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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

Starting from scratch

It seems that 2018 is the year which introduces you to a three-year-long period that will finish in 2020 and will take your life a step farther. During the first year of this period, you learn to speak through the voice of feelings because Jupiter in Scorpio will awaken hidden or suppressed feelings. On the amorous level, your existing relationship will go through rough times unless it is truthful because it is very likely that a third person shows up who tests its endurance. If your relationship has been tried then it is time you committed to something even more stable which might translate into having a family. What you really need though is to find a vision for the years to come so anything that reminds of compromise will suffer this year.

On the professional level, you will try to work alone and take distance from colleagues and partners whom you consider more as a burden than a support to your plans. Your need to be in charge of situations might even be a request and as a result, you might face a big career challenge in summer which will lead you to new lands. Perhaps you feel like a stranger and unsupported but only through this process will you manage to be at the helm of your life. 


Jupiter in the friendly sign of Scorpio until November 8 will help you bring to the surface some pieces of your heart without fearing of being robbed of them, or being rejected, or being trapped in deadlocks. What matters is that you express yourself truly without making choices which will make it hard on you, or haunt you, or function like people who put up obstacles on your way. If you are in a relationship, having a child starts coming into  being because your need to give birth to something which bears your stamp is big. If you have children, you had better prepare yourself for a change of role towards them. Perhaps your role must be mostly consultative and supportive in face of their emotional needs.

On the professional level, you had better understand that a three-year-long period begins when you plant a seed, a plan, or an effort with your own DNA in it so that it turns into a healthy tree. Perhaps this means that you start dealing with a subject which only a few know about even if it does not pay you for the time being; the purpose is to become the story of your life in the coming three years. If you continue working on your specialisation, it is time you asked for a more special role because you realise that your view on things changes.

Jupiter in Scorpio will give birth to feelings and dynamics which you did not experience in the past so you had better be prepared to take off a mask which obstructs your real image. Mainly during summertime, you had better avoid the sound of the Sirens, namely any easy solutions or temporary pleasures. You should try to lay the foundations for a life edifice which you have started building. If this means that you must bid some people farewell whom you were used to having around, make sure you realise that every new birth goes hand-in-hand with the death of something old.


Saturn in Capricorn in 2018 has an influence mostly on representatives born on the first decanate of the sign through harsh and painful realisations. You will feel a kind of pressure in your interpersonal relations and you might have to deal with feelings you do not have or you do not express, or with partners who cannot meet your needs and requirements. Perhaps you also start realising that you or your partner grow older and this is a ringing bell for your relationship which should change level although not both sides are aware of the situation. In any case, there will be moments of decisions on the personal level which walk a tightrope filled with memories and remembrances from a period which left scars or question marks; they can be answered in the coming period though.

On the professional level, it is likely that you go through a rough time at the existing job due to colleagues and bosses who change their attitude towards you. Perhaps you are demoted or you must seek a second job because the current position does not meet your financial needs. On the other hand, you must understand that you are in a period of your life when you must believe your role can change by, first and foremost, having faith in yourself. Perhaps this means that you leave a working environment with the purpose of setting up your own career. You need not necessarily do so through a partnership but mostly thanks to your talents and the lessons you have taken; they can start recounting your story. If you plan something like this, lay the foundations in spring 2018 so as to launch it after summer of the same year.


The first set of eclipses begins on January 31 with the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo which has an influence mostly on your finances or issues related to your self-esteem. Perhaps you must deal with new facts at work; with propositions which seem to change your financial status and which call upon you to prove whether you dare take risks or not. You are more stressed if there is somebody before you whom you do not know or you have not confronted until today; some things are proposed which sound exquisite but you are not certain about their truthfulness. The thought that you are involved in adventures which might result in losses perhaps grows bigger. You will gradually realise that you need the help of somebody who knows that even if you risk, you will not lose everything. The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15 will reveal that the other person’s influence on your life is big mainly due to a shocking behaviour on their behalf. On the financial level, you seem ready to accept an offer which is outside your usual frame. It is stressful but also intriguing so as to go after it. On the personal level, it seems that sex is very important in a relationship which tests its endurance or tries to find out who is at the helm. Sexual chemistry is the secret to decide upon the next step. Unless there is any, connection seems impossible.

The second set of eclipses seems to burden you with even more weight on your shoulders because it consists of the first eclipse too in the axis of your sign. The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 has an influence mostly on representatives born at the end of the second and at the beginning of the third decanate. It seems that it reminds you that unless you are at the helm of your life, you let external factors decide for you. Your personal life can enter a new phase because you seem ready to start a new relationship or make the existing one official whilst keeping in mind that your heart dictates the next steps. This eclipse sets the rhythm for the next three years. It is not a soft and indifferent tune; it comes from the bottom of your soul and leaves your stamp on whatever you do. You need to reconcile with yourself so you make thoughts about changing your status that you will turn into action later in a way which means that you start a new life or that you surrender to your current situation. The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 will be an opportunity to hear the other side’s opinion regarding your ideas or moves, or to react to somebody who is important in your life. Perhaps you are ready to get rid of something which helps you live so you must inform your better half too. Perhaps there are upcoming developments since some people will decide to step off the vehicle you drive; thus there are empty seats for new people. At the Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11, you will feel unstable with what you possess or know, and in situations which define your self-esteem. It is high time you redefined the merit of people and things in your life, and you decided whether you are willing to invest in new ones. Your answer to the other side’s complaints must be sure and confident because you must feel ready to second your dreams. A new professional or amorous beginning should be accompanied by hope and dreams and leave behind poisoning insecurities or dilemmas.

North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius until November 6. It signals that you are about to radically pass over your life values in review. You always need to feel safe so you will start to raise your personal merit by selling your knowledge, skills and abilities dearly. You seem to be ready to believe in yourself and escape an uncertain professional environment which in reality imprisons your uniqueness. On the amorous level, you will want to express yourself bluntly and without insecurity about your feelings. As a result, you are very close to being in a relationship which fills your heart and not one which starts off with obstacles and deadlocks.

The North Node ethers your sign on November 6 and a two-year-long period of great significance begins during which you will completely change your life. You will have the opportunity to let go of people who have nothing more to offer. At the same time, you will lose people whom you did not expect to lose yet. You will assume big roles for which you also need your better half by your side. The latter should not bear the image of a boss or parent or tyrant above your head. This story will gradually evolve in 2019.

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