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New Moon 13/1/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn on January, 13 in conjunction with Pluto will be an opportunity to stomach what took place in the life of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) last year.

You have the opportunity to put an end to a story which lasted too long and it is time it became past and to close a chapter in your life that has nothing essential to give. Perhaps your effort to maintain a relationship or professional partnership comes to a close and the connection between you and somebody who came into your life and you spent some years together breaks up. Perhaps you realise that your role must change since your physical and mental endurance is not what it used to be. It is time you stopped concealing sides of yourself which made up a specific image in the eyes of people you associate with.



The Capricorn New Moon is an opportunity to stomach what has taken place over the last couple of months and decide to cooperate with the new reality. You are called upon to be somebody else, to cope with the new facts on the professional level or to be decisive about your new personal life. Perhaps you realise that there are developments in the domestic area and your role must change. It should be based though on the situation that took place in the last months.



The Capricorn New Moon calls upon you to change the way you think and to deepen your thoughts and views. Perhaps you realise that the future is not as auspicious as you thought and you must communicate with relatives so as to clarify certain things. Perhaps claims come to the surface and will be solved only through litigation. Perhaps you decide to operate as you wish and leave people with whom you collaborated by the wayside. You believe that group action does not help you anymore and you seek a way to move based on your personal opinion and view.



The Capricorn New Moon might make you realise the end of a relationship or collaboration without being able to do something to change the facts. Perhaps you deal with problems in your existing relationship and you must have a profound conversation which makes you realise that the other side has got deeper complaints. Perhaps you must deal with financial problems and understand that you cannot afford certain expenses if you are based solely on your own efforts and capacity. Thus you are called upon to rely on the other side or clearly say that their presence is not enough for you.



The New Moon opposite you makes you look deep into your personal life and seek the reasons why you cannot find pleasure. Perhaps you find it hard to grow enthusiastic and you see things from a dark perspective. You see, there is somebody beside you who does not help you to escape from your routine. Perhaps you feel bogged down and stuck to a present with no spark anymore. Truth be told, you are engaged in situations which have led to an impasse and you had better openly talk about how you feel.



The Capricorn New Moon reminds you that you are not invulnerable and that you are called upon to look after yourself and health. You had better avoid being carried away with activities you cannot stand and stop trying to impress with your performance people who do not matter. On the professional level, it is time you moved away from somebody’s shadow which they cast on you and make sure you are heard and seen even if this brings you face-to-face with powerful people and authority figures.



The Capricorn New Moon could second your personal life so that it does not fall into oblivion. Perhaps you meet somebody who can transform your amorous life so long as you are decided to change the way you associate and you break free from the pattern of your past relationships. Perhaps you decide to make the next step in your relationship which might even translate into having a child. On the professional level, make sure you keep your ears open and focus on a direction which consists of a different way of coping with the meaning of work.



The Capricorn New Moon calls upon you to change your everyday life as you perceive it in the frame of living together with the rest of your family. Perhaps there are new rules at home or you must change your schedule and as a result, you spend less time in it. Perhaps you decide to change your living space, redecorate, or look for a new place because you cannot stand living in a space with people with whom you disagree. On the professional level, there is something deeper than what you deal with and you had better look for it. You will understand how balances are shaped in your relationship with colleagues.



The Capricorn New Moon helps you to make use of the depth of your thinking so as to disclose the dispositions and desires of people who manage to hide behind superficial conversations. Try to lure somebody and make sure you properly take advantage of the news you hear. With regard to your relationships with relatives, there might be a crisis which, however, helps you to lay your cards on the table so that there are developments in a non-transparent case.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to upset you regarding your finances and to make you admit that there is unfinished business which stresses you and makes you lose your footing. You will likely have to cover obligations without being able to settle them as you should. As a result, you are exposed in the eyes of people who you would not like to have such an opinion about you. Perhaps you decide to sell an object which means a lot to you but only then will you manage to break free from your past.



The New Moon in your sign in conjunction with Pluto is the last nail you put on a wardrobe where you hide parts of your past and you are now ready to leave behind. You will be called upon to openly speak about your relationship which changes course, take decisions which lead in new directions, and end a professional path that does not suit you. Perhaps you acknowledge the fact that you cannot be in control of every situation, that you let others be at the helm of developments, and that you simply follow.



The Capricorn New Moon is an opportunity to get in touch with that thorn inside you which does not allow you to enjoy some things that take place in your life. Perhaps you are scared that you are exposed to people and you will have to bring to the surface what you conceal. Perhaps you are stressed in case you have to be exposed to the eyes of people whom you would like to alienate. If you take over too many missions in your life, make sure you listen to your body and you avoid going too far.



The Capricorn New Moon will cause a stir between you and friends since it is seemingly time you clarified certain issues with them. Perhaps you wish to express your disagreements being obliged though to argue about your thoughts. Perhaps you see that future is not that brilliant and you recognise the signs of trials that come up. Perhaps you wish to talk about social choices which you do not believe can cover your needs and make you feel that you are in a social circle that makes you feel safe.

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