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New Moon 1/8/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 8 degrees Leo on 1 August in conjunction with Venus and in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to activate the life of the representatives of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first decanate through decisions which disturb stagnant waters on the personal or financial level.

A change in the status of your relationship could upset the balance on the family level and even bring about plans to change residence. Perhaps a professional offer is tempting and makes you move several kilometres away from your place of residence or from people you were used to lately.

This New Moon promises a lot of gifts for people who are decided to change their life so long as you are willing to go against the stream and follow your heart.



The Leo New Moon is a very good opportunity to renew your personal life wishing to disturb stagnant waters. Perhaps you decide to go on holidays with your better half different from the ones you used to so as to avoid places or companies that have worn you out. Perhaps a new acquaintance comes up which upsets your life and shakes existing structures and habits. This New Moon helps you to approach your amorous needs in a way that could scare people you are used to.



The Leo New Moon will help you deal with issues related to your personal space so as to improve its environment. A renovation could change your mood and also stimulate your existing relationship. Moving out may help you to take distance from an amorous past which you try to leave behind lately. Finally, if you look for the right moment to make a move that will change things in your career, it is time you accepted an offer you have in hand.



The Leo New Moon is a good juncture to go on a trip that you so much need. You could set your personal life in priority and breathe new life in it or decide to visit a place where it is very likely you find that person you look for to become your better half. Perhaps you finish an educational cycle and you are ready to sail away to a destination where you can find an occupation which suits your desires.



The Leo New Moon seems to highly influence the financial area of your life since you have the chance to reach substantial professional decisions that could make you feel safer. A new collaboration might begin which seems to satisfy you on the personal level but it also disturbs your relationship with friends. Perhaps you leave a team effort you were used to so as to follow a more solitary course. If you join a new team, make sure you read the small print about conflicts and disagreements.



The New Moon in your sign seems like an excellent juncture to advance your personal life. You will be called upon to set priorities bearing in mind that it is a very favourable period for amorous issues and that you can move forward with an acquaintance or make the next step in your existing relationship. Perhaps you decide to focus on your professional plans and leave some collaborations by the wayside because you realise that they are not as beneficial as you thought. This New Moon can give new impetus to your life so long as you are decided to go after your dreams.



The Leo New Moon could be the moment when destiny takes charge and leads your life one or more steps forward. If there is a powerful person beside you who awaits your decisions, perhaps you must react to their initiatives which aim at waking you up from drowsiness. If there is enough behind-the-scenes action on the professional level, it is time you upset things so that masks fall off and you understand the characters of your surroundings.



The Leo New Moon is a good opportunity to get in touch with friends and to renew your life following a period of pressure and demand to function according to specific rules. You need to meet people; to get in touch with groups of people who have an original way of thinking; to realise that there is future. Perhaps you wish to be with younger people so as to take distance from those close to you who remind you of the impasses of your life.



The Leo New Moon could set new facts in motion on the professional level which may surprise close people. Perhaps you decide to use an offer and leave behind an environment which does not offer you anymore what you need. Perhaps you realise that you seek a new role, you try to get rid of habits of a period which drained you and you look for new challenges. On the domestic level, you had better hold a serious discussion with family members so as to clarify an issue which causes a stir between yourselves.



The Leo New Moon will help you go on a very much needed trip so as to come closer to your better half. You can probably break free from your routine and leave financial issues that have troubled you lately by the wayside. Perhaps you finish an educational cycle and you have the opportunity to implement professional plans so as to change the flow of your daily routine.



The Leo New Moon seems to make you realise that rules in your personal life have changed. You must acknowledge your feelings for your better half and as a result, you cannot define everything at will. Perhaps you feel dependent on somebody who has entered your life and seems to make you change your priorities in life by instigating the amorous spark time and again. On the financial level, you must beware not to spend too much, thus not to have more obligations than you can handle.



The New Moon opposite you is a very good moment to bring your personal life to a new dimension. You have the chance to make the next step in your relationship by upsetting existing balance as your close people knows it thus far. Perhaps you decide to break up so as to follow somebody you have just met because you cannot stand any compromises that bog you down. On the professional level, you cannot overlook the challenges for a change by closing your eyes and ears because you are called upon to answer whether you would dare something others wish for.



The Leo New Moon could help you to improve the climate in your daily life by making moves which prove that you are ready to escape the obsessions of your brain. If you can improve your relationship with somebody you work with on a daily basis, do so so that you sleep better. If you must cope with your health more, set yourself in priority and leave the desires of close people by the wayside as they sometimes take advantage of you.

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