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New Moon 17/9/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on September, 17 at 25 degrees Virgo in trine with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and in square with the axis of the Moon’s nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius seems to highlight the need to give shape to an everyday life which responds to current needs.

You are called upon to be honest about the real needs of the times and dare to break free from plans and projects which consist of romanticism and extreme optimism. A period of hard work begins when you must prove that you are able to finish a mission. Perhaps you must work long hours and invest in hard work and knowledge in a subject in which you must train either yourself or others. Finally, try and pay attention to your health and dare to make changes and break free from habits that do not contribute to your physical health. Your constitution must be able to shoulder the weights of the coming period.



The Virgo New Moon seems to bring your familiar everyday life to the fore. You need to put actions and activities in order as you should not leave them to chance. You could be busy with specific things that have a very concrete framework and rules. Perhaps you must cope with your health, beware of your nutrition, and take up sports. You must arrange your daily plan so make sure you pay due attention to it.



The Virgo New Moon will be an opportunity to pass time with your better half which is something you have missed lately. You could improve your communication with them, find common activities that will bring you closer together, and introduce moments with them that will lighten up your everyday life. If you are single, you may meet somebody who can improve your routine but you cannot assess whether you can invest in them in the long-run.



The Virgo New Moon seems to be the juncture when you are called upon to settle issues of your personal life mainly by putting order in your house. Perhaps you must go shopping, organise your living space, and redecorate. Perhaps you must delimit your professional tasks differently and set a new work schedule in your life by arranging everyday priorities.



The Virgo New Moon will be a good opportunity to hold a dialogue that you have postponed for long so as to resolve some issues with relatives. Perhaps it is time you said some things that were never told and you were more realistic about them. Perhaps you set your personal life in order and you introduce common activities with your better half that help you to have a much-needed stable everyday life.



The Virgo New Moon will be a moment when you are called upon to set clear and realistic financial targets. You will be called upon to calculate your expenses, settle your obligations, set priorities on the professional level, and finish what you take on. Perhaps it is time you properly delegated your time so as to spend time with close people instead of casual acquaintances.



The New Moon in your sign will be a good opportunity to cope with your personal life and settle unfinished business. Make sure you cope with your relationship and answer questions that should not remain unanswered. If you try to approach somebody that is hard to find, make sure they are who they say they are. Perhaps you invest in somebody who is not clear and as a result, you waste your time.



The Virgo New Moon will highlight the need to stop wasting your time in too many directions and to focus on areas with real interest for your life. You must set boundaries and stop working in rhythms which exhaust you and wear you out. Perhaps you hold a discussion so as to delegate responsibilities even if this will be the source of verbal tensions and reactions. Look after yourself and your health by avoiding taking on others’ responsibilities.



The Virgo New Moon could be an opportunity to review a friendship and revive an acquaintance that has been stagnant lately. Dare to speak honestly and clearly and express what you have in mind but is hard to utter so as to explain the reasons why there is distance between yourselves. Perhaps you want to change your role in a group activity that does not yield what you expected when you took it up. It is not bad to ask for changes or to explain the reason why you leave.



The Virgo New Moon will make you focus on work and you will try to find harmony between action and reality. Perhaps you are assigned a new professional mission which you are called upon to realise based on your devotion to the goal and consistent effort to tackle, and not ignore, obstacles. A discussion on the domestic level could be an occasion for your surroundings to realise that you cannot overlook certain difficulties. Make sure you explain the current financial status so that all family members operate equally.



The Virgo New Moon will be a good opportunity to express yourself honestly and clearly and elaborate on things that should be reintroduced. You may ask for something different on the professional level and try to speak about issues which you think make it hard on you to communicate with your surroundings. Perhaps you decide to make changes at home and consider the possibility for relocation because you think that your current house does not serve you anymore.



The Virgo New Moon seems to lay foundations on the financial level since you decide to change the way you spend. You will be under pressure to give up certain habits. You will look at yourself in the mirror and you will express your need to see an image of your liking at some point. Perhaps you must talk about your relationship and bring certain disturbing elements to the surface because you are forced to compromise even though you cannot easily accept this.



The New Moon opposite you might renew your life and introduce new interests into it that change your everyday life. Perhaps you decide to be involved in an activity which brings you in contact with more people and gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Perhaps you have a meeting with amorous nuances and this will refresh you and help you to see life through a new perspective. On the professional level, dare to communicate with people you do not know well so as to understand that you have skills which you have not yet shown. It is hard for you to bring them to the surface due to certain limitations which stem from your current situation.

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