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New Moon 16/10/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on October, 16 at 23 degrees Libra in opposition to retrograde Mars and in square with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn seems to be an opportunity to fix the wrongdoings in the lives of cardinal signs/ascendants (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).


It is about time you held an unfinished discussion that would be your way out of an environment which seems like a prison. Try and explain your objections and disagreements but also talk about your needs which are not fulfilled anymore in the existing framework. If something goes too far, it is time you fixed it even if there are tensions and arguments that will result in a severe form of criticism.



The New Moon opposite you seems to set boundaries in your personal life since you are called upon to obey the other side’s desires and dispositions. Your endurance is put to the test, of course, regarding the way the other side will behave because you do not want to succumb. On the other side, the way you will react does not seem to be appropriate and as a result, there is tension when it is least needed. Try and figure out the reason why you are tense and angry and avoid letting the steam off in the wrong direction. You see, you might start a cycle of confrontation with people who need not face this side of your personality.



The New Moon might lay the foundations for a new work routine and try to address certain unsettled parameters. You must put your ego on the back burner, try and understand yourself, and then seek to confront your surroundings. Make sure you set your priorities differently and change certain daily habits so as to feel comfortable in your own skin. If there are health issues, try and solve them without going too far.



The Libra New Moon will be a good opportunity to settle personal issues being obliged to listen to your partner and not third parties. Try and approach somebody you trust and avoid being lost in the opinions of many people. Try and be objective about things. On the professional level, you find it hard to operate within the context of a group so try and develop your personal abilities.



The Libra New Moon calls upon you to find new balances in work-home issues acknowledging that it is time you delegated your time differently in these two areas. If there are professional problems, you may find solutions by investing time in your family since you must change your way of thinking. If you cannot stand being at home, it is time you dealt with a hobby you have neglected lately. Add an activity to your everyday life that can make you relax and help you to overcome obstacles before you.



The Libra New Moon could be an occasion to start a dialogue that is necessary so as to explain certain things which cause troubles to your interpersonal relationships. Try and speak based on your effort to bridge the gap in understanding and to avoid verbal tensions and confrontations. Perhaps it is necessary to travel in the coming days and be in places where close people are and whose needs you cannot ignore.



The Libra New Moon will make you admit that you are called upon to redefine the financial facts of your life. You must be reasonable with your expenses, avoid adding even more obligations to your life, and settle all unfinished business that makes you bleed. Perhaps it is time you found balance with your better half and you found ways to maintain a common financial database. On the amorous level, your effort to reconnect with somebody from the past requires a lot of discussions between yourselves and not necessarily a connection based solely on sexual attraction.



The New Moon in your sign will be an opportunity to redefine facts in your personal life and to openly speak up about issues which have an impact on your relationship. Some established facts must change which means that you may retract promises you made and that you look for a way to awaken the other side from their idleness. If there is intense professional turmoil, remember that you must change the way you see certain people at the workplace and even change your behaviour towards them. Make sure you are at the helm even if this means that you are exposed and the idea as such is scary.



The Libra New Moon will upset your everyday life and highlight the need to focus on your interpersonal relationships since they are pretty tense but this tension is suppressed. You must be extremely careful with the balance in your relationships and try to impose your decisions without them being an occasion for the other side to react. Perhaps you decide to clarify a question of collaboration since you have realised that coexistence with somebody is impossible. Thus, you implement a plan of head-on confrontation that will shed light to shadows.



The Libra New Moon will help you to get in touch with acquaintances from your social circle and take part in discussions so as to resolve small or bigger issues of personal nature. You have the opportunity to become a member of a group you have missed time and again and to be involved in an activity which you need so as to avoid the stifling familiar environment. Perhaps you decide to take on an activity with your better half as you seek to spend more time with them and put the limits of your relationship to the test.



The Libra New Moon will be an occasion to focus on the professional area as you seek to bring certain topics to the surface which should not remain in the dark and which are reasons why you retire into yourself. You have the opportunity to make an issue of concern known to your surroundings. It is difficult to explain but it could also help you to come out of the tunnel. Dare to break free from the protective bubble around you and you will realise that you can see things differently. At the same time, others will look at you differently and shape an image that you wish for the near future.



The Libra New Moon will be an occasion to express what you have in mind and which probably prevents you from meeting people. You need to make new acquaintances, to be more open to your surroundings, and to express well-hidden views. An excursion at the current juncture will be a good occasion to break free from everyday monotony so long as you are willing to take somebody with you who has got an opinion and who does not want to hide in your shadow.



The Libra New Moon calls upon you to handle the new financial facts wisely and with balance and to make sure you settle unfinished business which may endanger your stability. Try and listen to the other side, make sure you settle unfinished business, and you take care of certain parameters that may disturb the existing framework and budget. On the personal level, stop being selfish and operate in a way which proves that you listen to the other side. You want to build and not burn bridges even if you believe that there are several imbalances in the tug of war that your relationship faces.

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