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New Moon 4/5/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 14 degrees Taurus on 4 May in sextile with Neptune in Pisces seems to ask for a realistic approach when it comes to projects, plans and thoughts which probably move in the sphere of imagination.

There is an opportunity to lay stable foundations in situations which have gone too far. You had better explain feelings which are experienced extremely fast; ask for time to clarify certain views which seem hasty; give room to your unconsciousness so that it contributes to a decision which is based only on reason.

This New Moon might look for material and tangible proofs of interest far from vague and delusional promises. Actions speak louder than words.



The Taurus New Moon aims at helping you to clarify some financial and professional issues which should not be cloudy anymore. You had better dare to consider the possibility of confronting people who still take you for a victim and behave in a very demeaning way towards you. If you must support people, choose to focus on a group of people who you know need it. This will soften your anger against people who manage to put pressure on you.



The New Moon in your sign is a good moment so as to clarify a personal issue and find answers to questions you still keep in mind. You are called upon to make clear whether a relationship is of amorous or friendly nature and to start expressing a tangle of thoughts and other related issues. On the professional level, you had better take on a more leading role in a group which has lost touch to reality. You may lead others to the goal without fearing that your initiative will grow the tension between yourselves.



The Taurus New Moon asks that you keep your feet on the ground, face the truth and stop hiding behind doubts and vagueness. Perhaps the truth about somebody who is involved in your daily routine comes to the surface and as a result, you must deconstruct the idea you had about them. Perhaps you must act behind-the-scenes so as to answer your doubts through meetings with people about whom your surroundings need not know.



The Taurus New Moon will help you to get in touch with friends and communicate information which has remained in the dark until today. You have the opportunity to find yourself in a new circle of activities and participate in group efforts that will bring you in touch with new people. It is time you proved that you can operate on a team basis and help resolve some confusing issues. If you cope with personal affairs, it is very likely that you set a timeline which proves that you are on the finishing line.



The Taurus New Moon is a good opportunity to set rules and boundaries regarding professional issues. You might combine your thoughts with reality and connect pieces which seemed to be completely different. Try and be clear about your requests because it is pretty easy for misunderstandings with collaborators to take place. Finally, make sure you secure your finances through an agreement which helps you find your footing.



The Taurus New Moon is a good opportunity to spend time with your better half or a new acquaintance on a trip which may refresh or evolve your relationship. You must be clear about your intentions and function according to specific timeframes and actions. Perhaps there are developments on the professional level so that you reconfirm thoughts and discussions which take place lately. Try to open a new chapter which makes you feel safe with the decisions you take at the current juncture.



The Taurus New Moon is a good opportunity to implement thoughts and plans related to your participation or living in an environment which seems to become stable for you. You are called upon to prove your confidence in people who could be your new family on the personal or professional level. Perhaps it is time you focused on materialistic affairs and made sure you safeguard your comfort and some pleasures. Try and combine your personal with professional life through moves which prove the clarity of your spirit and soul.



The New Moon opposite you is a very good opportunity to improve your personal life through moves which prove your willingness to move forward. Do not be wedded to your insecurities and obsessions. Try and stick with facts which are beyond doubt. The other side might suggest something that perhaps indicates that you are about to start a new situation which should consist of the meaning of trust. Otherwise change your course and state that you seek something completely different in your life.



The Taurus New Moon demands that you pay due attention to daily affairs which you might have overlooked since you are fully devoted to other directions in your life. You must focus on work-related issues, answer your questions and clarify situations in which other people are involved. Try and separate reason from emotions so as to find your footing on stable ground. It is very likely, though, that it seems pretty unstable shall you manage to look at it from a distance.



The Taurus New Moon might be a very good opportunity to cope with issues of professional creativity by leaving limiting and stifling affairs by the wayside. Perhaps you decide to invest time in your talents and hobbies so as to empty your mind. Perhaps you plan an excursion with people who understand you without necessarily explaining. You aim at taking distance from a stifling environment. Finally, you might decide to speak about the new facts in your personal life so as to stop dragging along weights.



The Taurus New Moon demands that you cope with issues which will help you find your footing. Perhaps it is necessary that you make changes at home bearing in mind that you will be called upon to give different shape to your finances. Make sure you do not spend too much and that you are not involved in expenses which will last long. On the professional level, try and combine instinct with reason so as to reach safe conclusions.



The Taurus New Moon is a very good opportunity to change the way you see certain things which impact on your professional or personal level directly. Try and be reasonable and look for possible omissions from your side regarding a topic that might expose you. Perhaps it is the right moment to talk with somebody who has got a wrong opinion about you so that you alter impressions.

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