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New Moon 19/8/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on August, 19 at 26 degrees Leo in conjunction with Mercury, in trine with Mars in Aries, and in quincunx with Saturn in Capricorn seems to affect the representatives of the fiery element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) by highlighting that their actions should revolve around themselves.

Perhaps you take decisions which seem extremely selfish, which are based only on your own desires and dispositions, and which leave others’ needs by the wayside. Perhaps you decide to express yourself in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretations or exchange of views. Perhaps you want to take action that revolves around yourself and you put others’ thoughts and visions on the back burner. Perhaps you exaggerate with your reactions and you harm your relationships with authority figures because you wish to make your presence felt and claim the space that you are not given.



The Leo New Moon is an excellent opportunity to add moments of pleasure and joy to your life, to become more extrovert, and to leave a dangerously heavy routine by the wayside for a while. You want to behave with childlike carelessness and innocence, to flirt and focus on your relationship, and to make interesting suggestions to the person you are in love with. Make sure you go on a short trip and you will realise that you need it so as to be more optimistic about the future.



The Leo New Moon will make you cope with domestic affairs and realise that it is time you did something to clear up your space. Perhaps the thought lays heavy on you, troubles you, and makes you lose your sleep. However, it is also a very good moment to set certain procedures in motion that are necessary in your life. If you are about to move or change work, you had better be a team member and not take decisions based only on your own needs.



The Leo New Moon could help you to go on an excursion which you have planned or need and which will give you the opportunity to take distance from the ordinary questions of your life. Perhaps you want to take distance from your better half and spend time with friends you have missed. Perhaps you decide to be more extrovert and try to make acquaintances so as to break free from repetitive everyday life.



The Leo New Moon is a good opportunity to improve your finances. Perhaps you discuss professional offers and you seek a way to increase your income. Perhaps you decide to reduce your expenditure that is likely related to somebody else. Perhaps you decide to stop being so generous with people who give you nothing in return.



The New Moon in your sign reminds you that you cannot catch up with everything and that you cannot satisfy everybody’s demands and desires. Perhaps you feel that you can live at will and that you have opportunities to take action which revolves around yourself. However, you cannot ignore everyday obligations. Your disposition to behave selfishly and arrogantly meets with opposition from powerful people who can lay down rules that you cannot disobey. On the other side, if you can lay down the rules, then behave in a way which leaves no room for questioning of your intentions.



The Leo New Moon seems to highlight that daily obligations do not let you enjoy your days and that you are forced to operate within a specific action frame as dictated by others. You must be careful with boundaries in your interpersonal relationships and protect yourself from people who tend to take over areas of action that go too far and others cannot stand it. If you feel physically and mentally tired, try and retire into yourself so as to find your footing even if such a decision might be considered selfish and arrogant by others.



The Leo New Moon makes you more extrovert and seems to give you the opportunity to meet friends you have missed. You also have the opportunity to take up a new activity which makes you more of a team member and helps you to escape a stifling routine. On the personal level, you have the chance to make acquaintances that erase past memories or to realise that a friendship has got another dimension in your life since the amorous element shows up and flares up.



The Leo New Moon will be an opportunity to change rhythm on the professional level, to express your need to show off, and to stop hiding from your surroundings. Perhaps something new begins at work that makes you visible and an important actor in the wider group. Perhaps you show off your tense personality in a work circle of people with authority and power which helps you to prove that you can be equal. Do not fear comparisons because you have nothing to lose at the current juncture, mainly if you are prepared to shoulder responsibilities and obligations.



The Leo New Moon seems to help you to travel and to find yourself far from a stifling environment that you have been experiencing lately. You have the chance to pass time with people who make you feel like a child again; to reinvigorate your personal life and your relationship; to flirt; and to look for the partner you really need. Perhaps you have the opportunity to cope with pleasant and relaxing activities and leave financial troubles by the wayside which will not disappear anyway.



The Leo New Moon might be a very good opportunity to improve the conditions in your personal life shall you allow the other side to take the reins. You are called upon to let the other side take actions that you do not decide to take yourself. This stresses you and troubles you because you cannot easily trust. You want to be in control but you cannot operate rationally and essentially at the same time. Therefore, you had better observe the way the other side moves and take lessons regarding the way you can share your life.



The New Moon opposite you will be a good opportunity to reinvigorate your personal life. Allow your partner to take initiative to rekindle your relationship when you stand frozen before developments. If you are single or concerned about a relationship that is not that stable, make sure you broaden your social circle and make new acquaintances. Meeting with people will help you to escape a heavy environment so as to give shape to your decisions in the most objective way.



The Leo New Moon will be a good opportunity to improve things in your everyday life. Try and put your obligations in order and get rid of actions which bear no real outcome. Perhaps this harms your friendships but you had better be clear about your intentions instead of counting on unrealistic promises.

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