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Full Moon 28/6/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 6 degrees Capricorn on 28 June in conjunction with Saturn and in absolute quincunx with the North Node in Leo seems to highlight the battle between the old and the new, the conflict between law and the heart’s desire.

This Full Moon influences mostly the signs/ascendants born on the first decanate of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) who are called upon to take a break in a six-month-course and examine in which direction they go. It is probably the right moment to set the course straight and to check whether there is flexibility or it has been lost in an effort to achieve the goal. You likely feel that you move on without any real support by your side and that you abide by laws and rules which you would not acknowledge under other circumstances.

This Full Moon will also screen out some relationships that are tried and must decide whether they can move forward or not. A head-on confrontation is very possible because differences will surface which should finally be discussed. The parallel course of two people in a relationship which has burned many bridges between themselves leads to an impasse. It is something one should explain though before the result is two different courses which will soon cease to move in the same direction.



The Full Moon at the highest point of your chart in conjunction with Saturn is the first big trial of the last six months during which you were called upon to test your endurance in view of new facts on the professional or family level. A new role you have assumed has perhaps made you confront authority figures and has made you ask yourself whether there is any point in struggling or you should step back. A new situation on the family front seems to test your confidence in close people. Finally, a relationship which has survived or must survive in time should also overcome the challenge of possible new acquaintances that could take place in your life and could set it on fire.



The Capricorn Full Moon seems to bring a period of your life to a close and you must take distance from people who are part of the past. This means, of course, that it is time you changed your way of thinking and you tried to approach new people who can mobilise you to live with a new world view. Perhaps you start living together in a new house and you must get to know your surroundings. You wish to add new people to your life in an effort to close the chapter you leave behind. The question is not to leave any unfinished business related to time and legal affairs so as not to take them with you at your new beginning.



The Capricorn Full Moon is perhaps a difficult moment for you because it tests your relationship and might bring to the surface obsessions which are extremely harsh at the current juncture. Your contact with the better half seems conventional and predictable, thus you ask yourself whether the chemistry between yourselves is gone. Sexual satisfaction is a big question and perhaps you feel like taking distance from this person in your life. On the financial level, you must pay attention to new facts because it is very likely that things are too tight and you must afford obligations which you cannot easily cover at the current juncture.



The Full Moon in conjunction with Saturn opposite you is a moment when you realise some things regarding your interpersonal relationships. There are obviously reasons why to be angry at people before you and blame them for what bothers you. You will obviously find occasions to confront colleagues and criticise their choices and potential. It is certain that a small false step from your partner will be a huge issue for dispute between yourselves. However, is it maybe time you turned against your mirror which reflects somebody who is not at all related to how you feel inside? Should you perhaps go against the choices you made some months ago and which you now realise were hasty and wrong?



The difficult Capricorn Full Moon seems to test your endurance in pressure and pain because it is necessary to highlight that you need not go too far and endanger yourself. If you are about to have a head-on confrontation on the professional level, you had better know who your opponents are and be able to recognise whether you go against a current which is stronger than you. If you feel extremely tired and you need to rest, make sure you find time to escape so as to see things clearly. With regards to your health, seek more solutions regarding a problem you have so as to avoid a hasty decision.



The intense Capricorn Full Moon is perhaps your opportunity to resolve issues of your personal life and take decisions which you can second in the future honestly and consistently. It is time an uncertain relationship was clarified and commitment was made for the next step. Perhaps you realise that there is no chemistry and magic in this relationship, thus you know it is time you asked yourself whether you are willing to compromise or end something which pesters you. On the professional level, find the right partnership which will help you implement your dreams as they should not remain on paper.



The difficult Capricorn Full Moon seems to change the facts in your family or at home since it is time you bravely dealt with dysfunctions. Perhaps you are scared of some news you hear because they seem to put an end to a situation which you were used to maintaining in your life. This indicates that you stand before the end of a cycle and it is time you were courageous about the next step. You must redefine living together with somebody and new roles must be assumed in this pattern which is obviously not comfortable anymore. If there are problems with your parents, bear in mind that you need to be patient and strong to deal with them as they might last long.



The dynamic Capricorn Full Moon is your opportunity to prove the power of your mind through statements which can scare people of your close environment. You would like to properly screen out your environment and get rid of people and situations that weigh down on your shoulders. You will want to retire into yourself and be calm but it is not that easy because some people, who are not willing to take distance without explanations, might follow you. Do not try to scare your surroundings so that they disappear. Just explain what it is you are afraid of and you try to avoid.



The Capricorn Full Moon might influence your finances and make you admit that your wallet is under pressure which you cannot ignore. Perhaps you must change some holiday plans and a trip because you try to put your financial obligations in order. On the personal level, you had better lower the tone of your voice, not exaggerate and make sure you listen to what the other side has to say. It is the right period to step back and see whether you give space to people near you.



The difficult and important Full Moon in your sign in conjunction with Saturn signals a moment when you are called upon to decide whether you go with the flow or you resist. You will be stubborn and you will stand up so as to state that you can deal with what has taken place and has probably worn you out. On the other side, perhaps you realise that you cannot be in control of situations and that it is almost improbable that you are always the winner. Learn how to love the scars of your defeats because they are the traces in a long course towards the peak.



The difficult Capricorn Full Moon will make you deal with burdens which you drag along but you refuse to acknowledge or with unfinished business which you manage to remove from your field of vision. However they come back at some point and you must cope with them. Perhaps you must invest more time in tiring issues, you must follow orders which you successfully avoid for some time now, or you might have to confront authority figures or the law. This Full Moon reminds you that there are boundaries you cannot overcome or ignore even if this makes you angry.



The Capricorn Full Moon might bring to the fore some conflicts with friends and might force you to admit that you have made some choices which do not lead you in the direction you had in mind. You are likely under pressure on the financial level and you might have to keep your head down and abide by others’ orders in a social environment that does not suit you and forces you into an unfulfilling life pattern. Thus you look for fresh air. The question is whether it is time you grew up instead of seeking the way out from a side of yourself which you refuse to acknowledge.

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