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Jupiter in Sagittarius
by signingstar

Jupiter will be in Sagittarius between 8 November 2018 and 2 December 2019 when it enters Capricorn. It will mostly influence the representatives of the fiery element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) as well as those of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces).

Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring a new wind of optimism and the opportunity to escape a stifling frame and living environment. Trips, education and opening to different people are some elements which could improve the climate in your life. Optimism returns and in combination with luck might open highways of glory to people who will risk and dare to flee misery and oppression.

At the same time, boundaries are broken down and as a result, there are also situations which result in hubris, that is visitation of God is possible. Big risks might result in big profits but also huge losses because with Jupiter in Sagittarius there seems to be no moderation in the life of people who are in a hurry to conquer every possible goal.



Jupiter in Sagittarius will help you escape the difficult and stifling environment of the last period. You have the opportunity to travel, to go on a trip you have in mind for some time now and to get in touch with people who may change your perspective about life. You can be in a place about which you have dreamt because if you stay in the existing environment, inner tension might rise. You might also have the chance to escape thanks to work because it is likely you must travel for professional reasons or for seminaries with the purpose of making the next step in your career. If you feel that pressure on the professional or personal level is insurmountable, you have the opportunity to find a way out somewhere far and to move out to a land which could be the beginning of your new life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius aims at convincing you that you can start from scratch in a way which proves that you burn a dead past. Do not fear to risk but at the same time, do not place some people among your memories because there is still future with them.



Jupiter in Sagittarius seems to set the field of your finances in action through collaborations and investments which can be beneficial for your life. If you succeeded in getting involved in collaborations and relationships which were put to the test and proved that can last long despite any adversities in the last twelve months, they could now prosper and produce gifts. One of them is the income from a job which is based on a certain collaboration so long as you know that there are obligations too. Beware of issues related to tax authorities and make sure you settle unfinished business because if you rely on good luck, you might feel threatened by certain financial situations. Furthermore, try and have a clear collaboration so that one does not overstep on another, otherwise there might be conflicts. On the personal level, you have the opportunity to make the next step in your relationship even by having a child so long as you are aware that this might change the balance.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you are called upon to realise that sometimes fortune favours the brave, while some others overconfidence might result in material or emotional bankruptcy. Make sure you are prudent with the momentary opportunity and you will get the best of it.



Jupiter in Sagittarius seems to breathe new life in your life over the next twelve months because you get the opportunity to make a new beginning on the personal or professional level. A relationship which were put to the test will move on and might even result in marriage because a child is born. A new acquaintance may bring about new opportunities to your life and give a boost to your morale following a trial period in the area of your relationships. If you are in a relationship that does not work, you had better put an end to it because, with the help of Jupiter, it can be a friendly break up. On the professional level, it is possible that you have a collaboration abroad or move out to a foreign land so as to broaden your field of vision. You can rely on the opportunity that comes along so long as you remember that this challenge might not last for long. It might simply be the means to pursue the next professional challenge which could take root.

Jupiter in Sagittarius brings luck back to your life shall you consider you had lost it lately. This does not mean that you can risk in every area of your life all the time. You can simply open a door before you which might lead to a situation far from the tiring repetitive daily life.



Jupiter in Sagittarius signals a period of developments in the area of your daily routine always in relation to work and health. On the professional level, you will have to cope with certain challenges that seem to change the facts of daily routine. A new proposal might transfer you to a new land and might put your flexibility to the test regarding schedules, journeys or even a change of country. Perhaps you find yourself in a working environment which opens up and expands to new cultures and behaviours. As a result, you must be trained so as to be able to communicate with your surroundings. You will also be called upon to deal with your health because you must attune your endurance to the demands of daily routine. Perhaps this indicates that you will take up a new work-out programme or that you will change your nutritional habits so that they respond to the demands of your life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will improve the work environment of your life but it will also put your ability to get rid of everything old and outdated to the test. If you add too many activities to your life, remember that your body will rebel and you will have to pay attention before you accept any challenges.



Jupiter in Sagittarius is a boost for your life because you get the opportunity to make it happier. Following a period when you struggled to lay new foundations and when you had to fight with your own self, it is time you expressed your heart’s feelings without the fear of being robbed. An amorous relationship may blossom even more and something beautiful might be born. If you are single, you have the opportunity to make acquaintances which change your mood and which make you believe that you can still fall in love and feel loved. On the professional level, you have the chance to work on something which gives you joy and pleasure and to focus on a field which turns your daily routine into a pleasant trip. You can develop your talents and be rewarded for them, and you might discover a new occupation which could be your official job in about two years from today.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to break free from limitations because you realise that you are not alone in it. Remember that you cannot keep on looking back while you take decisive steps to the future.



Jupiter in Sagittarius signals an opportunity to do some changes at home which make you feel that huge steps of expansion and growth take place. You could perhaps move out and look for a new place of residence which gives you more vital space but also helps you find your childish carefree life time and again by comparing it with past memories. Perhaps there is a house which you are called upon to renovate and improve or you purchase one which is like a dream come true. Perhaps your family grows and you seek a bigger space where to feel more comfortable. Thus you look in directions much further than your current location. On the professional level, you have the opportunity to expand your work so long as family members support you. If you are unemployed, you can turn to close people for help as certain acquaintances might be activated and contribute.

