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New Moon 30/8/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 6 degrees Virgo on 30 August in conjunction with Mercury, Venus and Mars and in quincunx with Chiron in Aries seems to highlight for the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the first decanate that it is time they dared to set their dreams in motion.

This juncture seems ideal to implement a plan which is based on reality and which leaves anything useless and purposeless by the wayside. You might cope with your constitution so as to treat elements which seem sick or you might take up activities which make you feel good with yourself. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level and you must fully focus on it.

This New Moon is ideal to screen out and to maintain a functional and harmonious environment. Take advantage of the occasion so as to get rid of everything that lays heavy on and stains your life.



The Virgo New Moon seems to bring something new on the professional level that will change your daily routine. It is likely that you start a new collaboration or you find yourself in a new professional environment and you must fit in in a system which you are not certain will respond. Perhaps it is time you dealt with yourself, you looked after your body and health, you took care of your nutrition and you adjusted to a routine which is not what it used to be. In any case, make sure you read the signs about whatever is sick and needs repair or treatment.



The Virgo New Moon could help you to make a new beginning in your amorous life. You can restart your relationship and you could make a move which would bring about a pleasant and desirable change in the way you see your relationship in the future. Perhaps it is time you broadened your horizon and looked beyond your surroundings, mainly if you are single, because there are opportunities that could change your amorous disposition. Get rid of anything toxic and make sure you keep what breathes new life in yours.



The Virgo New Moon seems to put pressure on you to put some situations in order which may confuse you, stress you and upset your life. You are called upon to delimit some uncontrollable actions of close people with the purpose of controlling moves and actions which could expose you. Perhaps it is time you changed your living space and you redecorated your house so as to spend quality time in it. If you decide to set new conditions in the way you work, make sure you invest your time in occasions which are beneficial to you.



The Virgo New Moon most probably contributes to the adoption of a new way of communication with close people with the purpose of improving some difficulties in the approach between yourselves. You must rationally explain your difficulties to get in touch with people with whom you speak a different language and see whether you wish to bridge the communication gap. Perhaps it is time you looked for a new place of residence and move some place that would be friendlier to you. Finally, it is time you expressed your objections to people who do not understand you bearing in mind that you must first find a common language to communicate.



The Virgo New Moon is a very good chance to put your expenses in order bearing in mind that you are called upon to cover obligations without delay. Make sure you set priorities, you examine certain things realistically and you leave ambitious goals and crazy desires by the wayside. You must pay due attention to your daily routine because you cannot avoid it and hide from it. On the professional level, make sure you consider real profit and forget about utopian discussions and meaningless promises.



The New Moon in your sign is a dynamic juncture because you have the opportunity to start something new on the personal or professional level. You are at a juncture when you have the endurance and strength to promote yourself and to make a new beginning in an area of your life which has come to a close. Perhaps it is time you acknowledged the fact that you are called upon to be in the limelight, to be exposed, and to shoulder responsibilities. You are called upon to remember that there are a lot of stressful details so try and distinguish what is useful from what wastes your time.



The Virgo New Moon could be harsh on you and add weights and responsibilities to your shoulders without you being able to get rid of them. Perhaps you must extensively work on something that consumes a lot of time from your life and as a result, you retire into yourself or you lose time you could invest in yourself. Perhaps you feel inner tension; you have tendencies of isolation and escape; you realise that you are under mental and physical pressure to follow a specific daily routine. Look after yourself and grade your priorities differently so that you can see the real dimension of obstacles.



The Virgo New Moon could be an excellent opportunity to assume a new role in a team which moves in a certain direction. Perhaps you must focus on the details of this prospect, be trained so as to respond to your new tasks, and make sure you find your balance based on the new facts. It is likely you make new collaborations or relationships with people with whom you share the same way of thinking and you realise you will speak a new language. Perhaps you simply reactivate your friendly relationships, you get in touch with people you have lost contact with, and you improve the atmosphere between yourselves.



The Virgo New Moon will make you admit that there are elements of a professional reality which need improvement and change. You must focus on small issues which might poison your daily life and make small but essential changes in relationships with people from work. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level, you are in a new work space and you must introduce yourself. Beware not to influence existing delicate balances. Remember that your family needs your presence which means that you are called upon to set priorities when it comes to time management.



The Virgo New Moon is a good opportunity to make a change in your daily routine that will allow you to function in an improved environment. You may get rid of activities which lay heavy on you and of habits which have turned into compulsive repetitive actions with no real result. Perhaps it is time you went on a trip someplace where your mind will clear and you will get in touch with people with whom you can communicate in a way you have missed.



The Virgo New Moon might be a very good opportunity to put financial issues in order which should not remain unsolved. You are called upon to collaborate with somebody you share the same work or obligations of common concern so that you both attune to the situation. It would be useful to be more rational and avoid planning based on a utopian perception. On the personal level, you have the opportunity to approach your better half or somebody you are interested in and with whom you wish to improve the climate.



The Virgo New Moon is an excellent opportunity to contract a new relationship which may change the course of your life. If you are single, an acquaintance might bring fast developments in your personal life because you might have found somebody who complements your imperfections and voids. If you are in a relationship, make sure you awaken or bridge the gap in your relationship according to your intentions for the future. On the professional level, you are called upon to be clear about the obligations you assume because you cannot give promises you have not understood.

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