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New Moon 5/4/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 15 degrees Aries on 5 April in square with Saturn in Capricorn seems to mostly influence the representatives of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the second decanate. They need a real beginning for a situation which has been pending for almost three months.


Personal initiative will be substantial in this prospect but it must be able to go against boundaries and rules which are set by a conservative society. You will try to break free from limiting boundaries and rules although you know you might confront somebody who is not willing to back off. It seems that you have run out of patience and as a result, time is against you from now on. Remember what promises you gave yourself some three months ago and take that very step which has been pending all this time.



The New Moon in your sign in square with Saturn in Capricorn seems to put to the test your dynamic in view of people and situations that can react in changes and developments. You want your own way of thinking to prevail in a stifling situation and as a result, there are conflicts and tensions. Perhaps you seek to move in a direction even though you know you provoke the reaction of people whose benefit is to be by your side. Finally, perhaps it is time you gave up in a quarrel that you will lose so you would rather not waste time.



The Aries New Moon calls for you attention regarding the way you decide to act because it is likely that it brings about objections and tension from people with a powerful say. You are called upon to avoid selfish thoughts and actions and to take distance from behaviours with much arrogance and a tendency for individual recognition. Perhaps you must take a break from intense action in your life because you want to pause your mind and stop behaviours which wear you out.



The Aries New Moon seems like an opportunity to renew your social circle and to add new people to your friendly environment. You have the opportunity to participate in actions which show off your extroversion and in activities which aim at freeing you from the tight frame of cohabitation with your partner. Perhaps you must quarrel with friends for financial reasons which means that it is time you clarified some confusing and disturbing things.



The Aries New Moon seems to set personal or professional developments in motion because you will have to prove that you can keep promises you give to close people. You will manage to stabilise your position at work even if you have to fight with authority figures because you are now willing to prove that you can shoulder weights and responsibilities. Perhaps this is the right moment to properly clear out your personal life so as to maintain what really matters and has got a future, and stop relying on situations which seem like the easy way out.



The Aries New Moon is a good opportunity to take a break from your daily routine either by going on a trip or by having professional plans which alienate a familiar living space. You have the opportunity to follow your will and to function outside an exhausting daily framework. This might bring you into conflict with people with whom you share the same benefits. Therefore, you will have to be careful not to harm your relation with an authority figure who could raise bigger obstacles for your future.



The Aries New Moon will be an opportunity to put to the test the endurance and the dynamic of your relationship or of a new acquaintance. You can test the other side’s dispositions by playing a game which could, however, expose you unless you are ready to go through fire and water. Perhaps passion fires your relationship and you must use reason even though it is not necessarily easy. You are at a crucial crossroads regarding the next step in your personal life so do not believe that you have the luxury to misinterpret certain situations.



The New Moon opposite you makes you realise that you are called upon to take serious decisions in your life by realising that you are about to make a step that will change your course. A relationship might turn into something more serious through a moving out or transfer so long as you think that the foundations you lay are stable enough. If a professional collaboration comes to a close, you need to breathe fresh air. Hence do not insist on trying to find a similar job because you probably seek something completely different in your life.



The Aries New Moon seems to set some work-related discussions in motion so that a topic which might involve relatives is clarified. Perhaps you realise that it is time you dissociated yourself from certain confusing discussions and prospects because they concern people with whom your relations are more than professional. Perhaps you must take on a different role in a certain environment by making a move which could seem threatening to collaborators. Hence, there might be conflicts which seem inevitable.



The Aries New Moon could add enthusiasm and dynamism to personal issues so that you make a move which proves you make a choice and you solve dilemmas. It is probably the right moment to decide whether you move forward in your relationship or you leave somebody who does not touch you any longer. You really need to feel that you are in a relationship with intense feelings but perhaps you are not ready to invest in deeper feelings at the moment. Therefore a new acquaintance at the current juncture could set your life on fire since there is intense sexual chemistry.



The Aries New Moon makes you deal with the boundaries set in a situation of your life which could even be sick. A difficult cohabitation has got no future unless you are allowed the latitude you thought you could have. A problematic collaboration should find a solution because it is hard to keep on spending time in a space where you meet people you cannot stand. Finally, take care of financial issues because you might be easily exposed in the future regarding responsibilities you have assumed.



The Aries New Moon will be a good opportunity to try and confront people who make you feel that you have no discretion to act. It does not mean that you must fight and be tense. You need to simply persuade them about your complaints. Set your mind in motion; use arguments which indicate you have the situation under control; and prove you can handle weights you will shoulder. Your role changes and it should be clear to your surroundings.



The Aries New Moon makes you pay attention to financial issues which may expose you in the future unless you keep them under control. It is likely you must settle unfinished business; you try and stop certain activities which add expenses to your pocket; you hold discussions with friends so as to explain the change of your priorities. On the professional level, you must remunerate people and delegate responsibilities to your team differently.

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