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New Moon 3/6/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini on 3 June seems to breathe new life in the lives of people who have been having a hard time lately. You may and you should spend time with young people or with people with a fresh way of thinking. Make sure you get in touch with them because only then will you manage to empty your head from views and thoughts which lay heavy on your shoulders and make you pessimistic about the future.

This New Moon may be the occasion to trust young people who decide to assume positions of responsibility and authority. The torch will be passed on to their hands because times indicate a transfer of responsibility to younger generations. Perhaps they also indicate that older generations take up secondary roles due to physical as well as mental fatigue and ageing.



The Gemini New Moon is a good opportunity to go on a trip some place where you can see daily routine issues which make you nervous from another perspective. You need to breathe deeply and take distance from family- or work-related problems, thus welcome any opportunity of the kind. If there is no such prospect in the horizon, try and integrate a new activity into your programme which helps you empty your head when you fill it with information you cannot categorise.



The Gemini New Moon might influence your finances by giving you the opportunity to increase your income even if temporarily. Go after a temporary job position or dare to assume a new role in the existing work environment so as to also increase your remuneration. If there are urgent needs to cover, remember that spending too much will not help you. Try and restrain yourself when it comes to plans and refuse offers which make you spend money for no reason.



The New Moon in your sign is an excellent opportunity to break free from a pattern of action which has made you pretty introvert. You will speak up and you will express yourself. This means that you will be unpleasant to some who wait for your view. Perhaps you talk in a disturbing way to some but it is time you expressed your objections since you cannot digest them. On the amorous level, stop doubting and openly speak of your choice even if it is disappointing to certain people who expect you to compromise with their reality.



The Gemini New Moon seems like an opportunity for you to admit that you cannot manage everything and you decide to focus on areas of your life which give you more satisfaction. You will put some work issues on the back burner and you will be called upon to overshadow them in favour of other parts of your life. You cannot help and support everybody so make sure you set priorities which please you as first.



The Gemini New Moon is a good way out so as to add activities which help you see life in a more pleasant way. Your association with friends will have a supportive effect on you and will second you on the professional level. You need to change your daily routine and focus on how to empty your head from repetitive thoughts. If you join a group activity, you might meet new people who could turn out to be very interesting in the near future.



The Gemini New Moon activates the professional area of your life since you communicate with people who could influence your career. You can be more communicative and sociable so as to promote yourself and stop hiding. If you are called upon to deal with a new professional challenge, make sure you prove you can cooperate and share thoughts with people with whom you will work on a common goal. On the family level, you will have to explain some things which might seem obvious to you but are not to everybody.



The Gemini New Moon will be a good opportunity to open up communicatively and get in touch with people who could second your professional plans. Perhaps you meet people whose contacts may improve your professional situation so long as you are ready to come out of your shell. Perhaps you start travelling and as a result, you feel better despite the stifling domestic environment. This period calls you to open the door and come out of the narrow space in which you have found yourself lately.



The Gemini New Moon puts pressure on you regarding financial issues since you are called upon to rely on others or you must communicate with people with whom you share your resources. You will speak about the dangers involved in a specific living pattern which is imposed by the other side and seems to carry you away to the same dangerous path. On the amorous level, sex alone is not enough to resolve communication problems with the other even if it could briefly address a long-lasting issue.



The New Moon opposite you is a good opportunity to start something new on the amorous or professional level. Following a trial period, you are called upon to decide whether you will follow the other side’s exhortation about a pathway which may change your way of thinking. If you find yourself, though, in an environment which makes you age prematurely, you had better look for the way out so as to find yourself in a place where you can associate with people who bring along fresh and young ideas.



The Gemini New Moon calls upon you to reshape the area of your daily routine so as to make your life more functional. You must integrate new facts and as a result, it is necessary that you get rid of some habits which you cannot follow anymore. You need fresh air in your life and new activities which may sharpen your mind, and you need to meet people with whom you spend little time. The part about the new activities is an important one in your effort to improve your living conditions.



The Gemini New Moon might introduce a new activity which seems necessary so as to escape a stifling and repetitive living pattern. Perhaps you make a new acquaintance that pleasantly upsets your life and helps you forget about a past which has scarred you and which you try to overcome. On the professional level, use your mind and fluency so as to avoid a situation which puts your endurance and your ability to make painful compromises with your inner world to the test.



The Gemini New Moon is a good opportunity to make changes at home since you are called upon to take into consideration the new facts which will take place. It seems absolutely necessary to redecorate because it is not functional to be in an environment which does not fit your way of thinking for the next step in your life. It is probably a good opportunity to move out and find yourself in a house where you will not be alone. Finally, on the professional level, you may put others’ intelligence to the test without letting them know how you do it.

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