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Full Moon 1/10/2020
by signingstar

The Full Moon on October, 1 at 9 degrees Aries in conjunction with Chiron seems to bring the representatives of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) in touch with their trauma.

You must be decisive in view of situations which turn into open wounds and decide to heal situations which should not keep on making you bleed. You should end a relationship that wears you out unless you are self-critical and you decide to correct your own attitude and behaviour. A heavy professional prospect will not magically change unless you openly express your complaints and try to change yourself. Hastiness and impulsiveness are currently bad advisors so make sure you sense your body and your instinct that acknowledge the meaning of time much better than you do.



The Full Moon in your sign in conjunction with Chiron will be an important moment when you decide to cope with the trauma you hide. It is time you were self-critical, you acknowledged your mistakes, and you punished yourself. It does not necessarily mean that you will flog yourself with whips. You will instead decide to behave in a way other than the usual one. You could be the co-driver, become a student anew, acknowledge somebody else’s superiority, and decide to set your personal ego aside.



The Aries Full Moon will make you acknowledge that certain professional issues prevent you from sleeping well at night. You are called upon to find the real reasons why that is and make sure you bring stressful topics to the surface. Perhaps it is time you admitted that you are sick and tired of being at a workplace that has completed its cycle and you realised that certain collaborations have changed their structure. Finally, look after yourself and protect your constitution because you cannot keep on overlooking health-related signs.



The Aries Full Moon seems like a sort of purification for your friendships. There will be troubles with friends and you are called upon to take part in possibly unpleasant discussions. Perhaps you realise that some people have decided to go their own way by ignoring the meanings of participation and dialogue. Perhaps you are the one who does not stand being a member of a group that does not suit you anymore and discussions come up that are harder than you imagined.



The Aries Full Moon will be an alarm regarding dysfunctional situations at the workplace. You will understand that you cannot ignore a thorny issue and you will realise that your relationship with authority figures is more difficult and you cannot get along with them anymore. Perhaps you are forced to accept difficult decisions and you must change course in your career because you have decided that you want to try something different out. If you dare to be exposed, you must remember that it will be rather stressful but it will also be an opportunity to heal the wound of lack of courage and boldness so as to go out there to the world head-on.



The Aries Full Moon will make you measure yourself against your own self and try and resolve issues you face with your surroundings through your own attempt for self-improvement. You are called upon to overcome your long-lasting obsessions and break free from sides of yourself that you keep alive. It is the moment when you dare to step back and take distance from somebody in your surroundings who forces you to be chained to your own inflexibility. You can prove you are capable of self-criticism so do not escape from it believing that you will come across your weaknesses.



The Aries Full Moon will be an occasion to get in touch with financial problems. You are called upon to handle certain expenses and take on responsibilities that the other side cannot handle. You must spend much so as to pay off debts and make moves which prove that you are decided to end what pesters you. On the personal level, try and get in touch with your partner so as to resolve a problem that has occurred even if it seems too bold at the current juncture.



The Full Moon opposite you will be a moment when you are obliged to confront your better half. A problem in your relationship will be the occasion to bring more facts to the surface which seem to make the distance between yourselves bigger. Your partner’s problems make you acknowledge that your relationship is not that stable. However, there are also opportunities for healing and you should not miss them. If a professional chapter comes to a close, make sure you do not leave unfinished business. You should smoothly complete your obligations because you need not make a bad impression to people that you will likely meet again in the future.



The Aries Full Moon is an opportunity to reorganise your everyday life so that it is not a minefield. Look after your relationships with colleagues and try to bridge the gap in certain problematic directions. You had better cope with your health, look after your nutrition, and consider working out. Do not forget that several topics stem from the fact that you do not speak up, hence you must take this parameter into consideration when you try to implement the aforementioned actions.



The Aries Full Moon will probably bring dysfunctional situations in your relationship to the surface and will highlight the need to improve this area of your life. You must handle certain sick situations that you had set aside because your contact with your better half cannot be what it used to be any longer. Perhaps it is time you acknowledged that being too risky in the amorous field does not always end well. This means that you might decide to operate based on reason. Finally, if you have children, make sure you stand by their side and sense their needs before they turn into wounds in your relationship.



The Aries Full Moon sounds like an alarm which aims at reminding you that you cannot ignore important problems at home or at work. Your contact with close people is challenging and this is due to the fact that you cannot spend many hours with them in the same space. Perhaps you realise that your relationship is at a crossroads and you cannot overlook certain problems that have been overlooked until today. On the professional level, if something ends, it is time you got used to the fact and you shut a door that takes you to the next unknown step in your life.



The Aries Full Moon might make your communication more difficult and make you express yourself in a way that you are not familiar with; thus you must try harder. Perhaps it is time you came closer to relatives so as to support them, try and understand their needs, and focus on them. Perhaps you realise that your communication with certain people is a traumatic experience since you cannot speak the same language. So you end up quarrelling. With regard to your travels, something will obstruct the flow of your activities so make sure you change your everyday habits.



The Aries Full Moon will be an occasion to realise how important it is to be careful with your money. You are called upon to stop spending, beware of your expenses and settle your obligations. Perhaps you must cut back and reduce costly habits since you cannot afford them. If there are changes in your income, make sure you smoothly adapt by widening your social circle and trying to discover better opportunities than the existing ones.

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