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Jupiter in Capricorn 12/2019-12/2020
by signingstar

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will move into Capricorn on 2 December 2019 and will remain in the same sign until 19 December 2020. It will mostly influence the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

Jupiter in a sign which is ruled by his opponent, Saturn, gives birth to two scenarios. The first implies the imprisonment of Jupiter in a set of boundaries and rules. As a result, he is not able to move on and broaden his horizons. He finds it hard to speed up in a vehicle which consists only of brakes. Perhaps expansive plans are delayed, relationships are obstructed, and professional projects, which are not based on a detailed plan, must be reviewed.

The second scenario refers to the possibility that the expansive dispositions of Jupiter target areas which are well-structured and which may give birth to essential and tangible benefits to the lives of people who choose to operate in this way. Year-long efforts for progress, development and well-being will pay off and something will be born that will open the way to the future in the lives of people who were trapped in a battle with the past. Dare to claim the benefit which corresponds to your efforts and you will understand that there is room for improvement of your personal life so long as you function based on self-knowledge.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 signals a twelve-month-period during which you are called upon to take actions which prove you are ready to finish the plan of the last two years. Jupiter in Capricorn calls upon you to move from planning into implementation of a work which revolves around your public image. You will be called upon to answer whether you are ready to assume a new role on the professional level with the wish to prove that you have been appropriately educated. You will be also called upon to demonstrate your talent to manage others even through a leading role in a team that seeks a new direction. Perhaps it is time you made a change on the domestic level with the wish to prove that you can shoulder weights and offer security to members in need of support. If this means that you get married and have a family, make sure you are prepared for the new role you personify. If you leave a relationship that pestered you and made you bleed, try and leave the tendency for revenge by the wayside because what matters is that you find the direction which breathes new life in you time and again.


In January 2020, when Jupiter will be in opposition to the North Node in Cancer, you will have to listen to the other side shall you wish to reach decisions which do not lead you in a familiar living pattern with impasses. In March 2020, an intense period of almost nine months begins when you are called upon to prove that you can shoulder your new role. There will be moments when you are weighed down with responsibilities or you wish to quit and leave. You will feel wronged and you will seek to deprive some authorities of their throne. It would be rather useful, though, to take lessons of time management and strategy by third parties because you will be able, following that nine-month-long period, to live in a completely different environment from the one you imagined.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 is a good opportunity to dare to be more extrovert based on your meticulously planned projects of the last two years. If you are in an environment where communication and extroversion are important elements for your personal success, it is time you finished your training so as to speak a new language. A new diploma could be key to join a new world which sounds rather demanding and scary but also intriguing since you will be a member of this private team. You must prove, of course, that you can shoulder professional weights and speak to a more demanding audience. There is no other way, though, to prove that you are ready to climb up the career ladder. On the personal level, you will be called upon to prove whether you can second your decision either through commitment in a relationship which comes with a lot of responsibilities for you or through a break up that could be a crucial point in your life. If you break up, you must leave behind sides of yourself that you cannot drag along.


January 2020 is an important moment when you are called upon to take decisions regarding your life course. You should listen to the familiar inner voice or to those of close people who would function in a different way. As from March onwards, you will be called upon to work hard so as to prove that you can change your way of thinking and be ready to work according to a different pattern towards the end of the year. You get out of your comfort zone, of course, but there is no other way shall you wish to safeguard some creative and fruitful years for your future.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 signals a period when you must go through situations which definitely come to a close. Perhaps you experience changes related to family members. Perhaps you see people growing old or getting sick. They definitely want to teach you how to accept the torch that is passed over to you. You must be trained for crisis management; you must learn to handle financial affairs of which others have been in charge until today; and you must get in touch with people you used to alienate. Perhaps you are in a job that will be challenged and you will be called upon to decide whether you will be the captain or you will leave stating that you prefer to live a life with less responsibilities and obligations. On the personal level, you have the chance to come closer to your better half either by having a child or by giving birth to a professional plan which is based on your collaboration. If you are single, it is time you searched deep within and you discovered the reasons why you refuse to express your feelings in a relationship. You see, in a different case, the relationship falls into disrepute and ends.


