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Full Moon 21/3/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 0 degree Libra on 21 March in absolute quincunx with Uranus in Taurus and in opposition to Chiron in Aries seems to prove that it is time new elements were introduced in existing interpersonal relationships.

It is pretty likely that some professional relations break up or come to a close as they cannot find their balance regarding remuneration. A collaboration might be pretty difficult because somebody’s aspirations are too strong to stay in the dark. At the same time, perhaps there are new collaborations which will probably disturb stagnant waters. Two seemingly incompatible sides seem to try and work together.

This Full Moon will highlight distance between body and spirit in existing amorous relationships. There are needs and desires which are not easily fulfilled with the status quo. As a result, one seeks ways to heal open wounds so that they stop bleeding.



The Libra Full Moon, the sign opposite you, seems to be an opportunity to test the other side’s endurance in view of disturbances that come up. Perhaps you do so by upsetting the roles in a relationship or collaboration which should change direction. Perhaps it is time you also added in the benefit which is the result of a change of roles and balances. Sometimes matter is very important even when it comes to decisions of the heart. Are you ready, though, to absorb any upcoming shocks which might be considered as challenges for your personal will?



The intense Libra Full Moon aims at making you realise that balance at work or at home has changed. You must implement the new facts which make you see some people around you differently. Perhaps you realise that some people cannot keep on operating according to your own rhythms because their endurance is reduced. The current juncture is a shock so that you understand that some given facts are not given anymore.



The Libra Full Moon seems to put balance between introversion and extroversion to the test. You will be called upon to express your feelings and desires in a way which could come against the past or obstacles you have not fully overcome. Perhaps you have the opportunity to deal with an activity which will make you forget about your worries lately as you admit that you stand before big challenges. A change on the amorous or professional level might take place in a way which makes you realise that you have not found your feet yet.



The Libra Full Moon seems to be an opportunity to set new parameters in a relationship which is called upon to find its feet. Perhaps you decide to decorate your house because you want to show your intention to make changes in your relationship or family. Perhaps you decide to come out of your shell and prove that there are new interests in your life which are also probably the result of the new professional environment. If an issue regarding your parents comes up, try and see up to which point you can be involved without making room for disturbances that are hard to hide.



The Libra Full Moon might be a good opportunity to plan or even write down the dates for a trip which will take you away from professional or domestic issues. You need to spend time with somebody who understands you and senses you so as to empty your head from unfinished business. Perhaps you need to go to an excursion with friends somewhere far where you can clarify a mystery regarding your relationship or your professional future. Try and clear your head, otherwise you might be involved in rather electrified discussions.



The Libra Full Moon seems to activate financial issues and makes you wonder whether you should be chained to a situation which prevents you from breathing naturally. Perhaps you cannot reject a financial exchange and you ask yourself whether you can afford losing benefits in favour of personal freedom. Perhaps you must plan an activity which forces you to calculate the expenses you must make and as a result, you feel trapped in choices you cannot bring together.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to make you admit that there are new facts in your personal life which you are called upon to handle with clarity. If you feel uncertain in a relationship, there might be shocks which can drive you crazy and which you must be prepared to handle directly. If you are single, an acquaintance at the current juncture could disturb stagnant waters and make you revisit your commitments as they might pull you in a different direction from the one which shows up before you.



The Libra Full Moon seems to disturb your interpersonal relationships because you are called upon to realise the intentions of your surroundings without having clear indications from their side. You must rally your instinct, clarify hidden intentions, and focus on the depth of others’ thinking. If you are about to make a big change in your life, make sure you protect developments far from prying eyes. You had better express what you think to somebody in particular who may be able to support you thanks to their different view on things.



The Libra Full Moon calls upon you to revisit your social life and ask yourself whether you have time for your friends and acquaintances. Perhaps you realise that there are different priorities and rhythms in your daily routine and you prioritise your life differently. Thus you invest your time in activities you did not expect to occupy such a big part of your day. Perhaps you must behave professionally in a team and realise that it is not easy to find your balance in facts which you have not managed to control as much as you would like.



The intense Libra Full Moon makes you wonder whether you must break free in your personal life. You are called upon to be brave about difficulties on the amorous level and accept some dead-ends which probably make you realise that a third member in your relationship is not that unlikely to appear. Your transition from the past to the future must go through the Symplegades of your heart and you must be ready to acknowledge your new desires. You cannot keep on considering that you will choose different people without admitting first that you have made changes which force you into a new identity.



The Libra Full Moon might force you to acknowledge that you are called upon to discover a new way of communication so as to be heard by people who were used to a specific frequency from your side. Perhaps this means that you are more combative than before with the purpose of getting your message across since some keep ignoring it. Perhaps you seek to find a way out on the domestic or professional level by looking for a new place of work or residence. You feel ready to disturb stagnant waters so every decision at the current juncture might be pretty shocking to your surroundings.



The Libra Full Moon calls upon you to understand that it would be rather useful to listen to the other side without turning a blind eye or shutting your ears. It would be extremely useful to stop talking; to try and stop thinking; and to let others be at the helm of developments. You need to see whether you can trust their abilities to pull strings, to make you feel safe and to read your thoughts without you uttering a word. The latter is difficult but it is the most important element of the relationship or collaboration you seek at the moment.

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