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Solar eclipse 2/7/2019
by signingstar

The decisive and critical Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries seems to be a crucial moment for the lives of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

It is the juncture when you are called upon to answer whether you are willing to be at the helm of your life or you will continue to be dragged along by people who have decided to move in their own pace. Differences between you and close people will grow and might be the source of irritation and tension. This is a sign that the cycle in a stifling environment has come to a close. The end of a relationship or a professional course might bring about feelings of sorrow and sadness, stress and bitterness but it also gives you room and time to express yourself.

This Solar eclipse is traumatic but also determinative for the lives of people who look towards the future. Yes, you may feel alone in a fruitless land on which you must build the edifice of your life even if it resembles a high mountain you must climb. At the same time, you can be yourself without being scared of indiscreet eyes looking at you. Is it not time you grew into yourself?



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to put an end to a lifeless situation. The death of a relationship might be painful and make you realise that there is no more room for resolving differences which you tried to bridge. This will leave some bitterness in your heart and mind. On the other side, you are called upon to shut the door and decide whether you stay in an empty house or you make steps in a direction which might consist of traps too. It is time you decided whether you wish to restart your life or you completely withdraw.



The Cancer Solar eclipse might bring about essential developments in a discussion which you must hold with relatives. Harsh truths may be heard; long-lasting guilt might be washed off; and disagreements which make interpersonal relationships dysfunctional may be resolved. It is a difficult and demanding move but it will also prove whether you have matured and you can get rid of chains which others have put around you and you are called upon to drag along. However, they make it difficult on you to take action based on your personal choices.



The Cancer Solar eclipse forces you to take up a difficult mission regarding the financial area and demands painful and harsh decisions. You might have to handle your financial transactions in a completely different way and you might have to complete a mission in a way other than the one according to which it was initially planned. You are called upon to grade your needs differently and reshuffle the cards. If you keep on functioning as you are used to, it is very likely that you find yourself in a deadlock.



The Solar eclipse in your sign will stir commotion in interpersonal relationships which keep on operating in a way which does not suit at least one of the two sides. You might want to go after somebody who has decided to leave you but remember that the percentage of success is pretty low. You might be forced to leave a professional environment you are used to so stop trying to find a way to overrule the situation. Simply move on because either you change course of life or you are bogged down. Make a choice.



The Cancer Solar eclipse is a good occasion to clarify a blurry landscape on the domestic or professional level with the purpose of making room in your life. Perhaps you wish to take distance from situations which wear you out and alienate people who seem to be on the exact opposite side. Perhaps you speak harshly to close people but it is finally obvious that there is no other way to react. Otherwise you will have to shoulder weights that do not belong to you. You must look after your health instead of taking care of everybody else around you.



The Cancer Solar eclipse will be a moment when you must be courageous about future challenges regarding your personal life. It is time you implemented the plans you have in mind about your relationship and try to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. You will dare to become a member of a team knowing that such a move will expose you in the eyes of people whom you were afraid of having opposite you. It is time you stopped hiding and you spoke the truth as it has been shaped in your mind and heart.



The Cancer Solar eclipse will change the facts in your life through important changes which take place on the professional or domestic level. You might have to violently stop some habits since you are called upon to seriously deal with certain difficulties which you insist on converting into something that will not catch your eye. You must find a solution regarding a relationship which upsets the whole edifice of your life even if you must be harsher than you can stand. You had better cut loose of certain things which feel like weights instead of dragging them along as the dead bodies of an old era.



The Cancer Solar eclipse will help you improve your communication with people with whom you speak a different language or from whom you have taken distance lately. You are called upon to break down the walls which alienate people with whom you share common interests and to make sure the ice melts. On the other hand, it is time you resolved an issue regarding relatives as it makes the flow of your daily routine difficult. The accumulation of guilt and negative thoughts makes the healthy side of your constitution sick.



The Cancer Solar eclipse will give you a push to think, speak or act in view of situations related to loss. You must handle your own personal affairs which seem to cause indissoluble problems. You will examine whether you lead some relationships and collaborations towards their definite end without being able to reverse the course. Perhaps you realise you must dig deep inside and confront your own self and your cowardliness to approach your sentimental world with the purpose of proving that you can get in touch with your real age.



The Solar eclipse opposite you is a difficult juncture because you will have to get in touch with people who seem decided to clarify your relationship. A collaboration might come to a close and you might leave a group which you thought would offer you security for a longer period of time. This will disturb you or even anger you but you are also called upon to realise that you make room and time in your life for new facts. Perhaps a long-lasting relationship ends but it seems impossible to be with somebody who was by your side over the last period.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to bring to the surface an issue related to or affecting your health. You will be called upon to consider habits which have an obvious and direct impact on your physical and emotional well-being and to decide whether you are ready to get rid of activities which bear no good result whatsoever on your constitution. Perhaps you must change situations of your daily work routine which have piled up in your constitution and harm it irreversibly.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to clarify the situation in your amorous life through realisations which may lay the foundations for a new reality. You are called upon to trust your better half and plan your life by their side or decide that a friendly separation is the most appropriate solution. Perhaps you understand that the priorities in your life change since you are called upon to invest time in issues concerning your children. As a result, you must organise the flow of your daily routine differently. You need to combine heart and mind which is, by definition, an extremely hard task for you but absolutely necessary at the current juncture.

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