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Full Moon 2/9/2020
by signingstar

The Full Moon on September, 2 at 10 degrees Pisces seems to be the end of a period when the rhythms were slow or even sluggish. It is an alarm that awakens consciousness and people who are bogged down in the past.

It is time you took action and you got rid of everything useless and pointless that is an obstacle to your course in the coming months. You need a clear path so as to walk without losing balance or stumbling upon objects and memories which divert your track. Perhaps it is difficult to clear up the landscape at the current juncture but it is also necessary that you do so. Make sure you are at least clear with yourself and then you will find a way to clarify others’ intentions.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to be that point in time which signals the end of a period which consisted of uncertainty and ambiguity. It is time you were decisive and you got rid of everything that has no direction or remains unclear and mysterious. Perhaps this means that a working cycle comes to a close and you take distance from people you were used to being surrounded by. At the same time, you will stand on your feet because you reinvent your identity.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to be a good moment to reorganise your circle of friends. Perhaps you come closer to people with whom you reach an understanding without necessarily speaking and you create alliances and friendships that help you not to feel lonely and isolated from your surroundings. Perhaps it is time you told some truths to people, with whom you share thoughts and visions for the future, that would threaten your ties. You need not be afraid of being yourself but this does not mean that you dissociate from everybody so as to prove that you have an identity.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to bring about new facts on the professional level and to highlight your need to decide whether you operate based on yourself or you hide in the crowd. You need not show off and highlight your need to be heard but you must be honest to yourself. If there is a domestic problem, do not rely on one opinion but listen to more because the truth is not one-dimensional.



The Pisces Full Moon could be your opportunity to escape a difficult professional or everyday environment which is more and more stifling. Perhaps you go on a short or longer trip, you daydream with a book, or you invest in an acquaintance that broadens your horizon. If there are developments at work, try and keep your cool and see things from a wider perspective.



The Pisces Full Moon will make you settle financial issues and beware of expenses you are called upon to wisely manage following deep consideration. You had better avoid being carried away by others’ uncertain intentions, suggestions and estimations that you cannot rationally process. On the amorous level, you need to be in a relationship that protects you and secures you. It does not mean, though, that every person you meet is willing to take on this role.



The Full Moon opposite you will be a good opportunity to clarify the context of a relationship which has probably lost its orientation. Try and get help from close friends regarding your worries, listen to others’ opinions, and keep your eyes open. On the professional level, make sure you weigh the facts and avoid being emotional because you cannot ignore or put the financial aspect on the back burner.



The Pisces Full Moon aims at clarifying ambiguity and chaos that takes place in your everyday life and at helping you put order in certain parameters which define the flow of your day. It is time you got rid of whatever lays heavy on you and there is no particular reason why you should drag it along. It is time you left some habits that do not suit your new life by the wayside. Perhaps there are conflicts at work and your big need to change work environment comes to the surface. A new beginning could currently breathe new life in you but you should know that you must prove yourself in the new environment.



The Pisces Full Moon could confuse things on the amorous level and make you lose balance between reason and feelings. Perhaps you are involved in an adventure that you cannot rationally explain but it is also impossible for you to move away. Perhaps you try to start a discussion which cannot be superficial because of unconscious and burning feelings. Remember that your instinct will help you so long as you can follow it and not turn it into what you would like it to be.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to highlight the need to cope with your house and necessarily clear it up shall you wish to feel you are in control time and again. It is time you stopped focusing only on your social life or activities and focus on issues related to your family or living space. Do not leave unfinished business in these areas and try and settle whatever seems chaotic. If there is a professional offer, do not jump into conclusions.



The Pisces Full Moon will be an excellent opportunity to speak up and be more compassionate. Perhaps you can understand the other side’s problems and be compassionate and supportive. Perhaps you have the opportunity to go on a short trip that will help you to see some things from another perspective which you so much need so as to come out of the labyrinth that is convenient for some. With regard to the wider family, try and listen to the problems and respond in an emotional and not absolutely rational way.



The Pisces Full Moon could be confusing for your finances and make you doubtful about your income. You are called upon to be careful with your belongings and avoid doing shopping which will turn into a burden in the future. Communication-wise, try and be clear with whatever you say because you might make impressions to people before you which you will be called upon to impolitely refute later.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to be the moment when you are called upon to take decisions which consist of a sort of catharsis. Following a period of ambiguity and insecurity, as well as a period of tergiversations that have not helped you to be clear at least with yourself, it is time you expressed what you have in mind. Perhaps the other side gives you the answer you seek, thus the choices before you become clear. If a prospect you counted on falls through, make sure you are ready to deal with what comes next because it is different from what you had in mind.

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