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Moon's Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn
by signingstar

The axis of the Moon’s Nodes enters the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node enters Cancer and the South Node enters Capricorn) on 6 November 2018 and leaves it on 5 May 2020. 

The Moon’s Nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn influence the representatives of the cardinal signs/ascendants (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) through realisations in the fields of family and career. There is a general sense of intense quest about the meaning of the past, people’s roots and the security which family provides. Emotional intelligence might be a huge weapon in the hands of people who are emotionally intelligent and who wish to build upon careers which consist of their biggest dreams.

This period of time seems to lead to the destruction of certain edifices which were built on barren land, which are after materialistic profit and which will stick at nothing. It is time people, whose souls speak the same language without uttering a word, were united because the compass of happiness points in the direction of the heart and not necessarily of the mind.



The North Node in Cancer signals a period during which you must be courageous to cope with and clarify some issues regarding your home and family. You will have to get in touch with the feelings of people at home and you might have to spend time with a parent which means that childhood memories will surface. Perhaps you must focus on having a family or improving the climate in your existing one by moving out because of the increase of its members. The South Node in Capricorn means that whenever you are under pressure at home, you can breathe fresh air at work. Remember that deadlocks at work are not necessarily handled with more work or a professional transfer. You may find answers and tools through your relationship, your home, or your family even though it does not sound rather feasible at first.

In a nutshell, it is time you took root or you cultivated the land on which you have built your family. Your soul seeks to be fed and it will not be satisfied with the temptation of a professional achievement.



The North Node in Cancer seems to point at your need to shape a safe living environment in the land where you choose to settle. You will have the opportunity to meet neighbours, to have a common code of communication and to be trained in a new vocabulary which is necessary so as to understand your surroundings. Perhaps you must be educated again in a system which reminds you of your childhood and as a result, you recall past memories and you enrich the pictures in your brain with more optimistic versions. The South Node in Capricorn invites you to set sail for another land, to launch a new career somewhere far and to invest in education which bears financial rewards. Truth be told, your soul needs to take root and not leave somewhere far. Thus every time you think of taking distance from your present, you are called upon to remember that there was once a past which you loved and you cannot let it fade away like a joyless memory.

In a nutshell, try and give shape to the environment you seek in the current land. The opportunity to find a prepared environment somewhere far away is there but it will never cover your need for the family you wish to revive.



The North Node in Cancer signals a period during which you will be called upon to find your feet so as to improve your financial situation. Perhaps you must work on yourself and try to implement an idea which could benefit your account without relying on collaborations. Perhaps there is a collaboration which you cannot ignore since it is related to an inheritance by your close people which you are called upon to make known and expand. It is probably the right moment to bring your talent to the surface and show off. The South Node in Capricorn indicates that the other side should support you on this professional attempt discreetly and assertively. Perhaps people take distance from you and make room so that you shape your safe living environment with your own hands. Perhaps you realise that some people in your life raise boundaries which prevent you and disturb you. Dare to be yourself, no matter how scary it might sound, and you will find out that every ending signals more than one beginnings.

In a nutshell, you should listen to and try to embrace yourself because you need care and to make your abilities known not necessarily through the professional field.



The North Node in your sign signals a period during which you have the opportunity to make steps of progress in your life. First of all, you are called upon to give shape to the emotional environment which offers you security which means that you must choose whom you really wish to be by your side. Thus you take on the responsibility to talk to your partner or somebody with whom there is attraction between yourselves so as to set developments in motion. Perhaps you decide to make the next step in your life by having a family or setting up a professional career which is based on your initiative and not on your participation in a professional environment which has ceased to intrigue you. The South Node in Capricorn indicates that it is time you stopped hiding behind people and situations that are at the helm of developments because you do not manage to express yourself this way. Perhaps a professional cycle comes to an end so as to shed more light to your personal life which is likely to create a bigger degree of security in your life.

In a nutshell, it is time you stopped hiding your real needs behind ambitious plans which, in reality, are the karmic remains of the life of others whom you think you should pay off.



The North Node in Cancer seems to invite you to be a team member and to function according to common good and not necessarily based on material and psychological rewards for yourself. You are called upon to share with others what you have gained lately as you can offer pleasure and security to your surroundings, to groups in need and to yourself, of course, because you feel useful to society. Perhaps it is time you set the question of having a family as a priority and leave intense professional efforts by the wayside. The South Node in Capricorn, after all, indicates that there are sides of a daily routine which you must complete with concentration and dedication. Remember that you should not go too far and you should not try and fix everything around you because you are not obliged to put everything and everybody in order.

In a nutshell, you should believe in the dreams of your heart and soul more and leave more materialistic and tangible aspirations by the wayside. You will realise that fulfilment often comes from paths which you did not think would lead to a glade.



