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Full Moon 3/8/2020
by signingstar

The Full Moon on August, 3 at 12 degrees Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to upset the life of signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) in a way that signals definitive changes and developments in situations which might keep on bewailing or hoping for a magical change.

You are called upon to act as a catalyst in developments and to fire events which will have an impact on your position in groups in which the roles are confusing. Perhaps you exaggerate, your reactions are too tense, and you ride out a storm that you cannot necessarily handle. Perhaps you wish to disturb stagnant waters and shake things up so as to put the endurance of situations and structures to the test since you question their future anyway.



The Aquarius Full Moon will bring to the fore urgent expenses which you did not expect or which may have an impact on your social life. Perhaps you must mitigate your plans and leave thoughts about the month by the wayside. Perhaps you want to change your role in a group of people that you do not consider as homogenous as you would like it to be. This may affect the balance with people who are considered to be your friends.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to upset the professional area of your life because some decisions change the facts. Perhaps you leave a job that has come to a close and you decide to disturb stagnant waters by suggesting a new model of participation in the specific group of people. Perhaps you receive an offer you cannot overlook but may bring about unavoidable chain developments. In general, you are at a juncture when things change and you are called upon to pull the wires and not only observe developments.



The Aquarius Full Moon could be a good occasion to express your thoughts with the purpose of putting the reactions of your environment to the test. Perhaps you have an opportunity to go on a short trip that may change the priorities of your life and give different shape to your everyday life so as to stop being a cog in the wheel that has worn you out lately. Try to add new images to your life in an attempt to get rid of surrounding shadows.



The Aquarius Full Moon might upset your finances and highlight the need for change in established facts. Perhaps you decide to change role in a professional group of people or you think about leaving. Thus, you must reorganise the financial facts of your life. Perhaps there is expense you are called upon to handle wisely and attentively since you cannot be careless.



The Full Moon opposite you signals the time when you must open your eyes and face reality as seen through the other side’s eyes. You are called upon to listen to the other side’s suggestions and decisions and to realise that there are changes and developments which you cannot ignore. Perhaps there is a professional offer that could change the facts and make you consider whether you could bring things upside down in your life without being scared of this prospect anymore. It seems that something cannot stand the shakes and you cannot keep on giving extensions of time hoping that things will magically change.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be an occasion to realise that your body and spirit do not communicate between themselves lately. You are called upon to harmonise your thoughts with your intentions; to set your work routine on its realistic dimension; and to consider professional opportunities. Perhaps you understand that your everyday life has changed and that there are different priorities in your life. Perhaps it is time you took a break to ask yourself whether you have your priorities wrong and whether you should review decisions and actions you have taken on.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be a good opportunity to deal with your personal life being obliged to come down to earth and set bogged down plans in motion. If there are developments in your relationship, they could translate into having a child or looking after your child. Perhaps there are amorous challenges around you which you cannot ignore but you are called upon to handle based on the fact that you cannot always hide regarding your dispositions.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to shake certain structures of your life and bring to the surface elements of a reality which cannot be like you present it. Perhaps the other side attacks you because it is time you confronted challenges and objections thinking that they will be overcome by themselves. Perhaps you start thinking about a professional offer and you have to acknowledge that you could compromise current security for something exciting. On the personal level, it is very easy to turn a random unforeseen acquaintance into something amorous. It will not be necessarily stable and long-lasting.



The Aquarius Full Moon is a good opportunity to express your objections regarding everyday life and your lifestyle. Perhaps you acknowledge that you experience a reality which is far from what you wish. This means that you are perhaps ready to talk about your role in the work environment. Perhaps you seriously talk about the possibility to go on a trip which could be the starting point of your rejuvenation. Routine wears you down and dries you up, and you cannot keep on hiding it from your surroundings.



The Aquarius Full Moon will shake up financial issues and remind you that you have unfinished business which you cannot ignore. You are called upon to give answers and be persuasive about handling your responsibilities without burying your head in the sand. On the personal level, perhaps you feel inadequate in your relationship which means that a third person may easily invade and make you ask yourself why you maintain a situation that has worn you out.



The Full Moon in your sign will be a good opportunity to decide to shake the ground on which you stand lately. You want to put the stability of your relationship to the test and see whether you can trust the other side or you would rather put an end to it. On the professional level, you feel that something lays heavy on you and you will try to find a way out or you are called upon to stand situations you do not accept and you cannot second anymore. In any case, you have the chance to pull the wires so long as you are prepared to pay the price for the outcome of your actions.



The Aquarius Full Moon could be that spark you have been awaiting that sheds light on the dark sides of your life. You are called upon to realise that there are people and situations that have a dark impact on your life and manage to direct your thoughts and decisions without realising it. Perhaps you must focus on your health and look after yourself. You want to shout out loud that you would like to give priority to yourself which you do not currently do and will have negative consequences for your health.

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