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Full Moon 22/12/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 1 degree Cancer on 22 December seems to mobilise the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) in view of a two-year-long period which will change their lives.

The Full Moon might be very silent but it gives birth to internal screams in people who seek a way for the next step in their life. You will fight with somebody close not necessarily due to differences between yourselves but because they mirror the coward side of yourself. Perhaps you come in touch with somebody who overcame their insecurities and dared to break free. Thus you feel pretty jealous.

The Full Moon splits time in two: the past and the future. You are called upon to choose in which direction to go. The more you hesitate, the longer the ground on which you stand will split in half and threaten to swallow you.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to close the chapter of a year which seems pointless since it bothers you and limits you. It would be useful for you to take distance from a stifling environment even if this means that you must shut a door, the sound of which you cannot stand hearing. It is time you said goodbye to people and situations, and you were decisive for pretty exciting beginnings despite the responsibilities you are called upon to assume.



The Cancer Full Moon contributes to spending pleasant moments with relatives and to feeling safe following a year full of twists and turns. It would be an excellent choice to go on a trip someplace where you will meet beloved people during the holiday season. If you must make an announcement, make sure you have evaluated things properly and you can second some decisions which alienate people who used to take up a big part of your time and attention.



The Cancer Full Moon highlights that you must be careful with financial issues which might expose you unless you are in control. Perhaps you decide to spend money in favour of beautiful moments with your better half or you buy holiday gifts to people who stood by you throughout the year. Perhaps a new financial or professional agreement comes up which you will make official as from next year. This means that you look to the future with more optimism than usual.



The Full Moon in your sign prepares you for decisions which are related to moving out from the existing environment. It is time you decided whether you will leave your living environment behind and go after a dream which is also very challenging or not. Truth be told, you can sense the tremors so it is useless to try and convince your surroundings that your life is stable and calm. Things change and you are called upon to confirm either that you compromise with less or that you dare to break free even though you are scared.



The Cancer Full Moon might signify the closing credits in a situation which was pretty impossible and doubtful, and you are called upon to return to reality. You will have to listen to your inner voice and make choices which are against the wishes of your surroundings. Perhaps you must measure yourself against your deep unconscious dispositions and wishes, and fight against a side of yourself which operates in a way you cannot mind-control.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to be determinative regarding a personal issue which influences somebody else, too. The power of feelings in a relationship is put to the test because some steps must take place which prove that your role in it changes. Perhaps there are obstacles as long as you let the other side be in charge and as a result, it is time you made a move that would set developments in motion. You must be ready, of course, to cope with every possible reaction of the other side even if you do not like it.



The Cancer Full Moon might signal the end of an era regarding the professional area of your life and forces you to admit that it is time you ended a situation which probably does not fulfil you internally and financially. Perhaps it is time you admitted that you wish to change your role and perhaps you do so in a very obvious way. Perhaps you decide to stop doing a burdensome job and as a result, you make an announcement which might even influence your domestic environment.



The Cancer Full Moon seems like an explosion of your sentimental world in view of a reality which you cannot handle only with reason. You want to go on a trip with somebody who completes you and you cannot keep on tripping on obstacles which are smaller than they seem. You wish to dare to be someplace where you could find your next professional challenge by taking distance from a limiting environment. You want to lash out at people with whom you know you should have good relations because you cannot keep on pretending.



The Cancer Full Moon might make you worry about financial and domestic issues so as to grade your priorities somehow differently. You are called upon to show your interest in somebody in your innermost circle and stand by their decisions even if they are not close to yours. Perhaps this troubles you because you must deal with something stressful and scary. However, there is no harm in going back to an environment where there are people with whom you share the same DNA.



The Full Moon opposite you is perhaps a sign that a period begins when your life changes. You are called upon to stop living with shadows and being doubtful, to express your desires, and to experience your relationship from another perspective. You must stop living in your thoughts and you must use your words to paint pictures which respond to reality. Dare to talk to your better half and reveal what it is you are afraid of. You might anticipate an alienation which would condemn your relationship. Finally, stop punishing yourself on the professional level and be honest about your intentions.



The Cancer Full Moon highlights your daily routine with the purpose of improving it so as to stop living by a sick pattern. A disturbance at work might bring to the surface whatever is dysfunctional and susceptible of improvement and repair. Perhaps you have the opportunity to find somebody who can understand your inner needs and wishes and who might warn you about some moves you plan which could waste a lot of your money with no return.



The Cancer Full Moon is a good opportunity to see the full picture of your personal life. Perhaps you live in a parallel dimension which is related to what you really experience and to the thorn deep inside of which you cannot get rid. Whatever was not fulfilled and satisfied forces you to admit that there are remnants of a past which has scarred you. If you focus on today, you will see that there is somebody beside you who absorbs your stress and insecurities, and who makes you look happy again. Thus stop carrying haunting insecurities along.

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