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Full Moon 30/12/2020
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 8 degrees Cancer on December, 30 in opposition to Mercury in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries is a difficult juncture for the life of the cardinal signs/ascendants (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

You likely pass over the last three years of your life in review and you probably realise that you are a completely different person. Perhaps you look around and you see a completely different scenery from the one you were used to. Perhaps you acknowledge that your role has changed. You are called upon to look for people who are your safe domestic environment even if they are not at all related to you. Isolation and loneliness are two situations you would like to eliminate from your life but it is not that simple. You are called upon to get used to the idea that it is time you recoiled although it is something you had not even thought about.



With the Cancer Full Moon, perhaps you take part in a conversation and you express completely subjective positions which oppose those of close people. Perhaps you find it hard to compromise with existing facts and to find your balance in a pressuring environment. Perhaps you wish to rebel and break your chains but this will take place in an intense and abrupt way. Perhaps you scare some people with your decisiveness but you feel ready to make a step which, to some, seems like a mission you would never take on.



The Cancer Full Moon will be a good opportunity to start a discussion which it is about time you held so as to resolve misunderstandings and make haunting shadows disappear. Perhaps you ask for more room to yourself in an environment where others define your moves. Perhaps you try and go on a much needed excursion so as to be near somebody you have missed. Finally, perhaps you complete an educational circle that will help you in your career advancement.



The Cancer Full Moon will be a period in time when you discuss the financial facts of your life. You will hold a discussion which aims at safeguarding your belongings but you are obliged to maintain delicate balances and not overcome established boundaries. Perhaps you disagree with somebody but you must realise up to which point you can be judgemental before you break the game rules. Perhaps it is time you put financial obligations in order as you wish to set priorities in your life.



The Full Moon in your sign will mark the point when a tiring or even exhausting period comes to an end. You could open up and boldly and decisively speak up and express your thoughts without filtering what you say. You want to be fully understood by your surroundings. Perhaps you decide to go after something or somebody whom you are afraid of approaching because you have decided to change your habits and practices. Truth be told, you come out of a difficult period and you seem decided to make noise about who you really are.



The Cancer Full Moon is a thorn that comes to light and impacts on your everyday life. Perhaps it is related to your work routine and the fact that you find it hard to fit in in the framework that others define and to follow their rhythm. Perhaps this means that you are more ambitious than you are supposed to be. Hence you might decide to do something different in your career. Perhaps it is time you looked after your health and mental harmony, thus you should not allow others to touch a raw nerve.



The Cancer Full Moon will disturb the balance of your relationships with friends. Perhaps hurtful words are spelt out; perhaps issues in need of criticism and correction are highlighted; or perhaps topics come to surface which create jealousy between yourself and others. On the amorous level, try and find a common code with your better half shall you wish to maintain a relationship that could seriously move forward.



The Cancer Full Moon will highlight difficult situations on the professional or domestic level. Perhaps a chapter comes to a close and you must bid somebody or a habit farewell. Perhaps you realise that you do not fit in in a professional group which you thought could be your safe family shelter. You are sad about it but at the same time, it opens up the pathway so that you move on in your life.



The Cancer Full Moon is a sign that it is time you moved ahead with your educational plans. Perhaps you take up studies and you want to make this fact known to your surroundings so that they are aware of your availability in situations where you might be needed. Perhaps an educational chapter comes to an end and you ask yourself how to use the new knowledge to your advantage. If you are concerned about a trip you want to go on, then be bold and propose it to somebody close to you and you might be surprised by their answer.



The Cancer Full Moon might impact on the financial area of your life because you will hold discussions and conversations which call upon you to find solutions to existing problems. You are called upon to avoid hasty and risky moves. It is unclear to you because risk does not mean the same thing to you and your surroundings. It is time you expressed your thoughts even if they are considered too bold for people close to you. On the amorous level, an amorous confession might be stressful or uncomfortable for you.



The Full Moon opposite you is an opportunity to talk about your dispositions and intentions regarding a relationship that is put to the test. You could be very clear and extremely precise in what you express so as to avoid behind-the-scenes moves or clarify some disturbing ambiguities. On the professional level, try and find answers to disturbing issues which prevent you from accepting an offer you have received. What really matters is that you avoid being extremely subjective and you learn to listen to the other side.



The Cancer Full Moon will be an occasion to realise that there are facts in your work routine which set obstacles in your effort to be clear and efficient. Perhaps you quarrel with collaborators and some opinions are expressed which prove that the attitude of your surroundings toward you upsets you. Perhaps it is time you talked about the image you would like others to have about you. However, this means that you should be ready either for rifts regarding your role and responsibilities or for shouldering everything from now on.



The Cancer Full Moon is an opportunity to clarify your intentions on the personal level. Perhaps you express your feelings to someone who used to be a friend and you are more demonstrative than you have dared to be until today. Perhaps you come closer to your children and try to second their choices but you also wish to hold a dialogue that will help you to understand your role in this relationship. On the professional level, it is not enough to want to create something. You need to be supported by somebody who will help you to make your dream come true.

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