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Full Moon 19/2/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 0 degree Virgo on 19 February in trine with Mars in Taurus seems to mostly influence the representatives of the mutable axis and of the element of earth (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces, Taurus/Capricorn) who were born on the first degrees of the aforementioned signs/ascendants.

The Full Moon seeks the touch with reality and highlights the need to take action and find solutions which are practical and implementable. Daily routine, as known through career as well as health, could be a crucial parameter at the current juncture. It could be pressuring for those who cannot operate within a specific frame with rules and boundaries. On the other hand, it might be an excellent way out for people who wish to escape their troubles.

The Full Moon speaks of discipline and calmness; of contact with the Earth; of goals which may be implemented. Therefore, boundaries should be set when it comes to ambitions and dispositions which are not functional yet. Otherwise you might move in a course which does not lead to the desired result but to a path which you will walk alone in some time from today.



The Virgo Full Moon makes you admit that there are periods when you are called upon to simply work; to follow a specific schedule; to be chained to an unchangeable framework. Perhaps it is hard for you to digest this situation, accept it and make it part of your life. Perhaps you wish to rebel, to break free from the aforementioned pattern and to attack anybody who resists head-on. However, you had better obey because of the financial aspect and avoid any exaltations. Would this last sentence suffice to convince you to stay in the box?



The very favourable Virgo Full Moon seems to set the amorous side of your life on fire and make you trust even more the person beside you. Perhaps you are passionate; you wish to communicate everything which you keep inside; you activate feelings which were hidden or buried in an ocean of insecurities and remorse. Do not be scared. Express yourself so as to prove how passionate you are because the other side also needs to see it.



The Virgo Full Moon might upset you because it will force you to deal with issues which definitely consume your time and bring you in touch with a side of yourself which you choose to keep in the dark. Perhaps you must hold conversations with relatives who make you realise that there are situations which you cannot handle with patience and understanding. Perhaps you must spend time at work and understand that there is none left to yourself.



The Virgo Full Moon seems to help you express yourself, speak up and say everything that you think about but you hesitate to say out loud. You have the opportunity to be understood; to be heard by people who could help you find a solution; to become member of a team who gives you the chance to add activities to your day. Try and operate with respect to time and the willingness to be honest and clear about your choices.



The Virgo Full Moon is perhaps a good occasion to resolve a financial issue which is also related to your career. Financial security is a big question for you and as a result, you seem ready to make compromises which give you stability and the opportunity to stand your ground. If there is more workload, try and set priorities because you cannot manage everything within the right timeframe.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to start giving shape to a situation which will come into being and will change the flow of your life. You start building the image you would like your personal or professional life to have because you can now second your thoughts and dispositions. A journey, at the moment, could help you implement something you discuss so that you may reach a decision about your life. Dare to be honest and keen to reach an understanding. Only then will you find out that roads pointing in new directions open up.



The Virgo Full Moon might be an alert regarding health issues. Thus you will be forced to keep your eyes open in view of reality. Perhaps you must be persistent with and adjust a treatment which has not worked out well until today. Perhaps you must see your daily routine through a new perspective so as to stop harming yourself and being hurt for no reason. If you are trapped in a pressuring professional pattern, have a dialogue with yourself so as to give answers to questions which sound simple but are extremely hard.



The Virgo Full Moon seems to be a good occasion to resolve issues related to your friendships so that your daily routine still flows smoothly. Perhaps it is time you shared mutual explanations with friends so as to understand the reason why you cannot spend more time together. Perhaps you look for a new activity that will fill your day, thus you might join a group of people who could be interesting for you.



The Virgo Full Moon seems to bring about developments in the area of your public image because you must admit there are issues you cannot handle as you wish. You will be called upon to deal with the consequences of your actions, namely certain financial procedures or even ratifications. You see, a cycle, which has absorbed a lot of your time and energy, must come to a close. Perhaps it is time you focused on your career and you made some new moves which may improve your finances; they are pretty shaky after all.



The favourable-to-your-sign Virgo Full Moon seems to bring to the surface words and thoughts which could change the flow of a relationship. Try and be honest and clear without necessarily being nihilistic in view of oppressive situations. You are called upon to set rules and boundaries but this does not mean that you will stop supporting somebody who stood by you and bore with you all along. If you rediscover personal freedom, make sure you enjoy some personal moments but do not forget that freedom and loneliness might go hand in hand.



The Virgo Full Moon might bring financial issues to the surface and you might have to admit that it is hard to keep on living as you once used to. You must settle some unfinished business even if you are under pressure and you have to give up on some habits you were used to having in your life. Furthermore, you might ask for help from close people and you might have to revive a relationship which you used to keep in a safe distance until today. On the amorous level, perhaps a disturbance changes the facts but you need not go too far.



The Full Moon opposite you is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you are called upon to be realistic in a relationship which is still based on instinct. You had better listen to the other side and try to understand so as to avoid operating according to what you think. If something changes on the professional level, bear in mind that there are more demands and you might have to prove that you can shoulder new facts, namely responsibilities and obligations you have been given.

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