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Lunar eclipse 30/11/2020
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on November, 30 mostly influences the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis who were born on the last days of the first decanate (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces). It seems that it brings about developments in a dialogue which should finally take place.

You will realise that the end of innocence has come. It is time you raised to the occasion and you openly spoke. Perhaps this means that you are unpleasant to some, that you decide to expose third parties’ behaviours, and that you have to be harsh with your criticism. On the other side, you had better be prepared for a discussion that will target you and which you should second with sound arguments and not general theories. On the personal level, a new acquaintance will set your life on fire so make sure you are wise unless you wish to blow up your life.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse will have an impact on your communications as it highlights that there is a lot of unfinished business that you had better settle. Try and be reasonable with promises you make, avoid big words, and be diplomatic in view of occasions which demand your special attention. In addition, make sure you respond to the timeline of your obligations because your everyday life might be chaotic and you should carefully handle it from now on.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse will affect the financial aspect of your life since you are called upon to be exceptionally careful in potential discussions and agreements you are called upon to participate in. Try and restrain your excitement, avoid making promises you cannot keep, and read the small print in every document you receive. If you buy things, compare the facts because you must be careful with your choice since you might make hasty decisions and moves.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign will be the first ringing bell regarding your interpersonal relationships with people in your intimate circle. You might have to confront others’ criticism head-on; you might have to take a stand in unstable balances; and it might be necessary to explain certain things. Perhaps this is a juncture when you start understanding that there are serious problems in your relationships which could be hidden and you could set by the wayside all along. You are called upon to express yourself, to show off, to claim, and to demand what you believe you deserve or belongs to you.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse is the end of a situation you experienced in the last three months. Your trial should bear results and you should reach a conclusion without doubts and questions. Perhaps you leave an unsatisfying workspace and a professional cycle comes to a close. Perhaps you want to take distance from a harmful situation and to make sure you retire into yourself so as to find your footing time and again. In any case, look inside for the way to escape from what stifles you and do not have faith in people who are close to you for opportunistic reasons.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse highlights the need to improve your social life, go out and spend more time with friends. Try and break free from a monotonous routine and change the facts at work by adding activities to your day which help you to be more optimistic about things. It is also likely that there are developments in your personal life and you make plans about your relationship which might even translate into having a child.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse will be an occasion to realise that you are called upon to change balance between work and family. You might have to take decisions regarding your house and you might have to look for your new place of residence. Perhaps there are developments in your family and you must realise that your role changes and you are called upon to be trained in it. Finally, on the professional level, make sure you operate wisely and you avoid being exposed to people who should not have such an opinion about you.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse could help you to be more extrovert and express your thoughts which make it hard on you to escape difficult situations. Perhaps you need to go on an excursion and you seek the opportunity to take distance from an everyday life which puts pressure on you. This need might actually come true. Perhaps you take up a new educational activity which helps you to widen your horizon and open up to new facts. Thus, you distance yourself from people of whom you are sick and tired in your everyday life.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse might confuse you and add new parameters to your routine. You had better be careful with your financial transactions and beware of the promises you make otherwise you will be exposed as time goes by. If you intend to buy certain things, try and restrain yourself and avoid hasty moves. On the amorous level, things might get complicated and you might find yourself before dilemmas which will disorient you.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you will be a loud ringing bell regarding your choices in interpersonal relationships. You are called upon to raise to the occasion and express your wishes in a relationship which seems to change direction. Perhaps it is time you openly expressed yourself and you dared to be more direct regarding your needs. Perhaps you make it obvious that you look for a new beginning in your personal life. On the professional level, there will be news that upset facts so make sure you are prepared to deal with the challenges that will be on the table of negotiations.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse will be an occasion to realise that there are health-related issues which you are called upon to handle. You must redefine your everyday life and try to fit in it whatever is really a priority for you and not situations which are simply a waste of time. You had better cope with work-related issues and solve some problems that have come up with colleagues so that they do not grow out of proportion and turn into traps for you in the near future.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse will be a good opportunity to put the balance in your personal life to the test. Perhaps there are shadows and problems in your relationship and perhaps there is a seething difficulty of communication. Perhaps you wish to invest more time in your friends and make your need for extroversion known. This might indicate that you look for time away from home. On the professional level, you think about investing time and energy in an effort that you would like to try out as a member of a team. However, you are not convinced about its positive outcome and as a result, you seek the opinion of close people.



The Gemini Lunar eclipse is an occasion to understand that there are some problems in the axis of career-domestic life. Something seems to change in the way you handle your every day which is an occasion to realise that you waste your energy in others’ desires and needs. Perhaps it is time you expressed your own viewpoint regarding a topic in which you participate or which has an indirect impact on you. Otherwise you might find yourself in a context which you will want to escape.

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