January 2020 teaches you to deal with financial issues with two aspects: this of taking personal risk and that of staying in a safe environment. Regardless of the decision, you must second it full-heartedly as from March 2020 onwards when you must work hard to confront difficulties. Do not try and disclaim your obligations because the game rules are not flexible. Quite the contrary, they produce penalties you cannot escape. At the same time, possible success brings along unexpected wealth.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 signals a twelve-month-period during which you will implement thoughts and plans you were keeping in your head or on paper. Your life may take another turn through a relationship which may lay foundations for the edifice of your future. You have the opportunity to stop acting alone without getting the support and care you seek, and to share your anxieties as well as your feelings with somebody who has come to stay. Perhaps you dare to build a new professional shelter where you can express your talents and put your personal stamp. If you take distance from an area of your life which has ceased to offer you security, open the door and leave without remorse or guilt. You are called upon to persuade yourself that there is future and shall you manage to do so, it is almost absolutely certain that you will find people to walk with on this path which is not solitary anymore.


January 2020 is an excellent moment to take important decisions on the personal level. Perhaps you meet your karmic better half or you reach a decision which may push your relationship towards the next step. As from March onwards, a period begins when you are called upon to second your decisions and put yourself to the test so as to adopt your new role. You need endurance and proof that you trust the other side be it on the amorous or the professional level.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 is a period when you are called upon to lay foundations for a routine which has changed. Following a series of professional compromises, adaptations at work, and changes in the way you handle your physical endurance, it is time you set your priorities. Perhaps you grade some parts of your life differently which means that this should be obvious in your daily flow too. You must organise professional obligations and assess the benefit of each one of them before you add new facts to your life. It would be wise to include your personal life in your priorities because you may easily fall into the trap of having too high career expectations and as a result, go too far.


Your health is another important area which you should look after in every possible way. You must cope with questions of nutrition and exercise so as to be tuned in to the facts of your social environment and the responsibilities you shoulder. Perhaps it is time you looked after yourself because you invest in a personal effort in your career instead of wasting your time to others’ benefit. Finally, you had better remember that you grow old which means that your endurance changes so do not try and prove that you can push your body too hard.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 signals a period during which you have the opportunity to take actions which may lay the foundations for your new reality. You have the chance to improve your personal life by overcoming a past pattern which has led to impasses. You may make a different choice in your amorous life and decide to be with somebody with whom you may speak about the future without filtering it through the past. Perhaps you take the next step in your existing relationship and you have a child. Thus, your priorities in life change and you will get another perspective about how serious situations are. Perhaps you see your children becoming independent and turning into the people you would like them to be through actions which entail the understanding what taking personal responsibility means.


January 2020 may bring about important developments to your life to the extent that they could be a catalyst in a transformation which follows. As from March onwards, a period of gestation and birth of your new identity begins through hardship and labour, of course. You could be decisive so as to second the self you have decided to give shape to so long as you feel well with your emotional world. You should not use your mind or body alone. You should also jump within so as to get answers which cannot be the result of reason only.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 will make you face big developments on the personal or professional level. You are called upon to handle the tremors which take place in your life over the last couple of years in a way which proves that you are ready to break free and change your role. Perhaps your family grows because you have a child that will put the balance of your relationship to the test. Perhaps you must move to a new house because you are not alone anymore and you need room for the rest of the family members. Perhaps you leave a house you were used to living in because you spread your wings to a land where you think you can have more opportunities to lay the foundations for your personal growth. On the professional level, it is time you proved you took and understood the lessons of the last three years. You should dare to make moves which indicate you will prove you have the ability and dynamic to second an effort for which you must be patient and assume responsibilities.


January 2020 calls upon you to find the balance between career and family through a decision which cannot be based on reason alone. You cannot ignore your emotional needs otherwise you will make steps of progress which will lead you to a new prison. As from March onwards, a nine-month-long period begins when you are called upon to prove you can handle difficult decisions and you are able to cut the umbilical cord in your life.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 is a good opportunity to try and implement the new facts of your worldview in a reality which should not be the same as it used to be two years ago. It is time you started speaking a new language and you tried to get used to an environment which seems foreign in comparison to the familiar one you have been living in until today. Perhaps you must communicate in a new language or implement new habits in a work routine which is way too different from what you knew. Perhaps you wish to take distance from relatives because you try and lay your own foundations that should not be imbued with pictures and memories from your past.


In January 2020, you might go on a trip that will teach you a lot in your effort to find your footing in a new environment. If you decide to be trained in a new subject, bear in mind that, as from March 2020 onwards, you will have to prove you have physical and mental endurance. Your daily life will be demanding and you might have to travel in between places which are far one from another. Do not fear changes in your routine because only then do you lay foundations so that you can function in environments which are not interconnected.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 is a boost for your finances because it has been pretty hard on you over the least three years. You have the opportunity to see that your efforts pay off mainly through a pay rise at work or the selling of objects and ideas you have been creating. Perhaps you seek to invest your profit and avoid reckless moves proving that you grew wiser in the last three years. Perhaps you choose to get rid of weights and objects which lay heavy on your shoulders but only if you also make a profit out of them. On the personal level, you are called upon to be more specific about your dispositions so as to finally be with somebody who helps you to find your footing and to stop living only for today.


