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Solar eclipse 6/1/2019
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is an important moment for the life of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the second decanate.

You will be called upon to cope with a challenge which presents you with the prospect for a new life somewhere far from today. Perhaps you move out for professional reasons and you leave behind a safe and familiar environment in a way which might translate into a small death. Perhaps you break up and you are forced to move to a new land and restart your life. Perhaps you recognise signs of ageing on yourself or on people of your intimate environment, thus you realise that one generation passes the torch to another.

The main question is to invest in time, to lay solid foundations for every new beginning and to be willing to be honest about your dispositions and intentions. You cannot hide from your needs and compromise with less. At the same time, you must learn to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the right time and stop setting bigger and bigger goals by leading yourself to exhaustion. You see, you need a break.



The Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto seems to have an impact on the way you decide to develop your public image from now on. It seems that you are about to make a decision for a transition. You will either control it or you will let others be at the helm. You are at a crucial point when you are obliged or even violently forced to come to age by being deeply transformed internally. This means that you will lose people who are beside you but there is more room for something new to blossom which will consist of optimism and beauty.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse might indicate that you are at a crucial point of education and that you are called upon to absorb some difficult knowledge. Perhaps you are challenged in a specific field of education and you bump into obstacles which you will overcome only if you manage to see situations from another perspective. Perhaps the option to go abroad or in a direction which seemed like an opportunity closes and you find it hard to process. However, it is an excellent opportunity to choose the people you wish to have by your side from now on. Remember that shall there be any law-related issues, you will not handle them in a fast and easy way.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse might be a harsh moment for you because you most likely see the termination of a period, the end of an era. If there are elderly in your life, you might have to cope with the consequences of time as depicted on them; maybe even through health problems which you can hardly handle. Perhaps you are under pressure and you feel stressed regarding a financial settlement. Therefore you feel like suffocating in an environment you wish to leave behind.



The Solar eclipse opposite you sounds like a bell in a course which should finally come to a close. You cannot insist on being in an interpersonal relationship with no goals and concrete plan. This could be clear through the other side’s intentions. A break up at the moment could be harsh and painful but it will also teach you some things which you had better implement for the next step in your life. Perhaps you feel secure shall you commit at the current juncture but you also shoulder several responsibilities which you should weigh properly before you give your definitive answer.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse will make you deconstruct a daily routine which consists of actions that you think keep you alive and kicking but perhaps they bear the opposite results. It is time you paid attention to the signs which prove you live in a way that has an impact on your good mood or health. Perhaps work routine is not pleasant anymore and you are troubled as to whether you should broaden your prospects. It feels like a challenge, of course, and you are called upon to go somewhere far from your current environment. A journey, at the current juncture, might help you find answers to dilemmas so do not reject such a possibility.



It seems that the Capricorn Solar eclipse sets your personal life on another path. A relationship could become more stable through commitment which probably comes along with a pregnancy. This means that you move on to a decision which is not at all accidental. You are convinced that there is somebody beside you who will support you with all their power. If you are single, there will be opportunities to make a new acquaintance but make sure you are clear about the choice you will make. Are you looking for something ephemeral so as to overcome a difficult past or for something stable so as to ease uncertainty in your life?



The Capricorn Solar eclipse is a difficult moment in your life since you are called upon to handle the end of a cycle, which influences your life, with courage. Perhaps you must handle issues related to your parents, their health, or the fact that you take distance from the house in which you lived over the last years. Perhaps you must hold a harsh but honest dialogue with your better half regarding the future of your relationship because there are things you cannot accept. Make sure you take action to clarify unclear areas of your life and not complicate things more.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse could be an excellent opportunity to clarify a topic related to relatives so as to separate your position from their views and decisions. Perhaps you are harsher and more absolute than they can stand; perhaps you express views which decry wrongful situations; perhaps you set ultimatums. In reality, you seek solutions which you could not find all along. Remember that you might have opponents whom you cannot be sure you can handle. They know how to attack even when you invite them to walk on a minefield.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to change a situation which influences the financial area of your life. It is time you made the next step on the professional level which will have an impact on your remuneration. Thus you must redefine the way you manage your money. Beware not to be involved in illegal situations which means that you might have to go against laws of which you are unaware for the time being. Perhaps you decide to sell some useless objects but you had better properly estimate their merit.



The Solar eclipse in your sign, which mostly influences the representatives of the second decanate, indicates that you are about to change course. You are called upon to realise this as soon as possible. Perhaps you must cope with your health because it is necessary to make changes in your daily routine so as to bring balance between physical and mental endurance. Perhaps you realise you are alone in a relationship which has lost its feet and as a result, you will come out of your shell. A separation, at the current juncture, proves that you are called upon to change your role. Do not focus on the event as such. Try and read between the lines.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse is a difficult moment for you because you might cope with difficult events regarding health issues of the elderly. Perhaps you must support them or spend time with them by sacrificing personal time. Perhaps you must cope with your own health and discover that it is time you made some changes regarding your activities. Perhaps there is behind-the-scenes action at work and you are called upon to be courageous and bold about it. Bear in mind, though, that you might have to leave. In such a case, think that you might have the chance to deal with something of which you have dreamt for a long time but you simply always used to postpone.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse might force you to change some activities which contribute to your participation in a social group that is part of your life. Perhaps you give up some activities which are not suitable to your age or which are financially heavy on you. Thus you have more time to invest in something else. Perhaps your role in a group changes and you must make some talents known for the first time since you do not wish to come to a standstill. Finally, perhaps you quarrel with friends and you realise that a cycle of friendship comes to an end. However, you do not have any resentment about it.

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