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Solar eclipse 14/12/2020
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius on December, 14 in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces seems to impact mostly on signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the third decanate. You need to free yourself from a long-lasting situation.

You have the opportunity to travel or plan a trip and to add some educational activities to your life which distract you from everyday life. Perhaps there are positive developments on the social level and news increases your optimism about the future and brightens your tomorrow. Perhaps you decide to take distance from a relationship or a social circle which cornered you and this new beginning signals your moving somewhere far.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse is an alarm bell about your needs and the point in time when you want to start doing something different from what has been taking place over the last couple of months in your life. You need to go on a trip and escape familiar faces. Perhaps you seriously consider about changing job in a place far from your residence. Perhaps you simply want to openly speak and scare your surroundings since they did not expect such a reaction on your behalf.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be an important moment to start a discussion about financial issues which also impact on the balance of your personal life. Perhaps you ask for a pay rise or you realise that some decide to exclude you from a professional group you do not fit in. Perhaps it is necessary to set rules regarding the family budget otherwise quarrels might take place which may poison your relationship. Finally, it is time you came out of your shell if you are single and go after somebody who intrigues you.



The Solar eclipse opposite you will be a good occasion to start a discussion with somebody who plays an important role in your personal life. You could reintroduce the question of your relationship or carefully listen to the criticism so as to figure out the parts which make your connection difficult. Perhaps a new professional offer comes up which could be an occasion to seriously think of the possibility to move somewhere far from your existing environment.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse could be an opportunity to bring about changes in your everyday life and discover new activities which may positively impact on your health. Focus on your nutrition and avoid exaggerations and hasty moves. Add sports to your schedule and find ways to avoid stress in your life. On the professional level, it is time you held a discussion that will clear out the grey zone in your relationship with a colleague.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse could be an occasion for something new to start in your life. Perhaps you need a renewal and this results in a new acquaintance that will enthuse you and fill you with optimism about the future. Perhaps you are in a relationship that is about to make the next step which probably translates into having a child. Finally, it is time you considered whether your life is childlike enough or you shoulder responsibilities and weights that you cannot lift anymore.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse may be an occasion or opportunity to make changes at home and discuss the possibility of changing place of residence or work. Perhaps you need to expand your living space and change your daily environment. Perhaps there are developments in your personal life which means that you look for a bigger house. Perhaps a professional offer comes up that could be an occasion to look at your future far from the existing family environment. You must be careful, though, because it might not be realistic.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be a good occasion to consider the possibility of communicating some of your thoughts that should finally turn into clear sentences and actions. You will speak about a topic that impacts on your personal life and could be the starting point for the changes you have in mind. Perhaps you wish to travel far so as to put your thoughts in order mainly regarding certain professional issues which make you guess about your future.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be an alarm bell regarding the area of your finances since it is time you looked after your belongings. You will want to have a bigger influence and accept offers which improve your income. Perhaps you decide to buy things which you should very carefully consider. Otherwise they will bring about financial difficulties you cannot afford. On the personal level, you may impress somebody pretty easily because the way you communicate some of your thoughts will not go unnoticed.



The Solar eclipse in your sign will be an occasion to openly speak about certain issues which impact on your interpersonal relationships. You will dare make a move which changes the status of your amorous life since you cannot evade the challenge. Perhaps you make the next step in your relationship and you move out, cohabitate, or learn how to be a parent. On the professional level, you have the opportunity to create something of your own so long as you are surrounded by people who help you to be grounded when you seem to overestimate things.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be an occasion to be decisive about issues in need of an immediate solution. You want to be done with them and leave them behind. It is time you moved on and you now have the opportunity to look at the future more optimistically. This will help you to also reach decisions about your present. With regard to your health, make sure you take up activities which will help improve your well-being. Stop waiting for a miracle to happen.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse is a good opportunity to meet friends and reposition yourself in wider social circles. Perhaps you decide to clarify certain topics as you do not want vagueness and unfinished business in your life. You want to delimit your presence. Perhaps you must give up a social activity as there is no room for it in your schedule. You see, a period with several obligations and responsibilities begins which you are called upon to settle.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will signal the beginning of a new cycle work-wise since you have the opportunity to expand your circle of influence. Perhaps you are offered a new position which however consists of several traps because you must work with or confront authority figures. Perhaps some things change on the domestic level and you take on a new role. You are stressed since you are called upon to respond to this programme. In any case, you seem to be exposed to others so make sure you can physically and mentally handle being in the spotlight.

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