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New Moon 7/12/2018
by signingstar

The New Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 7 December in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces seems to influence the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces). They need or request to move from stagnant and repetitive situations.

The plan for a journey might seem like an extremely pleasant occasion to dream about your escape. You might also be troubled, though, because you have probably not checked the details. Try and be as clear as possible with the timeline because it is very likely that you must settle unfinished business which is hard to do.

Perhaps a proposal comes along which makes you wonder whether you can change the facts of your life or not. A new acquaintance or professional offer will intrigue your interest. They might indicate that you could take distance from today and focus on tomorrow from another perspective. The question is whether this offer is valid or you tend to idealise some parameters.



The Sagittarius New Moon might give you an unexpected present, which you are not obliged to know is destined to you, that can help you disengage from a difficult situation. An escape at the current juncture will help you leave behind some pestering thoughts. Perhaps you see some signs which make you idealise a situation and as a result, you are in danger of trusting somebody who does not necessarily mean what they say. It seems that you want to mind-travel so every chance you get to flee reality seems like a godsend gift.



The Sagittarius New Moon should reintroduce a bothering financial situation. You will have to be honest with somebody with whom your cooperation should be based on new grounds even if this could change your relationship. On the amorous level, you had better focus on your current situation instead of living for a future which you will unlikely conquer in the coming period.



The New Moon opposite you might ignite topics in which somebody else is also involved. Thus there is a dynamic balance in your life. It is likely that you are at a juncture when a lot is expected from you and you are called upon to deal with many things at the same time. Hence you must speed up. This could also indicate hastiness, though, which means that mistakes and quarrels are also possible. If you launch more than you can handle, beware not to miss some important details or to idealise situations which are not exactly what you imagine.



The Sagittarius New Moon might increase the volume of daily work and make you lose sense of time at times. You must beware, though, that you might forget about other parts of your life because you are at a juncture when you seek to improve your personal life. Try to set priorities because you might start up things which you might not be able to complete within the specific timeframe. Another question of the current juncture is your health and your need to look after yourself. Plan your daily schedule anew because there might be activities which are more exhausting than you can handle.



The Sagittarius New Moon makes you realise something about your personal life. You are called upon to clarify whether you choose to live with unrealistic plans which exist only in your head or you choose to follow a harsh reality. You must make some choices which might also indicate the end of a cycle of compromises so as to look at reality face-to-face. If you meet somebody who seems to disturb stagnant waters, it is probably time you upset things so as to see whether you are in a relationship which is in hibernation or has ended and both of you have not realised it yet.



The Sagittarius New Moon seems to invite you to take some internal decisions regarding a move you are called upon to make for which you are not sure yet. A period begins when you need to put the new facts to the test before you reach final conclusions. Thus make sure you plan your programme in the coming period in a way which helps you find the answers you look for. If you think about moving out, it is time you started realising this plan. There will be some details you have not thought about which might delay things, so you had better recognise them now.



The Sagittarius New Moon might be the beginning of a period during which you would like to be able to add new parameters to your life. You must be more realistic though regarding the time you can spend for each parameter. You must make sure you leave by the wayside people and occasions that simply waste your time and you must learn to trust your instinct. This way, you can save time and energy from pointless directions and plan a trip which you so much need.



The Sagittarius New Moon might bear positive news regarding your finances as it could signal the beginning of a period when your income is increased. Perhaps this raise is not permanent or is only a boost for your wallet so you should protect it from others’ invasions. Perhaps you decide to take risks and be bold so as to conquer something. In such a case, bear in mind that there lurks the danger of not having examined every parameter and you might leave things on luck.



The New Moon in your sign is a very good occasion to implement the plan on which you have been working for some time now and which you have not found the way to express. Perhaps your planning has not come to an end yet and some confusing details might be still pending. However, you might feel sure about the first step you have in mind. If this entails moving, try and realise in which direction to move. If you look for a house, explain your wishes to close people so as to avoid disagreements. If you express your need for a new professional challenge, be as clear as possible so as to resolve any questions of your surroundings.



The Sagittarius New Moon aims at showing you that it is better to act than to talk too much and give promises which you cannot necessarily keep. Perhaps you meet many people and this could be a trap since you may be exposed with the promises you give. You had better choose to observe than to take part in discussions which could entrap you. If you need to escape, try and delimit your available time because it is very likely that you miss this chance unless you can find the right dates.



The Sagittarius New Moon gets you involved in discussions and plans with friends and acquaintances regarding your professional plans. You will meet people with whom you share similar thoughts and this could bring along the opportunity for a collaboration. You should be careful though. You must set your boundaries regarding your participation in this team because it is easy to lose balance on the financial level. Perhaps a period begins with a lot of expenditure so make sure you have a clear budget otherwise you might easily lose all sense of proportion.



The Sagittarius New Moon introduces a period which will change the rhythms of your life. A professional change might be an excellent opportunity to bring to the surface another side of yourself that will make you rather popular in your circle. A new acquaintance at the current juncture seems to bring about intense developments in your amorous life and fill you with dreams. Finally, a journey, which could be a gift from somebody near you, could signal the beginning of the next step in your relationship. This could also entail the possibility of moving out.

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