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Full Moon 18/5/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on 18 May in opposition to Mercury in Taurus is a good moment for the representatives of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the third decanate to express themselves in view of transformational challenges.

It is the right moment to make a move which proves decisiveness so as to leave behind you a period which completed its cycle and to move forward. You need not be impulsive but you should plan your every step bearing in mind that your strong instinct sends you signals. Do not forget that there are clear signs about your path even if they are overshadowed by presences which you should be able to confront by now.


The Scorpio Full Moon seems to set financial issues in motion and force you into moves which consist of debit and credit. Perhaps you put pressure on people who should settle their debts to you but you realise that you cannot trust them. Perhaps you must deal with the complaints of people to whom you owe money and you wish to gain time so as to settle your debts. It is not that easy anyway.



The Full Moon opposite you will be an occasion to settle issues in your interpersonal relationships and to solve some problems which are like a thorn in the flesh. Dare to make the first step and express your needs with the wish to examine whether the opposite side would follow your intentions. If you are stagnant in a specific pattern of behaviour regarding your interpersonal relationships, bear in mind that you will meet people who are ready to change the situation in a way which could even electrify you.



The Scorpio Full Moon might bring to the surface some health issues which may destabilise you and force you to admit that you cannot be fully in control of your life. Perhaps a situation comes up which you are called upon to consider and observe over time and as a result, your daily life is brought upside down. Perhaps there are work-related issues because of behind-the-scenes moves which make you review your opinion about people whom you used to hold in high esteem.



The Scorpio Full Moon will bring about developments in your personal life since you need to bring to the surface the way you feel. Perhaps you are ready to talk to your better half regarding your thoughts and plans and to express yourself about the next important step in your lives. Perhaps a new acquaintance comes up that may set your amorous life in motion following a period of blue feelings and loneliness. Dare to give room to yourself to feel and you will realise that there are many opportunities around you which means that it is time you came out of your shell.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to demand that you express what you keep inside but you would rather turn into easy and easy to digest phrases and words for your surroundings. You have the opportunity, maybe even the obligation, to do something which disturbs stagnant waters even if you are afraid that this could change the balance in your relationships. The Full Moon seems to set the pace for a domestic development and something which seems to be the beginning of a new life course. Do not be scared to be yourself because you cannot build something new on unstable foundations.



The Scorpio Full Moon might be a good moment to go on a trip which draws the line between the past and the future of your life. Perhaps you shut the door in a life which has completed its cycle and you decide to spread your wings for some place where you would like to lay the foundations for your future. Perhaps you finish an educational trip and you are about to collect the certificate which you can use for your future career. Be decisive in view of a beginning which you so much need because you can have even more faith in yourself.



The Scorpio Full Moon might bring to the fore financial issues and you might have to hold a serious discussion with somebody who cannot take distance from your current situation. Balance in a collaboration might be unstable because there are complaints and whining which cannot remain in the dark. The silver lining in a relationship might be even more dangerous and be violated, because inequality between you and the other side makes you express your problems. Patience might be healing in a situation which seems to lose track of reality.



The Full Moon in your sign will be the right moment to start a discussion with your better half or collaborator so as to resolve issues which remain in the dark. Try and upset the other side through thoughts which can be pretty shocking. At the same time, you should expect the other side’s challenges which aim at putting your endurance to the test. Thus, it is pretty easy to take it out on somebody whom you have not definitely ranked as an opponent.



The Scorpio Full Moon could be a difficult moment for you because you will be exposed in a behind-the-scenes game of which you are unaware. As a result, you cannot assess it and function accordingly. You had better beware of people who could influence the opinion of your collaborators and colleagues because unrealistic things might be said. Perhaps you must cope with your physical and psychological endurance in view of a very demanding daily routine. It is not really useful to lose your dynamism at the current juncture so protect yourself from useless moves.



The Scorpio Full Moon might help you to be decisive regarding complaints which seem like serious challenges for true personal and social life. You have the opportunity to express yourself in a wider circle of friends and acquaintances, to open up your life and to express your thoughts and next moves. Perhaps you wish to bring to the surface sentimental issues and acknowledge that you carry deep inside suppressed feelings and remnants of a past which you must overcome shall you wish to look at the future more clearly.



The Scorpio Full Moon will make you admit that you are called upon to react fast and decisively in view of things regarding your domestic or professional environment. Your reaction must be clear even if it is based on instincts and not necessarily reason. Remember that some financial issues can currently cause a stir which your surroundings cannot necessarily digest. Try and be clear about your desires and state your boundaries so that nobody else influences your decisions beyond that point.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems like a good opportunity to talk about emotional issues because it is necessary shall you wish for your amorous life to flow. A discussion at the current juncture could clarify certain obscure areas, resolve dilemmas and bring about developments. A move could be godsent at the current juncture so as to break free from a stifling routine. Finally, financial issues should better be explained and settled so that they are not difficult occasions which upset your sleep anymore.

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