Jupiter in Sagittarius seems to call upon you to take distance from your familiar environment and move somewhere far. Perhaps you feel you are uprooted but at the same time, you feel relieved because you take distance from a stifling environment.



Jupiter in Sagittarius is a good opportunity to go back to school and be trained in a new subject which could be the base for your professional growth. Be a pupil who learns the foundations of the new subject like if you come to touch with an exciting reality. Feel like if you learn a new language which will bring you in touch with people you do not know and as a result, you can take distance from the existing limiting environment. Perhaps you move somewhere far where you think you can build your new living space and where you will have to reintroduce yourself to people who expect you to recount your story.

Jupiter in Sagittarius arms you with a new language which you can use to reintroduce yourself to people you meet for the first time or which you may use in your effort to set up your career time and again. Pick the occasion and feel thirsty for knowledge.



Jupiter in Sagittarius feels like the opportunity to redeem the moves of the last twelve-month period when Jupiter was in your sign. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you have the chance to improve your finances mainly by increasing your remuneration at work or by assuming one more job post. If there is an increase in your income, you should maybe consider investing it somewhere abroad even if this means that you think about buying a house in a foreign country. If you are interested in getting rid of useless objects, dare to sell them because it is very likely that you earn money when you least expected it. On the personal level, you must beware not to be too arrogant and selfish, otherwise you might cause rifts in a relationship which you struggled to keep alive.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, your finances are favoured so long as you do not reach the point of hubris and use illegal ways to make more money.



Jupiter in your sign for almost twelve months is a boost to your mood because it seems to bring about opportunities to find a new meaning in your life. You can make a new beginning in your personal life through an acquaintance which is different to the ones you have had lately. Perhaps you choose to give a professional challenge a try which takes you far from your existing environment, possibly even to a new country. If this challenge is combined with studies, perhaps you have found the gift you were looking for so as to start anew. If you seek the way to end a relationship which lays heavy on your shoulders, Jupiter will be your ally in your attempt to take favourable decisions without necessarily putting an end to human contact with the person with whom you break up.

Jupiter in your sign gives you the opportunity to expand further than your existing frame. Make sure, though, you understand that boundaries are not abolished otherwise you might be arrogant and be punished next year when many planets are in Capricorn.



Jupiter in Sagittarius for almost twelve months prepares you mentally and psychologically so as to give a new meaning to your life as from 2020. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you will have to dive into yourself and find dreams and goals which were buried in the past since you did not dare to process them. It will be extremely useful to get in touch with younger people so as to discover your childish innocence and see the thirst for life and optimism in their eyes. Perhaps you cope with a subject professionally which will bring you in touch with abroad and in cooperation with people who are more impulsive and impetuous than you are. Thus you will compare your vision about life among yourselves. It would be rather useful to go through a sort of psychoanalysis that will give you the opportunity or will request from you to offer without asking something in exchange so that you stop operating in a clearly material and technocratic way of thinking about life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius aims at bringing to the surface fertile parts of your soul and mind which you have suppressed with tones of responsibilities, obligations and guilt. If you manage to send light on these parts, a period begins as from 2020 when you can give shape to a living framework which fulfils you more than you expect at the current juncture.



Jupiter in Sagittarius for almost twelve months is a pleasant development for you because you have the opportunity to widen your social circle. Following a long period when you struggled to prove your worth on the professional level, when you had to fight to climb up in the hierarchy and when you had to shoulder weights incommensurate to your role, it is time you sought acknowledgement. Perhaps you are surrounded by more people who will be the team you will guide. Perhaps you get a professional transfer which could send you somewhere far. Perhaps you set up something of your own which consists of vision and ambition but should be framed by the appropriate human resources. On the personal level, you most likely decide to change your role in a relationship which does not move forwards even by having a child.

Jupiter in Sagittarius helps you come out of your shell and expand far from your existing circle of influence. Dare to speak a different language and to be involved with interesting people. Only then will you discover reasons to be more optimistic about the future.



Jupiter in Sagittarius for almost twelve months seems to whisper that the period of grace or preparation comes to a close and it is time you came out claiming your new role. On the professional level, it is time you dared to assume responsibilities and got a more prominent position. Perhaps you climb up the hierarchy and perhaps you must guide others. Remember, though, that you are also called upon to set some boundaries, otherwise you will waste your energy in many directions. A professional change, at the current juncture, might be a huge step for you because you must prove much bearing in mind that several eyes are on you and are about to criticise your slightest mistake. On the domestic level, your role will change and you must be ready to take on responsibilities which might seem pleasant but are also tricky. Make sure you are honest with your intentions in a relationship because the promises you will give must last in time although this is not necessarily easy.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will change your public image so that you understand that you cannot hide from your surroundings. You grow older and it is visible so you need not try and avoid the obligations you assume.

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