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Lunar eclipse 21/1/2019
by signingstar

It seems that, with the Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January in marginal opposition to Mercury at last degrees Capricorn, a two-year-long period comes to a close during which important changes took place in the lives of the signs/ascendants of the stable axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius).

It is time some moves of reorientation took place regarding a course which was based on overestimated intentions of the heart or challenges. Perhaps you review your initial predictions and dispositions; perhaps you decide to listen to voices which talk about obstacles and dead-ends; perhaps you pay more attention to reality as it is and not as it was presented until today.

Perhaps you see reasons why you would like to take a break in a course which might seem faster than what you can achieve. You acknowledge your need to be safer than you initially thought. Perhaps you wish to awaken a situation which has been on autopilot; to disturb stagnant waters; to shake things up so as to test whether words, promises and situations of last summer are still valid.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to bring a two-year-long period to a close when you had the opportunity to find reasons to be optimistic about the future time and again. Perhaps you managed to bring to the surface your creative talents and you must now lay the foundations for a career change. Perhaps there were pleasant developments on the amorous level and you must now deal with the domestic area of your life so as to find balance with the new facts. Perhaps you must check whether you were too childish and you must go back to your real age.



The Leo Lunar eclipse is a loud signal pointing to the corrections you must make to your course regarding an area with which you dealt a lot over the last two years. A move out at the current juncture might indicate that you are ready to make important decisions about your personal life. A professional change seems to be the result of pressure you have been under which has cornered you. You had better beware of the way you communicate your intentions because you might be much louder than you really are.



The Leo Lunar eclipse might be a very good occasion to go on a trip that you need and leave by the wayside heavy responsibilities and obligations. The choice of people who will follow you is an important parameter because you had better avoid getting in touch with people with whom you cannot communicate. Make sure you are clear about your intentions because it seems that you have settled down when it comes to your choices and intentions. Otherwise if you go back now, it will look like a compromise with mediocrity.



The Leo Lunar eclipse signals the end of a period when you coped with financial issues and you entered a new phase in your life which will bear several changes and developments. You are called upon to express your intentions, to stop burying your head in the sand, and to dare to talk about the image you have regarding your life even if you must proceed with difficult break ups from today. In your effort, you might have to sacrifice some secure elements so as to discover happiness far from your familiar environment; it is the only way ahead of you.



With the Lunar eclipse in your sign, the cycle of eclipses of the last two years comes to a close and tests whether you have taken advantage of the opportunity to integrate parameters and activities in your life which help you become a child time and again. You need to overcome yourself; to have fun; to take risks and meet people; to travel and seize the moment. You want to feel your heart beating which might indicate that you take a look at your relationship so as to see whether it can remain alive. You want to have a last escape from an oppressive daily routine which means that you might break free from something in which you had invested. It is not necessarily bad though.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to make you reconsider or review some situations which you experienced in the past and you now need to evaluate or explain. Perhaps you retire into yourself and you try to find answers regarding a situation which makes you wonder whether you are yourself or you are forced to alienate yourself. Perhaps you must redetermine some professional parameters and assess any offers. Perhaps you try to bring balance between career and personal life. It is not an easy task so do not hurry to reach conclusions or consider that you solved this difficult equation.



The Leo Lunar eclipse could be a good opportunity to escape an environment which has been very pressuring lately and invest time in friends. You need to get answers about fundamental issues which bother you from people who can see things from another perspective. Perhaps you seek answers which do not follow your familiar way of thinking. You must take a break from a pressuring situation and try to find yourself time and again. Make sure you follow your heart because it reveals a lot which could point in another direction.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to close a two-year-long cycle of changes and challenges on the professional or domestic level. Perhaps it is time you considered doing something different or provocative in a changing area, or perhaps you must disturb some people who seem hypnotised. Perhaps it is time you thought about moving out or getting a transfer, or you expedited developments of the last period. Perhaps you are surprised by the move of some people and as a result, you are influenced psychologically.



The Leo Lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to see whether you operate according to your own dispositions or you see your life through a relationship. Perhaps you put the balance to the test through a journey with somebody with whom there is intense chemistry between yourselves and as a result, you get the chance to test its endurance. Perhaps you decide to end a limiting relationship and do things which indicate that you are decided about the next step in your life. Perhaps you examine new professional facts which broaden your horizon, thus you can look at things more clearly.



The Leo Lunar eclipse might feel like the end of an era when you tested your endurance in view of a situation which might wrong you. Perhaps you are scared and sad. Perhaps you feel helpless in view of developments. However, you are also relieved. It is time you realised that you are not the same person anymore and that there are changes in your life you cannot ignore. Make sure you listen to your heart and you avoid being chained in certain situations because of your ego and incapability of accepting changes.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you seems to bring a two-year-long period to a close during which you were forced to admit that your surroundings change and you cannot sit developments out. A change in your relationship could indicate that you are called upon to listen to the other side and pay attention to what is said. At the same time, you are called upon to observe what is not communicated but is important. Perhaps you decide to come out of your shell and claim something better on the professional level. You seek an opportunity to prove that you are still alive and you have the opportunity to go up in the estimation of your surroundings.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to bring about professional developments and forces you to admit that you must acknowledge certain moves which improve existing situations. Make sure you secure your belongings but do not attack people who might turn against you later. It is important that you are on good terms with them. Perhaps you must look after your health and try and change your nutritional habits or exercise routine. Listen to your gut about that.

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