent you, and to get rid of phobias due to which you remain in relationships which freeze you, in stifling loneliness, or in a profession which leaves you empty. It is time you plunged deep inside yourself to discover talents and inclinations, and to choose to live and not only survive. If foundations are unstable, it is not enough to just change their material. You had better completely remove them even if you do not choose to do so but you are rather forced to.



Saturn in Capricorn is a very good opportunity for you to deal with education which you never finished or you never dared to include in your life. The next three years will help you lay very stable foundations for a big change in your life; to take a huge leap at work. This means that you decide to commit to take part in a procedure which is not at all easy and seems to try your endurance in view of pressure and the seriousness with which you deal with trials.

In addition, you will have to change your relationships with relatives either due to distance in kilometres, or because your role changes in the existing environment. You will see some people growing old and you will observe some signs of ageing on them. This will make you realise that some people need your support. If you think it is time you spread your wings, distance yourself from the environment you were used to live in and try to fly away.



Saturn in Capricorn will try your finances in the coming three years since you will have to take some very important decisions regarding the way you make money. Perhaps you decide it is time you tried to set up your own business and invest in your personal talents. Perhaps you are under pressure at work since you are not remunerated as you would like to or you had agreed upon; this does not mean that you must simply look for another job. What matters is to change the balance between income and expenses, and not to focus only on your income.

What really happens though is that you change your values, and that you start shaping a new philosophy regarding your priorities and the way you deal with life in general. You must cope with the material side of your life not only to secure you presence but to also make some important purchases so as to feel you stand on your feet. You must also work on self-confidence; not that much regarding your ideas but mostly regarding the time and patience you must show so as to reach your goal. Time acquires another dimension and you are called upon to learn to deal with it.



Saturn in your sign, in addition to Pluto, Jupiter and the eclipses over the next three years, signify a juncture when you have the opportunity to be at the peak of your life. Your big effort to fulfil your goals and ambitions could bear positive results so long as you have faith in yourself and you dare to request what you believe you deserve. Time flies by and it becomes obvious on you which means that you cannot simply keep on making future plans. You must also execute and enjoy the rewards of your labour. You are at the helm of developments thanks to a professional success. You must now be wise enough so as to cope with all different personalities who rely on you so that a group effort is successful. On the personal level, a big change is around the corner which means that unless there is future in your relationship, a break up might be difficult and heavy but opens up the pathway for the next phase of your life.

Saturn in your sign means that you can taste the rewards for your pain of so many years, even of a fifteen-year-long period, so long as you are ready to take on the responsibility for failure and defeat too. Time is always by your side but you are now called upon to realise that time flies by and you cannot beat it. Thus it is time you made some moves which prove you move on to the next level and that you want to live more according to the orders of your body and mind, and not necessarily according to what society dictates.



Saturn in Capricorn is not the easiest thing that could happen. However, it is a very useful occasion to cultivate some inner parts of your life which are not what you would like them to be and you maintain them without realising that they poison you. You will have to do some serious soul-searching because it is likely that you have health troubles and you find out there are locked wardrobes in your heart and soul which may harm you. Your contact with a parent or an authority figure will help you get rid of past elements which haunt you through a procedure which is not at all easy and pleasant.

The second question of the three-year-long period is to manage to crystallise the big social changes which take place and which aim at making you reconsider some parts of your professional life. Make sure you see the shift you are called upon to make soon so as to avoid difficult and unpleasant situations in the existing working environment. You have the opportunity to start preparing something which bears your personal stamp. This means that you must invest time and be consistent with the new facts. You must also avoid giving promises you cannot keep because there are judges near you who do not joke. Your own health is one of them. It will ring the bell unless you understand that you swim carelessly right by jagged rocks. 



Saturn in Capricorn for three years seems to have a big influence on your perspective, which you are called upon to maintain, about social events and the way this perspective affects your interpersonal relationships with friends. On the superficial level, it seems that it is the right moment to change the structure of your relationships with friends even by putting an end to long-lasting friendships which cannot move on. Perhaps you take on a new role in your circle of friends and you try to be the reasonable person who also transforms others even though you are not always successful.

In a wider context, Saturn in Capricorn will make you more sceptic about society because you must monitor its course and values; it is something that might make you unhappy. If you see society turning to conservative situations and you realise that the establishment reigns, the next three years will trouble you a lot and will make you think whether this society suits you or not, thus you seek to move somewhere else.

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