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New Moon 4/2/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius on 4 February in conjunction with Mercury seems to set in motion unpredictable, unexpected and surprising events. It is very likely that there is a clear separation between individual initiative and team work. As a result, certain decisions might be shocking to some.

Perhaps it is necessary to bring back to life a team which has been put to the test a lot lately. Maybe somebody should shoulder responsibilities and obligations. In such a case, try and guess their intentions because sometimes they represent equality and equality before the law while some others, they operate rather individualistically with a mood to impose themselves.



The Aquarius New Moon could help you come in touch with young people who may widen your social circle. You are called upon to have more team spirit than you are used to having lately which means that you will drop your ego. It is not easy for you but you have the opportunity, at the current juncture, to get help from your surroundings who support you in that direction. On the personal level, a friendship could turn into something amorous but it does not mean that it will be long-term.



The Aquarius New Moon upsets your career because you will have to come out of your shell, speak openly, and even fight with some people. Truth be told, you need fresh air and a way out from a stifling environment in which there is somebody whom you might have to demystify. Be noble, take distance and make sure you prove you can operate in a different way once you explain facts dispassionately.



The friendly-to-your-sign Aquarius New Moon seems to help you go on a trip you need and might introduce new facts to your life. If it is a professional trip, make sure you keep in touch with the people you meet because you most probably make the acquaintance of somebody you will need in your career. If you simply decide to travel for leisure, an acquaintance could be more than friendship so long as you properly listen to what the other side has to say.



The Aquarius New Moon could bring to the surface news regarding upsetting discussions in your environment. The decision of your partner or somebody with whom there is amorous interest between yourselves could bring about developments in your professional life. Perhaps you are called upon to deal with news regarding a transfer or moving because a certain decision could upset your environment. Perhaps there is news regarding your career and its financial aspect. It will open up the way for the next step which should be fast since you cannot keep on spending time in situations with nothing more to offer.



With the New Moon opposite you, there seems to be a request that you take decisions regarding your relationship through conversations which may bring about big developments. The other side’s intention to follow a path which influences your desires could be crucial for a reaction which has been bogged down for some time now. A new acquaintance, at the current juncture, may set your life on fire. It does not mean, however, that you will stay put in terms of consistency and duration. What matters is that you understand you can initiate professional or personal developments through a challenge you cannot let go unnoticed.



The Aquarius New Moon could signal the beginning of a new situation at work. You are called upon to deal with variability and make sure you absorb vibrations in your interpersonal relations with people who speak a different language from you. You must get used to this situation and realise that you set a certain flow in your daily routine which is hard to bear. Perhaps it is time you adopted a new nutritional and living pattern which will suit the new facts you cannot keep on overlooking.



The Aquarius New Moon could change an amorous situation through moves related to speed and surprise. Dare to speak your mind even if you fear that you may bring about developments you cannot handle. It is not possible to maintain an existing relationship unless you clearly communicate what needs to be said. Furthermore, you had better keep your eyes open because you will probably get in touch with somebody who could disturb the stagnant waters of your amorous life. Finally, if there are children-related issues, try and listen to the opinion of people with deep knowledge and long experience.



The Aquarius New Moon should be a reminder that you leave by the wayside habits and situations which have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Make sure you are direct and you alienate people who can upset your moments of calmness and peace. Try and clean your house from useless objects so as to feel lighter. Finally, use dialogue at work because you need not go too far in case of a pressuring situation.



The friendly-to-your-sign Aquarius New Moon might set you in motion. Not necessarily only in terms of brain activity but also in terms of a physical trip. If you can take advantage of the current juncture, dare to suggest an excursion to somebody you wish to be by your side so as to spend time together and improve your relationship. If you seek a way to come closer to relatives, try and combine a conversation with a trip so as to bridge the gap between yourselves which is hard to do unless you make compromises with yourself.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to upset your finances and forces you to admit that you are called upon to handle facts which are hard to control. Perhaps you must settle financial issues even if you must take actions and decisions which stress you about your future. You had better look for some income too mainly by selling personal and other objects because you need to make room for whatever is really worthy in your life.



The New Moon in your sign may second your intention to speak your mind and prove that you can find solutions when your surroundings believe you have been cornered. You are called upon to give an answer which has been delayed; either you have been weighing things so as to know how you could react in case of criticism or you have been feeling guilty. You are called upon, though, to overcome any feelings of guilt and speak your truth. A new beginning can take place so take advantage of the occasion and do not hesitate.



The Aquarius New Moon might upset the flow of certain situations. You are called upon to handle surprises at work, which might give rise to new facts, by overcoming changes and obstacles on your way. Perhaps you have the opportunity to handle your health differently through habits and activities that you will include in your daily routine so as to correspond to the needs of your constitution. Take care of your body and spirit shall you wish to survive environments which are very challenging for you.

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