The North Node in Cancer seems to set the field of team activity in motion and challenge you to participate in actions with friends and people with whom you share the same way of thinking. You have the opportunity to be among people who could open up a new pathway of life perspective and who make you feel like participating in actions which would not be considered professional or compulsory. It is also likely that your need to expand your living space awakens which could even mean that you form a relationship and have a child. At the same time, the South Node in Capricorn reminds you that you have the tools to set your life in order and to choose people and jobs that cover your needs. Bear in mind, though, that there are unconscious needs which call upon you to pay attention to them.

In a nutshell, you should consider your life through human relations and not through achievements which sum up belongings and material goods.



The North Node in Cancer signals a period during which you are called upon to discover security and inner fulfilment through your career. It is likely that you move on with a professional transfer which could even look like a turn in your career because you find out a new fulfilling occupation. Perhaps you must try hard to fit in a new professional role which expresses your conscious effort to feel at home in your working environment. The South Node in Capricorn means that it is time you coped with a situation at home and you dealt with decisions which affect your relationship with courage. If you feel oppressed in it, then you do not feel internal fulfilment and security. Perhaps it is related to your role in your relationship or family since you are not as glamorous as you would like to radiate. Perhaps you are confronted with remains of your parental models with which you must deal courageously and without hiding behind others’ responsibilities. If they exist, they are only shadows of your own mistakes.

In a nutshell, it is time you came out of the shadow which others cast over you. It is time you dared to speak about the needs of your heart and soul even if this is translated into a conflict with foundations which you struggled to lay.



The North Node in Cancer is perhaps a strong indication that you will succeed in feeling internal fulfilment even if you decide to build your new home far from your birth land. Perhaps you decide to have a family far from your home country and you move out to a land where you think you can feel fulfilled. Perhaps you invest in an educational system that you discover abroad; it should be a country, though, which covers your need to take root shall it be necessary. The South Node in Capricorn is a good opportunity to get courage and strength from relatives in an effort to make a new beginning somewhere far. If you sometimes balk at this journey, remember that you have stopped speaking the same language with your surroundings for some time now so as to grow courage for the big moving out.

In a nutshell, it is time you spread your wings and you dared to speak of your deepest needs even if they signal the alienation of people who were used to having you by their side.



The North Node in Cancer signals a period during which you will be called upon to prove that you can share deep feelings with the people you have chosen to be in your life. You will have to work hard for your relationship and to prove that you acknowledge this person in your life. You will meet some people who could be your ideal better half so long as you are willing to express your sentimental world which you hide so dexterously. The South Node in Capricorn means that it is time you came out of your comfort zone and you stopped operating only with reason. Make sure you properly screen out your finances and get rid of some hobbies which only reduce your personal profit without adding to your income.

In a nutshell, it is time you invested in feelings and not only matter. It is a difficult thought so you had better make it true with the help of others.



The North Node in Cancer indicates that it is time you became softer and you proved you are a deeply emotional person. This will not take place in no time, of course, because you must first get rid of the mask which makes you look invincible and invulnerable. You must, therefore, hand over the keys to your vehicle to somebody else whom you should trust as the driver, whom you should prove you consider an equal member of the relationship, and for whom you have feelings which you need not hide. The South Node in your sign indicates that you still have the weapons to be at the helm whenever you feel like losing track. In such occasions, you must think that to drive is not an end in itself but a method to align the course of your life which should also fall in the hands of the other side.

In a nutshell, it is time you consciously trusted and let the other side show you the safety of being the co-driver in a direction full of surprises.



The North Node in Cancer seems to force you to cope with daily routine issues so as to shape a living environment with a specific flow. You will have to insist on working in an environment which makes you feel safe even if this means that you must closely deal with your relations with colleagues and collaborators. Perhaps you must lower your ego and try to equally operate in groups that give room to the fruitful expression of opposition. At the same time, the South Node in Capricorn will give you the opportunity to use your qualities as a leader in the working space without being harsh and dynamic before people and groups in seek of equality. Furthermore, make sure you get rid of hobbies which consume your time and energy and that of your close people whom you cannot keep in distance.

In a nutshell, you should try and integrate an environment full-heartedly and you should stop alienating people who could be the members of a family with whom you do not share the same blood.



The North Node in Cancer signals a period in your life when you have the opportunity to give birth to something that will give meaning to it. If it is related to your personal life, there is somebody beside you or you find that somebody who awakens your desire to have a family through a relationship which gives rise to intense feelings. Perhaps your need to work in a field, which will help you create something which bears your stigma without the participation of many other people, will come to the fore. The South Node in Capricorn is a very good opportunity to screen out your friends and collaborators, and let yourself find time to cope with your personal life. Remember that you must maintain people with a bigger significance in your life as they can give you necessary advice. Do not get rid of everybody in favour of an acquaintance that changes everything in your life.

In a nutshell, you have the opportunity to find meaning for the next step through births which come naturally and not necessarily through the safety of participation in a working environment which turns into the establishment.

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