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New Moon 15/11/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on November, 15 at 23 degrees Scorpio in sextile with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn seems to be the right moment to implement the new reality that takes shape. Following a two-month-long period, you are called upon to bury whatever you permanently leave behind and move on having realised what your new role will be. Perhaps you have failed in some of your goals but this is not a reason to retire into yourself. Perhaps it is time you celebrated your new self and you made promises you are willing and ready to fulfil. You have already tried certain situations after all that have made you more confident.


The Scorpio New Moon will be your opportunity to settle financial and professional affairs. Following a period of almost two months, during which you must have clarified the opinion you have on people close to you, it is time you buried some of these relationships. Do not hesitate to finally break free even if this means that you are called upon to transform an important part of your life.



The New Moon opposite you will make you explain some things that have disturbed you on the professional level and have given shape to a difficult everyday life. It is time you spoke in a way that your surroundings understand and you proved that you are about to change your way of thinking. If something changes at the workplace, make sure you make your intentions clear by avoiding to criticise others. You should mostly focus on your new intentions and dispositions.



The Scorpio New Moon will be a good opportunity to make changes in your routine starting off with your nutrition and health. Look after yourself and try to give up certain habits which seem to make your everyday life harder and lay heavy on you. On the professional level, you must read the signs around you which are related to the change in the way of thinking of colleagues and partners as they could alienate you one from another.



The Scorpio New Moon could make your relationship stronger and help you to find your footing without any doubts and insecurities. You have the opportunity to express how you feel and turn your feelings into a solid and stable foundation for your relationship so as to feel safe through the acceptance from the other side. Perhaps a new flirtation comes up in your life and you have the opportunity to change the pattern of your relationships and get to see your life through another perspective. On the professional level, make sure you are in the same team with the powerful ones and you have nothing to fear.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to highlight the need to break free from close people. You cannot keep on avoiding to confront somebody close to you. You are called upon to clear up your relationship between yourselves. You had better express what you hold inside and stop having haunting remorses and memories. On the professional level, try and organise your everyday life differently so as to spend time with relatives. You have missed that and it is likely due to a crisis that has taken place between yourselves.



The Scorpio New Moon will deepen your thinking and help you to ask the right questions so as to get essential answers. Try and pay attention to the essence of things and highlight that you need certain answers that will help you to understand the other side’s intentions. You had better stop playing hide and seek with your surroundings and realise that it is time you clarified a situation which is not convenient to remain obscure and vague.



The Scorpio New Moon will be a good opportunity to reconsider financial facts. Dare to claim more than what you are offered having proved until today that you can shoulder responsibilities which some did not hesitate to dump on you. Make sure you go after the dream of a new professional challenge believing that you can handle the consequences of what you launch. You should have already measured yourself against family members who managed to cast their shadow on you. Finally, be decisive with ending a situation which the longer remains alive, the more makes it hard on you to unfold your dispositions.



The New Moon in your sign will be a good opportunity to make a new beginning at work having faith in your abilities and knowing that you may risk a lot. You must be very self-confident which you might have achieved through your confrontations with coworkers. In addition, you must be able to convince with your words. It is pretty easy shall you decide to use your instinct that might send you signals which others hardly perceive.



The Scorpio New Moon could help you to settle unfinished business which make your everyday life difficult. Try and cope with issues which are not necessarily obvious to everybody and resolve problems which the more you leave unsolved, the bigger they will grow and threaten your financial independence. If you discuss something new on the professional level, keep on operating in the dark and avoid laying your cards on the table in front of people who will not necessarily respect your wish to keep your discussions a secret.



The Scorpio New Moon will help you to get in touch with friends so as to find your footing following a difficult period of almost two-three months. It is time you reshaped your social circle, you got in touch with people who suit you, and you focused on your interests. Perhaps something new begins professionally and as a result, you must introduce yourself to people you do not know all too well. Perhaps you look for friends’ company following a critical period in your personal life that has led to a state of isolation or loneliness.



The Scorpio New Moon will clarify professional issues and help you to find your footing in changed environments. You are called upon to take on roles and responsibilities which others have assumed until today and to decide whether to accept the intriguing offer you have been given. On the personal level, make sure you mean what you say because your words will be the base for a new beginning in a relationship which is called upon to change image. If you are unsure about what you think, you had better avoid big talk that will expose you in the future.



The Scorpio New Moon is an occasion to use your instinct in an effort to read others’ thoughts and desires. You may ask uncomfortable questions so as to find out the way some will respond and will offer the confirmations you seek. Perhaps you realise that it is time you planned a trip that will help you to have a change of scenery. You should have made sure, though, that you can afford this plan otherwise you may add expenses which you will not be able to pay off in the near future.

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