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Full Moon 17/6/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 25 degrees Sagittarius on 17 June seems to highlight the need for moments of pleasure in lives which have been weighed down lately.

This Full Moon, which mostly influences the representatives of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the third decanate, introduces speed and exaggeration with the purpose of unfreezing lives which have been stuck in time. Perhaps you must make changes in the way you usually operate by choosing a course which you would avoid under other circumstances. Perhaps you must hurry so as to be attuned to the new situations. This is stressful but also makes your life more vivid and decisive.

This Full Moon might shake up whatever is stagnant and comfortable so as to make situations flow since they need a different speed of development. Make sure you are prepared for moves which prove that you understand the way things work around you.



The favourable for you Sagittarius Full Moon is a good moment to catch your breath and flee a stifling environment. Perhaps you go on a long trip or you have the opportunity to spend time with people with a different way of perceiving things so as to renew your perspective. Perhaps you take a seminar for educational purposes so as to enrich your knowledge and have new professional paths open up for you. If you are trapped in the familiar scenery of your life, perhaps you react in an intense and loud way that will disturb the state of nirvana which close people enjoy.



The strange Sagittarius Full Moon may influence your finances and might force you to admit that you depend on people and institutions that you cannot easily alienate. Perhaps you receive a financial boost and as a result, you readjust the tactics you would like to follow in view of people who put pressure on you. Perhaps you have more expenses due to certain investments you are willing to make which means that you must pay due attention to your choices. Finally, perhaps there are opportunities on the amorous level which you can hardly resist. Thus, an existing situation in your life may be threatened.



The tense Full Moon opposite you may be a good opportunity to develop your interpersonal relationships in a way which improves your living conditions. You have the opportunity to follow a course which gives you more comfort and to set sail for a place far from where you are used to be. Perhaps a new collaboration begins which helps you move in between two places far from one another and this is an excellent boost for your need to socialise. Perhaps you have the opportunity to improve the conditions in your personal life because your relationship evolves or because you meet somebody who makes you look at the future with extreme optimism.



The strange Sagittarius Full Moon seems to set your daily routine on fire due to a range of obligations which you are called upon to incorporate in an already busy personal life. You will be called upon to assume responsibilities and obligations of third parties which might lay heavy on you, thus you must be careful with your health. It would be useful to delegate some of these weights to people around you and to not be scared of expressing your objections and disagreement. If there is a change in the personal area of your life, you had better cope with your daily routine because you will need time to include everything into your life.



The favourable Sagittarius Full Moon seems to activate the area of your personal life in a way which makes you clearly look at a more optimistic future. If you feel ready to make the next step in your relationship, make sure you do so without fearing you might be in a hurry. You are called upon to have faith in momentary enthusiasm knowing that this decision could open up new roads in your life. However, remember that your endurance is not unlimited so try and avoid going too far otherwise you might have a physical or mental burn out.



The Sagittarius Full Moon will push you to realise some decisions regarding your house or work. Perhaps you redecorate and make more room so that the new objects you have decided to buy fit in. Perhaps you look for a new house because there are changes in your personal life which point in that direction. On the professional level, there is progress and as a result, you have to move or get in touch with people who could open up new career paths for you.



The Sagittarius Full Moon is a good opportunity for a trip to a place where you could spend time with people with whom you easily reach an understanding. Make sure you take distance from situations which make it hard on you and leave behind professional discussions which stress you. It would be useful to alienate certain family members so as to assess some dilemmas from a lighter perspective. Finally, make sure you are receptive to the opinion of people who have a different way of thinking so as to broaden your horizons.



The Sagittarius Full Moon, in the area of your finances, might be stressful because you are called upon to deal with buys which should not lead you to unknown and dangerous paths. You had better carry on with certain moves which may equip you with objects that will improve and make your life easier. It would be useful to avoid impulsive moves and leave by the wayside possible buys that will make an impression because they will only add more weight to your shoulders. If you have the opportunity for a professional change with good remuneration, dare to move forward.



The Full Moon in your sign is a good opportunity to take important personal decisions. You will leave stressful dilemmas by the wayside and you will prove you are determined to distinguish what is useful from what gives temporary satisfaction. Perhaps it is time you dared to talk, plan or implement a professional project which seems to open up new paths and which might be risky but at the same time, gives you the pleasure of daring. You need to realise that life is ahead of you so do not be chained to past obsessions that you gradually leave behind.



With the Sagittarius Full Moon, you probably respond in a weird way in view of situations that take place in your life and which you cannot handle as you would expect. Perhaps there is a lot of behind-the-scenes action on the professional level and as a result, you cannot rely on your surroundings. Perhaps there are secrets in your personal life and you live in a parallel situation in comparison to what visible reality is like. Perhaps health-related issues come up but you are not able to organise the information you receive and you must process. In any case, there is somebody who, at the last minute, will not let you fall in the pit.



The favourable Sagittarius Full Moon could be a good opportunity to break free from a stifling daily routine and spend time with friends. Try and broaden your social circle through activities which introduce you to new environments. Make sure you spend time with friends and add moments of carelessness and opportunity so as to forget about what troubles you. Adopt a more optimistic view on life even if you consider it irresponsible.



The Sagittarius Full Moon will be an occasion to openly speak or present the new situation in your life. Dare to express your new self even if this upsets your family circle. Take a professional risk and dare to climb up in the hierarchy, or follow a professional path which is far from where you are used to being. You are ready to prove that you change so stop hesitating to make it obvious to others.

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