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Annual Predictions 2018
by signingstar

In conflict with yourself to reinvent yourself

2018 is a year which will define your life. You are in the limelight and must reach important decisions without avoiding responsibilities. With Jupiter in your sign and the eclipses in the axis of Leo/Aquarius (mostly) you will be called upon to shoulder new roles with demands and karmic missions which you cannot easily escape even if you look sideways. Compromising with what you have attained or acquired is a choice which will lose its dynamic during the year. You are not unaffected by the excitement to do something which touches your heart.

Mars will go retrograde between June 26 and August 27. It will be a very difficult period for you but you will have a new identity by the end of the month. Make sure it reads the name to which you answer otherwise you will resemble somebody who put on old-fashioned clothes in a society which is about to enter a new stage of development.


Jupiter will be in your sign until November 8 and signals a ten-month-period when you have the opportunity to broaden your living space and believe in a better future. You have the opportunity to take a leap on the professional level mainly by improving your finances which is a very serious topic for you. It is possible that you get a pay rise or that you are transferred to a job position with higher salary; these changes had better take place before May 2018. If the timeframe is too tight, take advantage of summer because following September you have the opportunity to make a move which will improve facts in your life.

On the personal level, you had better remember that you have the opportunity to evolve your relationship either by planning to live together or having children. Perhaps you must look for a new house and this effort will be more intense during summer. Thus arm yourself with patience and endurance otherwise you might make hasty decisions which will not be completely satisfactory. Perhaps new amorous interests come up which are not as simple as they look because past is present in the life of both of you. If you invest in something like this, remember that you might have troubles dealing with the situation in summer. It will be a terrifying balance which may consist of several changes and unexpected coincidences.

2018 seems to boost your self-confidence and push you to dominate over big challenges so long as you can handle conflicts. Remember that in these conflicts, what matters is not to make a good impression and target easy profits; you should rather recognise the trophy which will come towards the end of the year.


Saturn in Capricorn, your 3rd Solar house, throughout 2018 is a strong indication that you are called upon to change the way you communicate and that you have a new role which forces you to change the vocabulary you use. Your role within a broader social circle might be tried because you must be that somebody who offers safety and trust to people who test their endurance in new situations. Perhaps you become a mentor and you are called upon to construct others’ way of thinking in a way which does not block their ideas and thoughts; you simply need to reinforce their worldview. This mission might be more intense shall it be implemented with relatives or shall you guide siblings or cousins who have lost their pace and seek a compass or light in the tunnel.

As far as education is concerned, it is high time you used the knowledge you acquired and you stepped in the direction of reaching your goal. You must first communicate what you keep in mind and try to explain your new capacity. If you must make some extra steps to finish this effort, make sure you dare ask it even if this action means that you will confront close-to-you people; even if this means that you dare demand something more than what others are used to hear from you. If your main goal is to move up the ladder, perhaps you must start going on business trips to open a communication channel with people who will be extremely useful to the plans you intend to put on paper.


The first eclipse is the Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on January 31 which mostly affects representatives born at the beginning of the second decanate with issues related to the axis of private life/public life. A professional or personal challenge seems to set changes and developments in motion; you are called upon to express yourself and claim something better. You must deal with your personality though and not fight with the other side. If you think there is somebody near you who can fulfil your emotional needs and creative inclinations, stop playing hide-and-seek with them and make sure you say what is on your mind and what you feel without misunderstandings and frictions. If you think this situation closes in upon you, you do not need more reasons to think that it is time you left. At the Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February 15, you are called upon to dare make a move which changes the rules of the game and might stake everything on the throw of a dice. If you keep your cool, it seems that a family or professional move takes you out of your comfort zone and you are called upon to react. At the current juncture, multiple choices in your life will upset you so try to wisely manage your endurance; you must focus on what is essential and not on situations which simply consume your time and feelings.

The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 13 seems to open the dancing of revelations regarding the next step in your life which will come only if you close a door which has been open for too long. You are called upon to deal with the way you will fulfil your dreams and the course you will follow so as to avoid head-on collision. What matters is that you can see the horizon beyond any obstacles. Leaving seems to be an easy solution and a shortcut but you must return and hold an unfinished discussion after summer. The Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on July 27 seems to force you to look back and makes you doubtful about your next step because you leave behind parts of yourself which you cannot forget. Your contact with your parents or with somebody with whom you must discuss the way you will move on are two signs that you have not yet finished; you cannot believe though that others will come up with the solution. If you have a big dilemma at the current juncture, beware of the tracks you leave behind because one can easily recognise you even in the dark. The last eclipse of the year takes place on August 11 at 18 degrees Leo and seems to shed light to everything you went through in the last month but it also points to the way of personal pleasure and satisfaction. Make sure you accept you are somebody who is called upon to leave their stamp on what they decide to do, that you make a choice of which you do not think twice or are ashamed, and that you can claim your share of happiness so long as you are yourself. You have the opportunity to smile only if you stop having dilemmas and enjoy temporary pleasures. You should invest in somebody or an occupation field that express your heart only. 

North Node

The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius respectively until November 6. It signals a twelve-month-long period during which you will feel you fulfil karmic missions in view of your ability to bring to light something with your personal stamp on. Your main goal is to come to the top. This could be achieved through professional recognition but you will go through hell and a lot of tension. You must stump not necessarily with others so as to claim the glory or the throne but mostly with yourself and the inspiration you can give to people around you when you are the leader and manager. You will have to work out in the light and not behind closed curtains. It is a big personal stake for you because you will be exposed before people who can criticise you. On the personal level, perhaps you shake the foundations of a relationship, which does not make you happy, and you follow a new path according to your heart; you must also second your choice before people who look at you suspiciously. In 2018, you will learn that you are in a mission to shine in whatever you decide to do. Hence, press any reservations and insecurities into the foreground. No matter what you decide, unless you feel fine with your decision, your surroundings will notice mainly in summer. So you will have to either correct your choice or quit, and admit you were wrong. In both cases, avoid compromise.

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