January 2020 might offer you a chance to make a move which invests in the future and opens up a new pathway you should not walk alone. If you take the right decision, you must prove that you can second it as from March onwards. Thus, a nine-month-long period begins when you are called upon to answer whether you move on alone or together with somebody whom you consider your karmic chance to move into a new life. Do not believe that this decision is easy because you are challenged to withdraw your commitments at times when fast and easy profit fights against thoughts about future in the long-run.



Jupiter in your sign between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 is an extremely important opportunity to open the door to your new life. Following a three-year-long period during which you were called upon to reinvent yourself and you were committed to make moves which would fix past omissions and mistakes, it is time you redeemed the profits of your actions. You could try and improve your personal life time and again through a relationship which erases the ugly memories of the last years when you saw your life coming to a dead-end. You must commit that you will live according to your heart and not to decisions based on your mind’s rules. You are called upon to prove that you can second yourself as well as the other side without worrying whether you have enough money to do so. There is also that element of emotional identification which you cannot ignore. If you end a relationship which has worn you out, decide to give up on certain claims of the other side because what really matters is that you clear your pathway and move in a direction of personal freedom as soon as possible. On the professional level, you have the opportunity to try and start something new so long as you believe in your power and you bring along fresh ideas.


January 2020 seems to be the month which leads to the new order of things. You cannot be alone in this path because you commit to somebody or to a situation that could be part of yourself and you cannot leave by the wayside. As from March onwards, a period begins when you redeem the profits of your effort, which blossoms, and you see your life take a new turn. A new relationship might lay stronger foundations but you have to cope with obstacles which are related to your tendency to function individualistically and selfishly. You are called upon to realise that individual effort leads to dead-ends that could be detrimental from now on. Thus, make sure you have a co-driver in your life and why not, be the one who sits on the seat of the co-driver in a course in which you blindly rely on the driver of the vehicle.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 teaches you that it is time you started listening to your inner voice so as to move on into deconstructing your life. Following three years of changes around you, you try and fit in new professional environments. You have been forced to assume roles you did not choose, or you were called upon to collaborate with people who have an opposite view to yours and on whom you cannot impose your beliefs. Perhaps you had to look after your health and deal with not at all simple problems because you must start having a different living pattern. It is the right period to look within and see what has changed around you. You are called upon to find the balance between you inner world and the external changes. You need not necessarily look for a new professional prospect. You should rather ask yourself whether you have come to a professional impasse as you try and assume unsuitable roles. Perhaps it is time you dared to make a turn in your career in directions you have not even chosen to touch upon because they represent choices of the unconscious and not the conscious side of yourself. Perhaps you seek the help of people who are in touch with your feelings since you wish to find answers regarding your personal life and obsessions which are still there following a superficially pleasant life of the last years.


In January 2020, you will have the chance to focus on directions in which you did not choose to go all along. If you want to find your footing time and again, you are called upon to choose the difficult path of inner satisfaction and not superficial well-being. As from March onwards, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with your emotional world so as to break free from complexes which give you superficial security and deep uncertainty. It is not easy, of course, because you must isolate your mind in the process of giving shape to choices which could bridge the gap between reason and feelings. In this effort, you will have the chance to acknowledge people who really stand by you and distinguish them from those who are simply there.



Jupiter in Capricorn between 2 December 2019 and 19 December 2020 will give you a boost to activate your friendly circle time and again as you alienated people in it the last two years. If you bravely screened out your social circle and if you changed your habits and activities, then you would have the opportunity to broaden your horizons in the coming twelve months. You may be a member of new teams in which you will find opportunities to feel like a real member of a society under transformation. You could get in touch with friends anew with the purpose of adding actions to your life that will help you be more optimistic about the future. Finally, you have the chance to see the impact of a professional plan to your life so long as you can work as a member of a team which has struggled to find roles for everybody.


January 2020 could bring along karmic challenges regarding your priorities. You are called upon to decide whether you will be a team member or you will focus on your personal life and make moves which prove you seek emotional fulfilment. As from March onwards, you may start practicing your new obligations so that you can give birth to a creation which bears your personal stamp towards the end of the year. This aims at changing you from inside out so do not believe that the process will be over by the end of 2020. It probably leads to your new personal identity from that moment on.

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