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Full Moon 15/8/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius on 15 August in opposition to Venus and Mars in Leo impacts mainly on the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the third decanate through decisions which set important balances on the personal or professional level in motion.

This Full Moon upsets issues of personal profit in relation to team activities by bringing to the surface egos and conflicts. Some are called upon to prove their faith in team spirit when they might be tempted to have fast and easy personal gain. One must take distance from intense feelings so that one may assess the longterm benefit from a relationship which has lost its glamour but offers security and stability. Finally, it is important that one takes action to fix a relationship or collaboration which is about to make the next step because it cannot carry on according to the rhythm of the last period.


The Aquarius Full Moon might bring tension to issues regarding friends. Perhaps you feel you do not fit in in a system you were used to and that there are conflicts with people with whom the balance between yourselves is not clear anymore. Perhaps there are amorous sparks between you and somebody with whom there was no such prospect until today. Perhaps you must find the balance between the time you spend with friends and the time you invest in your personal life so as to resolve issues which come to the fore and are source of tension.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to cause a stir in domestic or professional issues. Perhaps there is a change regarding a plan that was under implementation because you do not feel fine with what you have agreed upon or because you cannot second your words. Perhaps you confront others’ decisions which force you to admit that you lose your comfort and as a result, you need to process a plan about your next steps. What matters is that you take distance from the fact and think based on reason and not on obsessions which lead in wrong directions.



The Aquarius Full Moon might upset your holidays or your plans for a trip because of the words of relatives. Perhaps you must change your plans because you must be close to some people who seem to need you. Perhaps you have the opportunity to go on a trip someplace you did not expect which means that you have full discretion to spend time far from exhausting familiar environments and people.



The Aquarius Full Moon might upset your finances because you are called upon to handle urgent situations which come up through issues regarding your collaborations or your personal life. Perhaps you must spend money for objects for your house. Perhaps you must discuss expenses which lay heavy on you and for which you must find solutions in concert with your better half. Perhaps something new comes up on the professional level that would tempt you to think of moving. This could change certain parameters that you have stabilised lately.



The Full Moon opposite you is a determinative moment for your interpersonal relationships because the next step most probably takes place on the personal or professional level. You are willing to make a move which may disturb stagnant waters and cause a stir in your surroundings. This does not necessarily affect you though. You seem ready to handle the new facts bearing in mind that you are called upon to have checked the disposition of somebody who could follow you. If you are certain about your decisions, your attitude could be an opportunity to carry along somebody with you who could be your personal or professional better half.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to set work issues in motion and forces you to admit that you cannot keep living in a repetitive pattern. It is time you made a move which will change the flow and take you out of your comfort zone. Try and mobilise people who can play a role in the area of your work or read the signs for opportunities around you. Your choice to remain in a given living environment seems like quitting and being a prey to situations which others determine.



The Aquarius Full Moon might bring about developments in your personal life through a new acquaintance or decisions about your existing relationship regarding a child. In the first case, there might be a development which might carry you away amorously without knowing whether you walk on a dark path or there is no behind-the-scenes action. In the latter, you are about to make an important decision for which you should not hurry. You need time to clarify whether there is consistency between your thoughts and your actions or you are about to take an impulsive decision.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to bring about developments on the domestic or professional level through surprising decisions. You will be called upon to decide whether you can implement something that changes facts and whether you can follow a path which consists of you measuring up against your surroundings. A professional challenge might bring about a great dilemma which you cannot resolve yet so you might have to sail with two boats at the same time for some period. On the domestic level, you had better clarify your role so that there are no more questions and ambiguities which spoil the atmosphere.



The Aquarius Full Moon might bring a journey or your holidays to a close and bring you back to reality. You must take distance from issues which could be the source of tension because your interpersonal relationships seem to hang by a hair. Perhaps you are about to start an educational cycle so that you start something new professionally too in the coming period. Try and operate in team spirit because only then will you get the best of it.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to directly impact on your finances. You must revisit your financial obligations and make sure you think that you are not alone at this effort. Perhaps you must discuss a professional matter of collaboration or participation in a team but bear in mind that you cannot only think of your personal profit. You must be very careful on the personal level too because your way of thinking might change and as a result, changes will take place in your relationship.



The Full Moon in your sign is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you will have to hold a discussion which seems to upset established facts of your life. Perhaps you realise that you must redefine domestic facts. Perhaps you must change place of residence or redecorate your house to your taste. Perhaps there are problems in your relationship and a new acquaintance comes up which can set developments in motion fast. Perhaps you acknowledge that you need to make a professional change that could even make you move to another land.



The Aquarius Full Moon forces you to deal with health-related issues and calls upon you to fix situations which may upset your daily life. Perhaps you must stop looking at things from your own perspective and examine the words of close people who might try to make you remove the scales from your eyes. Perhaps you must simply get ready for work routine which is only a few days away and as a result, you are forced to spend only a little time far from your familiar environment.

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