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New Moon 6/3/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces on 6 March in conjunction with Neptune and in sextile with Mars in Taurus seems to make an attempt to connect reality with imagination by narrating a story with dragons from the past.

You have the opportunity to add elements of realism to your future plans since you can deal with financial or professional issues which will help you feel you are in touch with reality. Make sure you evaluate financial facts and you cut back when necessary so as to realistically plan your next steps. Furthermore, make sure you get rid of unnecessary objects or even sell some of them so as to gain some money which you so much need.

On the personal level, you had better avoid investing in a new acquaintance at the current juncture because facts do not really respond to reality. Try and gain time and come closer to somebody so as to better evaluate facts next month.



The Pisces New Moon seems to put your boundaries to the test and to examine whether you are influenced by your surroundings or you are focused on yourself. Perhaps you must be active in a team which transcends a given goal and participate in something which demands that you leave your ego by the wayside. Perhaps boundaries are broken down at work and you might feel there are no rules and safety net. Thus you are probably stressed. Finally, perhaps you must cope with your health so as to gain your confidence back.



The Pisces New Moon seems like your opportunity to come close to friends time and again and to be active in an environment which seems distant lately. Try and find time to spend with friends whom you have not seen in a long time and make sure you revive some relations or resolve some pending misunderstandings. If something new begins on the amorous or professional level, try and avoid hasty moves. Put your signature on towards the end of the month when you are fully aware of the situation.



The Pisces New Moon seems to activate plans and goals which should finally turn from dreams into reality. There is an excellent professional prospect for which you should first believe in luck although there might be traps. Perhaps you focus on the wrapping and you forget about the content. Perhaps the shining is tempting and you forget about the responsibilities you shoulder. On the personal level, try and focus on the positive side of a prospect and leave any phobias which stem from past experiences by the wayside.



The Pisces New Moon might bring to the fore the prospect for a trip which may introduce new chapters to your life. It would be useful, of course, to reevaluate some elements of this prospect and to see whether you have overlooked sides which could change or make your trip more difficult. Perhaps you try to change the facts of your personal life but you must be careful so as to communicate your thoughts in the most appropriate way. You see, there are some dark sides which are not necessarily comprehensible to the people before you.



The Pisces New Moon introduces intuition and calls upon you to examine whether you can trust everything beyond reason. You will be called upon to see whether you can digest your partner’s answers as they might not be satisfactory considering your questions. You must train your instinct and decide whether you believe somebody’s promises who present themselves as collaborators. Finally, you must pay due attention to your dreams because they answer questions you have not yet finalised in your head.



The New Moon opposite you is a good opportunity to review your personal life. Your contact with somebody from the past is perhaps a good chance to evaluate the facts of your present because you can compare. If you decide to start something new on the amorous or professional level, you had better refuse to sign anything because things are not what they seem to be. There are secrets which you are not aware of and could change the image of a rather blurry situation at the moment.



The Pisces New Moon might indicate that it is time you focused on work-related issues because you might be content with what you know, which is pretty unsure though. You had better pay attention to any unforeseen changes in your plans or check whether somebody’s behaviour has changed. In addition, you must look after your health and focus on your inner world so as to connect external stimuli with your emotional state. It is not necessary to take up on a new professional offer at the moment. You had better redefine it so that new sides come to the surface.



The Pisces New Moon could be a good opportunity to set the facts of your personal life on a new basis. You have the opportunity to redefine some elements and reevaluate your behaviour in a situation so as to improve your image in the eyes of the other side. Perhaps it is time you were more condescending with somebody with whom distance has grown between yourselves. If a new acquaintance comes up, try and withhold your impulsivity because you might be exposed in the eyes of third parties or be excited about something which is not what it looks like.



The Pisces New Moon seems to upset the area of your home or your family with the purpose of reestablishing a system which seems to lose its footing. You must improve your relationship with a family member even if this means that you must hold an uncomfortable conversation. Perhaps you wish to change your place of residence or work although you are not satisfied with the options at hand. Do not jump into it because you have not properly evaluated everything.



The Pisces New Moon seems to suggest the possibility for an excursion so as to have a change of scenery and improve the situation in an interpersonal relationship. You need to silence your thoughts and listen to your emotional world so long as you choose the right company to come with. Perhaps you realise that it is time you changed the way you think and communicate some issues to your relatives because you wish to smoothen the disagreements that have surfaced.



The Pisces New Moon might request that you make some necessary corrections in the financial area of your life because you are called upon to introduce some new facts related to the obligations you have assumed. Make sure you are as analytical and practical as possible, and you invest in realistic elements. Examine the possibility to cut back on expenses or at least delay payments and buying which seem like heavy burden to shoulder at the current juncture.



The New Moon in your sign seems to be a good opportunity to redefine the facts in your relationship. You are called upon to evaluate some elements which have come up and might change your decisions regarding a change of house or the evolution of people’s roles in it. If somebody or an opportunity returns to your life, try and evaluate new facts honestly because you cannot be chained to a pattern from the past which is not based on new reality.

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