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Full Moon 14/9/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 21 degrees Pisces on 14 September in conjunction with Neptune, in opposition to Mars in Virgo and in square with Jupiter in Sagittarius seems to complicate and confuse the life of signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born in the beginning of the third decanate.


Perhaps you are at sea with offers and prospects and you struggle to screen out truth from utopia. It is time you shed light to the area of your interpersonal relationships and you tried to connect reason to feelings so as to move on. If there are grey zones and shadows, if there are doubts, they might come to the surface and you might hear news which awaken you.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to function like a bomb in an area of your life which remains idle and goes unnoticed for some time now. Perhaps developments take place which impact on the balance on the professional level or disagreements come to the surface which might give different shape to existing balances. Perhaps you realise some moves from third parties take place and might influence your psychology in a group which is obviously under transformation. Make sure you read the signs because some situations might lead you to a dead-end in the coming days.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to make you focus on the personal level either because an acquaintance evolves or because you make the next step in your existing relationship. What matters is that you feel complete and you are in touch with your emotional world without putting pressure on yourself to operate in an unfamiliar way. In addition, there are likely developments in your friendly relationships and this might be confusing because you receive some unclear signals. Try not to overestimate certain moves because you might fall into your own trap.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to be the juncture when you are called upon to make a move that will disturb stagnant waters on the professional or domestic level. If you still feel disoriented regarding your role in a new situation, you must do something to clear the landscape. Perhaps this means that you confront close people but it is time you set some boundaries in occasions that should not remain chaotic. If you are ready for the next move, you had better catch your surroundings napping and move forward with certain situations faster than third parties expected.



The Pisces Full Moon might interrupt the train of your thoughts and you might be exposed before relatives or people from your professional circle. Try and listen carefully to what third parties say and process information. Make sure you filter your thoughts before you express your views because you might fall into your own traps. Finally, if a journey comes up, make sure you enjoy it in the extreme. Bear in mind, though, that you might leave unfinished business in your daily life.



The highly amorous Pisces Full Moon might give you the chance to plan your future regarding your better half. If it is time you planned your future together, make sure you carefully blaze your trail because you might have to buy things you had not foreseen. If a new acquaintance comes to the fore, try and avoid comparing this person with your past. Make sure you see this prospect as something new. You are obliged to erase the scars of an old story that might still be in your head for reasons that only you are aware of.



The Pisces Full Moon is an excellent opportunity to clarify whether you can live according to reality or you choose to live in a parallel universe. The answer is not that simple because you cannot be sure about the area of your life in which this takes place. Thus, you are called upon to clarify whether developments concern the domestic or professional area of your life. You should therefore make necessary moves to attune your dispositions with the possibilities your environment gives you.



The Pisces Full Moon might be an alarm which awakens you and calls on you to broaden your horizon. Perhaps you realise there are unexpected or sudden changes in the environment of your daily life and as a result, you understand that things do not move along according to the plan in your head. Perhaps you must look after your health because you have abandoned yourself and the result is obvious on you. Perhaps you look around and see people moving along with their lives while you are stagnant in a repetitive pattern which is about to sink due to routine.



The favourable Pisces Full Moon seems to add eroticism to your life either through an acquaintance with better prospects or through the next step in your existing relationship. Perhaps this means that some things exist only inside your head and they might not reflect reality. Thus, it would be useful to ask yourself whether everything mentioned above is real or you would like them to be real. It is not a bad idea to try and disturb stagnant waters by asking for proof for every stimulus you receive or you think you do.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to prevent you from fitting in with a vague environment. If your relationship has got no foundations, you can easily feel like being lost in an unstable house and in feelings which you cannot assess and evaluate as real. If there are problems on the professional level, try and dissociate yourself in situations which are probably out of your control and in which you might be involved for no reason. Try and make your life clear otherwise you will overstep your bounds.



The Pisces Full Moon might bring to the surface discussions which you will be called upon to hold with relatives so as to settle disputes in the smoothest possible way. Try and examine the other side’s perspective, skip a narrow-minded frame of thoughts and views, and close the gap in communication. Leaving is not a solution at the current juncture unless you decide to take somebody along with whom you can melt the ice in your relationship.



The Pisces Full Moon might upset your finances since unexpected expenses might come up. Try and avoid being carried away with thoughts and plans, and rationalise some moves you had probably decided upon which might set your budget on fire. If you need to escape from a tiring routine, make sure you spend time with few people because it seems that you are in need of isolation and little noise around you.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to upset your interpersonal relationships because you will be called upon to confront your better half or your rival. The person opposite you, be it an entity or your alter ego, might decide to come to the surface and measure themselves against you. The impact of such a conflict should not necessarily be negative because you might converge when you least expected it. Perhaps it is the right moment to go ahead and not be as scared as you thought you should be.

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